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Mid-Level Samhain: It’s Out

This post is coming way late because, holy Jeez, I’ve not only been busy as hell, but I just woke up from a nap where I didn’t know where I was, or the date and time.  That’s called being out of it, folks.  And I was there.

First off, let me talk about last night’s practice.  First, we freshies were out of the pond, so to speak.  As someone I know said, we worked with the OGs, the vet, and it got intense at times.  They are uping us in intensity because–well, they are.  And we were taking it.

Most importantly, I got to do tripod blocking with “the big girls”, as Ashley called them, and three times I was the jammer going up against the block.  Yeah, I finally got to wear the star:

Let me tell you it was hard, and I got knocked on my ass more than a few times.  I literally had someone come over and hip or shoulder check me hard enough that I was knocked off the track and down, but I got right back up and did it again.  Except when I had a cramp in my right calf which put me down for about five minutes.  Luckily that was right at the end of practice…

Yesterday we learned about Annie’s and Kerry’s costumes:  she’s Death and he’s the Lord of Dreams.  Where did you get that, geek boy?


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Nadine added the tip-in. “From The Sandman comics.”

Jario shook his head. “I’ve never heard of it.”

Kerry rolled his eyes. “How have you not heard of one of the greatest pieces of fantasy every?”

“Hey, I’m not into every bit of geek culture like you, okay?”

Alex felt the need to defuse the situation. “You both do look great.”

Annie curtsied, holding open the velvet coat she wore. “Thank you so much.” She was quite aware of her appearance because she’d spent a couple of weeks working on the costume. She’d turned her hair black with some help with Kerry and lighted her complexion slightly so the black lipstick and heavy mascara she wore would stand out incredibly against her outfit, which consisted of a black tank top and black jeans paired with black side buckle boots and a long midnight blue velvet coat. All was finalized by a black top hat, a tiny spiral mark under her right eye, and a large ankh on a chair around her neck. She made certain to have photos taken so she could show Mama, whom Annie was certain would have trouble believing her daughter’s costume.

Kerry’s was no less startling. As with Annie he’d turned his hair black and grew it out slightly so it would appear spiky and unkempt. He didn’t need to lighten his complexion much, but took pains to hide is many freckles least they mar his near-alabaster skin. His outfit was simple: dark gray tee shirt, black jeans and sneakers, and a long black cloak.

But there were small touches added that completed look. Using a modified Chimera spell he’d had help from Annie perfecting, the inside of his cloak seemed to have flames appear every time the cloak shifted, which it did whenever he walked. And a slightly modified version of Light Bending allowed him to focus light from around the room to make it appear his eyes seemed to twinkle like tiny stars.


The Sandman comic series was Neil Gaiman’s take on a series created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in the mid 1970s of a character known as The Sandman.  Gaiman’s take was to turn Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, into one of the Endless, creatures that have always been here and that interact with humans in various ways.  Instead of being a superhero, he was literally the person who controlled what went on in those dreams and sometimes in those nightmares.  The series ran from 1988 to 1996, and the trade paperbacks are still in print and in high demand.  It is today still considered one of the cornerstones of dark fantasy.

So how does Kerry look?  Well–


He’s at least wearing a tee shirt.


Very spooky, very dreamy, very…  goth.  Gaiman has stated that Morpheus’ look is based upon that of singer Peter Murphy, likely best known as the singer for the group Bauhaus.  You can’t see the twinkling eyes, but they are there.

And then there’s Annie, our own little Death.  She’s the oldest of the Endless and is really Dream’s older sister.  Like the Death of legend, she spends one day each century living as a human, and at the end of that day she dies.  She does this so she can remain connected those creatures for whom she waits.

No matter what the occasion, she’s usually seen as a cute goth girl–which is almost Annie…

This is not how we normally think of Annie.


It was necessary to make changes to her appearance as already noted, and her costume is more dressy than the normal black tank top and jeans Death is usually known for.  And Death always gets the good lines.  That one Annie tried quoting?  It’s this:


Yeah, I can totally see Annie as Death.  And some people at the school should do the same, even when she doesn’t look like a goth girl.

Now the rest of the Party of Six knows.  But they’re missing someone:


He bowed for his friends. “So kind of you to offer such a compliment.” He nodded in his friend’s directions. “You guys got the look down pat. But where’s Kahoku?”

“Right here.” Alex’s boyfriend popped up beside his girlfriend. His costume consisted of khaki pants, a white button-down shirt, and a lab coat. He gave Alex a quick kiss. “Miss me?”

Her eyes opened wide. “Only if you brought me a drink. If not, then no.”

Kerry laughed. “I thought you’d be heavy into the glue by now.”

Alex pulled a small pot of rubber cement from her Hammerspace. “Got it right here, but that’s for later.” She glanced at Kahoku as he tilted her head slightly towards him. “Much later.”


So Alex is sniffing glue?  What the hell is going on?

Well, I’m sure some of you actually know…

2 thoughts on “Mid-Level Samhain: It’s Out

    • Every so often Amazon puts the entire set on sale, so the next time that happens I’m snatching it up.

      A slight bit of trivia: the Fox show “Lucifer” is based upon the character of the same name–yeah, the Devil–from “The Sandman” comics. One of the series had Lucifer handing over the keys to Hell to Morpheus because was bored running the joint, then he took off to chill in L.A.. So there you go.

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