Change Has Come: Soul Mates Face-to-Face

I know what you’re saying:  Cassie, this point is coming really late!  And yes, it is.  That’s because I had a lot to do this morning and during the day, and the moment I got home I took a long nap from which I just awoke.

Now I’m editing film and preparing tomorrow’s post, which means I’m gonna give you what’s left of the first scene of Chapter Seventeen–

As you can see it’s right here.

I finished this up yesterday before my late practice and though I didn’t imagine it was going to be that long, it ended up being nearly three thousand words of coming out–literally.  After this–well, at the end, you’ll see where it’s going.

For now, Annie is finally getting a good look at her significant other in a way she’s never seen them before…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Oh, my goodness.” Annie pulled back the comforter and got to her feet slowly. “Look at you.”

“Yeah—” Kerry tugged on the bottom of her night shirt. “Look at me.”

Annie stepped closer to the now-slightly embarrassed girl. “How long have you be like this?”

Kerry shook her head. “I don’t know. I got up maybe ten minutes ago to use the bathroom and found out I couldn’t get into the boy’s room: that’s when I realized I’d transitioned.”

“Okay. Did you go into the girl’s bathroom?”

“Yeah, I had to.” She looked downward slightly. “I didn’t have a choice.”

Annie could almost imagine the newly female Kerry being somewhat embarrassed going into a place that had been permanently off-limits to her before now. There was something she needed to know, however. “Did you clean after?”

Kerry nodded. “Yes, I did. Took toilet paper and dabbed myself clean like you said.”


Leave it to Annie to ask if Kerry cleaned herself after peeing.  This girl knows her priorities.

With bathroom habits established, Annie has a moment to look on in wonder:


“Good.” Now that her eyes were fully adjusted to the light Annie examined her soul mate closer. As far as she could remember from Kerry’s last dream, she seemed to be identical to the female version that stalked him though most of the last school year. Annie had seen Kerry in this same outfit many times in the past—this last Friday before the Samhain celebrations being the last—but due to this new body’s dimensions, she seemed enveloped in the over-sized shirt and pajama bottoms.

There was something else Annie picked up on right away. “You’re about three centimeters shorter than me.”

Kerry’s looked upwards slightly. “Yeah, just like we thought I’d become. I lost about six centimeters in height.”

“Your body looks well proportioned, though.” She touched Kerry’s hair, running her fingers along a long strand of ginger hair. “It feels so nice. I’m going to have to show you how to wash this properly.”

“Umm…” Kerry hadn’t even begun to consider the implications of having to keep this new body clean. “Assuming I stay this way for any period of time.”

“Yes, that’s true.” Annie decided to change the subject. “If you’ve transitioned right before you woke up, we have maybe another fifteen minutes before the alarm from the monitors goes off.”

“I know.” Kerry looked towards the door then back to Annie. “I can’t get back into my room to get anything, though.”

“I don’t think we need to worry about that: I’m certain Coraline will have someone go in and get whatever you need.” Annie turned her head a little to the left. “We should call the hospital so they can contact Coraline.”

Once again Kerry looked down before sighing. “I know.”

“My love—” Annie took her hands and held them in hers. She immediately felt two things she’d never noticed with Kerry before her transition: he hands felt slightly cold and they were incredibly soft. They’re also smaller, but that’s to be expected. “The worst is over. Another day and you’re back to being who you are.”

“You mean a strange witch with a new Gift?” She looked up and for the first time since entering Annie’s room a warm smile appeared on her face. “Like that?”

“You’re more than that and you know I’m telling the truth.” Annie grinned back. “You look so charming when you smile.”

“Well, get used to it now ‘cause you may not see it again.” Kerry nodded towards the computer terminal. “You better call the hospital: they might freak if I make the call.”

“I understand.” Annie moved to her computer desk and brought up the desk top, which had been in sleep mode. Every student who didn’t have access to their own computer had terminal access to the main school system, so they were always connected to the Salem Intranet as well as the Normal Internet. The instant the desktop was active she used voice mode to activate an application. “Video call: hospital.”

A few seconds later the call connected to the hospital, specifically Coraline’s office, where Nurse Gretchen sat during the evening house. Her face showed a bit of surprise. “Annie.”

“Good morning, Nurse Gretchen.”

“What’s wrong?” Gretchen examined her display carefully. “Are you all right?”

“I am, but…” Annie looked to her right. “I have a visitor.”

Nurse Gretchen saw a pretty girl with ginger hair slide into the display from Annie’s right and give a quick wave. “Hi, Nurse Gretchen.” The girl disappeared and Annie turned back to her display. “You need to wake up Coraline now. Tell her, ‘It’s happened’.”


Now that Annie and Kerry are together, it’s time to bring Coraline into the picture, and given that the next scene is titled ICU, we know we’re off to the hospital.

That’ll be here sooner than you think—