The Next Steps: Collect the Girls

It seems like Sunday is a good time to start new chapters or scenes within a particular chapter, and given that I finished up to the first scene of Chapter Seventeen a few days ago, now is a good time to move on to the next part of the chapter–

Which I’ve worked on for a couple of days.  Yesterday I did a little over six hundred words, and this morning I’ve managed closer to six hundred and fifty words.  That means my little chapter is just five words short of forty-two hundred words and will likely grow another two thousand words before this is over.

Really, it’s coming along nicely.


Now that the news is out, it’s time for that support group Coraline spoke of to swing into action.  And they aren’t shy about kicking it into gear as quickly as possible–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


After Annie’s computer call ended things happened quickly. Ninety seconds after making the call to the hospital there was a knock on her door and she discovered Nurse Gretchen standing outside, entering the room without an invitation as soon as Annie opened the door. Her instructions were clear: she was to bring Annie and Kerry to the hospital right away and Coraline would be along shortly. With little argument from the children she took Annie’s and Kerry’s hand and jaunted them directly to the second floor ICU waiting area and placed them in Bay #1, the same location where their monitors were checked when they returned to school at the end of August.

Nurse Gretchen told them to wait and vanished. While they waited for Coraline to appear Annie took this time to take in the second floor ward and observe Kerry.
The hospital was normally quiet this time of night—Annie knew this from the times during her A and B Levels—but this was the first time she’d entered the ICU in the middle of the night and it seemed as if it wasn’t only quieter than usual here, but that sounds appeared muted. The one time Kerry sighed after they were left alone it seemed to Annie to come out almost like a whisper.

Speaking of Kerry, Annie finally had the opportunity to see her in better light, for while the ICU was under night light conditions like the rest of the hospital, Nurse Gretchen had turned on a few light in the in bay before leaving, and they offered far more illumination than the dim light of her room. The stark pale complexion of Kerry’s face seemed to stand out more now that it was surrounded by rings of curly ginger hair. The same could be said for her eyes and freckles, the later of which seemed far more numerous than what Kerry had as a boy.

Her profile fascinated Annie, however. She was used to seeing Kerry’s chin and jawline, as well as his somewhat bulbous nose, but now her female version has a chin and jawline similar to Annie’s and her now nose seemed to form a small, narrow point that didn’t make up much space on her face. It was a tremendous change for Annie to see, but there was something incredibly lovely about her new appearance…

The sound of footsteps filled the ICU area: a second later Coraline appeared in the corridor with Nurse Gretchen behind her. She eyed Kerry for just a second before addressing her. “Kerry, where are you other night clothes?”


Just a Coraline promised the moment she and the others knew of Kerry’s transition the support group would swing into action and make certain the new girl on the block is gonna feel protected.  And it starts with Coraline moving her and her soul mate somewhere safe and making sure Kerry is comfortable.  And one way to do that is getting her some proper clothing to wear to bed.

But that’s not all that’s happening…