Mid-Level Samhain: It’s Time to Start

It’s that time of year again as we reach The Dance–which by now means we’re heading off to the Dining Hall to show up costumes, talk to friends, and likely watch a couple of kids we know dedicate songs to each other.  The funny thing is I seem to hit that point around this time when I’m writing.  Or at least it seems that way…

Let’s get in there with the kids–but first, an introduction:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Ms. Annie Kirilova and her escort, Mr. Kerry Malibey, both of Cernunnos Coven.”

As was tradition, Annie waited with Kerry at the entrance to the Dinning Hall as Zora Gronowski, a member of the kitchen staff, announced their arrival to the crowd. She always enjoyed this moment, for while the Samhain Dance was meant to be a fun celebration, the little touches of pomp gave it a more formal air than any of the other gatherings held here throughout the year.

They both nodded at Zora before walking arm-in-arm into the hall. One of their other customs was to wait until about two-thirds of the student body was present before putting in their appearance. Though she didn’t actively check out the observation of other, she did notice a few stares in their direction coupled with a couple of looks of confusion. It was times like this she welcomed Kerry’s knowledge of pop culture and entertainment, for she felt his choices were not only fantastic, but well suited for a couple.

And she simply loved this year’s costume as it was, once again, a departure from how she normally appeared. But that was true of every year. Their first costumes had been one of style, seeing her in a lovely dress that, as Kerry stated, was enhanced her beauty, a comment that made her blush as much as she tried to prevent that from happening. Last year’s costume choice was one fully of whimsy and Annie loved spending the night with such an unusual hair color.

This year they went off in a completely difference direction, going simple while at the same time bringing about its own style aesthetic. Though Annie had found herself a bit skeptical about the outfit and makeover when first show to her, since seeing herself in it a few times before the dance made her realize how nice it appeared, but, as she was reminded, she completely owned the look.

From across the hall a familiar student approached them, just as she’d done the previous two years. Kerry leaned in and spoke in a low voice. “Here she comes.”

“I see that.” Annie appraised the costume. “She put a lot of effort into that.”

“I think she got help from Isis and some of the Mads down at the Tesla Center.” Kerry smiled at her. “You want to greet her?”

Annie smiled back. “I’d like to, however—”

“Oh, yeah.” Kerry told her the character the approaching student represented. “Got that?”

“Of course, my love.”

He motioned her forward. “Lead on, my dear.”


Keep guessing about who they’re gonna meet and what they’re wearing–

It’s not like this is going to leave any time soon.


Easy Reading is Damned Hard Writing

Writing through the draining bits of real life takes a bit of work and I’ve found it flavors anything put down on paper–which isn’t always a good thing.

Sometimes real life just plain sucks…but you don’t know it so you’re content to wade in the mire, happy that at least you’re not neck deep like the other fools around you.  That is, until you look around and realize that you’re not only up to your neck, but you’re about to go under.

That story never ends, “Happily Ever After.”

However, just like in writing–you have to be willing to go there and experience, validate, and own every single emotion, frustration, and struggle, while pulling yourself up out of whatever it is you’ve gotten bogged down in.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is totally optional. While I write my way through the pain of my reality, I use my words to stave…

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