Mid-Level Samhain: First Up It’s–

I’m dragging ass a bit today as I was up late after a hard practice and, yeah, I gotta do it again tonight.  I’ll likely take a nap when I get home, then write a little, then start editing video from last night, which includes a hilarious minute of me gagging on my mouthpiece just as I’m about to throw a shoulder block at someone.  Yeah, we know how to have fun.

Also, my friend Mary–a person with whom I’ve done many a protest–has strapped on a pair of skates and decided to be her own hero.  After watching our bout on Sunday she decided she had to come out and see what all the fun was about.  And now she’s hooked and will return tonight.  And probably next week.

I have a strange influence on people…

Speaking of strange…  Samhain.  There’s a dance going on and Annie and Kerry are about to meet–someone.  And they have a neat costume:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


They approached Nadine, whose costume seemed to consist of a red and gold suit of armor. They stopped when they were about a meter apart and Annie gave her a slight nod and smile. “Aren’t you hot in that, Pepper? Or, should I call you… Rescue?”

Nadine turned to Kerry with half-closed eyes. “You told her, didn’t you?”

Moi?” He fended surprise. “Why would you say that?”

“Because the name Rescue wasn’t used in the last movie and only someone as geeky as me would know what she was called in the comics.” She pointed at Kerry. “Ergo, you.”

He glanced at Annie, who glanced back. “I… may have had something to do with tipping her off.” He spent a few seconds admiring Nadine’s costume. “You do look fantastic.”


We already know Nadine–who has been the first to welcome Annie and Kerry to the last two dances–is something of a Marvel geek, so it goes without saying she’s dipping into the well once more.  Now, what is Kerry and she talking about?

Well, it’s like this:  when Nadine mentions “the last movie” what she means is that Iron Man 3 was out during the summer of 2013, which would sort of make that the last movie in a way.  In that movie Tony’s girlfriend, Pepper Potts, got to wear the suit for a bit as a bit of a shout-out to the fact that at one point in the comics she had her own powered armor suit–and when that happened her code name was Rescue.  Nadine knew that and, as she points out, only someone as geeky as her would know that, too.

We’re looking at you, Kerry.

We not only get a little elaboration on her outfit, but we start seeing what Team Dark Witch is sporting:


Nadine gave a little bow. “Thanks. A couple of Mads in my coven helped whip it up for me.”

“That’s what we thought.” Mads was the nickname students had for Mad Scientists, witches who leaned heavily towards combining magic and science. Kerry figured Nadine got help from Itsaso Ocampo, a F Level girl from Mexico, and Kouassi Nazaire, a D Level boy from Côte d’Ivoire, as they were the best known Mads in Mórrígan. “They did a great job.”

“That they did.” She gave Annie’s and Kerry’s costumes some scrutiny. “I have to say I love your costumes, too.”

“Thank you.”

“Particularly you, Annie. You’re really rockin’ that brunette goth look.”

She held open her long coat and performed a slow pirouette. “I’m glad you’re impressed.” She checked to make sure her top hat was secure. “I wasn’t certain how I was going to like being a brunette. Or this goth-like.”

“It suits you.” Nadine laughed. “Besides, you gotta go dark for that character.”

Annie placed her hands on her hips and cocked them to one said. “Of course I’m dark. I’m there for them all. And when the last living thing dies I’ll put up the chairs, turn out the lights, and lock up the universe.” Annie gave a sheepish grin. “Or something similar to that, yes?”

Kerry gave her hand a squeeze. “Close enough, Sweetie.”

“So who are you guys?” Penny and Jario walked up with Alex right behind them, all three attired in outfits—Penny in a white sweater dress and thigh high boots; Jario in a black turtleneck and matching pants; and Alex wearing an off-orange dress, low heels, and her long blond hair made short and brown—that Kerry recognized instantly. “You look great, but I have no idea who the bloody hell you are.”

Jario sighed. “This is what comes from them working on their costumes in their private lab.”

Kerry ignored his friend’s jab and stayed focused on Penny. “Aren’t you gonna try and guess?”

Penny screwed up the left side of her face. “Noooope.”

Kerry chucked. “At least you stayed in character.” He turned to Annie. “She’s Death—” He pointed to himself. “And I’m Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams.”


Wait?  Annie is Death and Kerry is the Lord of Dreams?  What does this all mean?

Well, if you were geeky like Kerry–and me–you’d know already.

As it is I’ll have to tell you tomorrow.