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A Set of Eleven

Believe it or not I’ve been under so much of a work load today that I haven’t had time to put together coherent thought for blogging. So, I’m dipping into a series of questions I did back in early March, 2015. And… I may just ask for new questions soon.


Wide Awake But Dreaming

Over the years of this blog I’ve been nominated for a lot of different blogging awards–it happens, you know, because people read you, learn about who you are and what you have to say, and they find you interesting enough to want put yourself out there and tell things about yourself.  You know–stuff.

Normally I haven’t–I guess you could say, accepted any of the awards, because I’ve not only felt funny about answering questions about myself, but I hate nominating other people.  I’m strange in that I feel like I’m imposing on people to do something they may or may not want.  But last week, Lauren Jeffrey nominated me for the Liebster Award, and I started think, “You know, you’ve said so much about yourself in the last year that why don’t you just up and answer some of these questions?”

Hum . . . wonder what's coming next? Yeah, what’s so hard about answering questions?

Therefor, for the first…

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