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Visiting Slyly: What Are You Doing This Yule?

Tonight I’m going out to do some work for Planned Parenthood, which means I won’t get back to the hovel for writing until about seven-thirty tonight.  I should, however, finish this current scene tonight because I’m nearly there now.

I have the next two scenes laid out nicely in my head, so getting through them shouldn’t be bad.  I am still crossing my fingers that I hit 200,000 words at the end of Act One, but if I don’t I’ll be right there.  It doesn’t actually matter that much–does it?

Since we have a set up for an invitation, all that remains is for that invitation to get made.  That gives Kerry a little time with his thoughts…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry lay on his bed saying nothing as he was aware that since the curtain didn’t open Pavlina was still in the bay with him. He reflected on how she handled his faux pas with Annie’s invitation in comparison to how he was fairly certain his mother would have handed the same situation. While his mom would have likely berated and belittled him, Pavlina merely told him that kids his age don’t always make good decisions and she would help him correct the matter.

But what he loved most was her compassion. At no time during their short discussion did Pavlina make him feel like crap because of what she assumed was his earlier answer. She calmed him down when he became upset and didn’t once yell at him—which was so unlike his mother…

The privacy curtain cracked open and Annie peered inside before turning her head to her left and addressing someone unseen. “He’s awake.” She opened the curtain the rest of the way revealing her father standing on the other side. While he moved into the space between the beds Annie returned to Kerry’s left side so she could take his hand. “How are you feeling, my love?”


If there’s one thing Kerry wants more than affection it’s compassion.  Louise Malibey has all the compassion of a Tasmanian Devil and as Kerry imagined, she probably would have made him feel like shit over his previous decision.  Pavlina, on the other hand, didn’t dwell on the bad:  she wanted to make things right.  It won’t be long before Kerry starts making comparisons…

Now that Annie and Victor are present it’s time to get the show rolling–


He kept his eyes locked on hers as he didn’t want to see her her father’s reaction to the second use of the phrase. “I feel good.”

“I’m glad. How long have you been awake?”

“A couple of minutes.” Which was true: he’s only spoken with Pavlina for no more than that.  Kerry looked around. “Where’s your mother?”

Pavlina chose that moment to reenter the bay, acting as if she’s just come through the waiting area. “Oh, just in time.” She turned on a grin as she answered the question. “I was in the bathroom.” She turned to Victor. “Did I miss anything?”

He shook his head. “No, my darling.” He reached out and took her hand. “We’d just arrived.”

“Ah, good.” Pavlina looked about as if expecting someone to speak. “Kerry, Annie tells us you have nowhere to go for Yule.”

He slipped on his game face and nodded. “Yeah. They’re going to Australia for the holiday.”

“And what about the rest of your family?”

“My grandparents are going on a cruise to Mexico, so I can’t stay with them.”

“I see.” She glanced at Annie then her husband. “I think we could help out here, my dearest.”

Victor instantly picked up on her train of thought. “I don’t see why not.”

“Well, then—” Pavlina turned to the boy in the bed. “Kerry, we would love to have you as our company over the coming Yule holiday. I can assure you, we won’t have to change our schedule or go out of our way to accommodate you, as we have plenty of room and no set plans. Also—” She cast a quick glance at Annie. “I can think of one person here who would love to have you as a guest. What do you say?”


We know what Kerry’s going to say at this point, but he’ll also say more.  I know this because I’ve already written what he says.

Needless to say, he better start brushing up on his Bulgarian.



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