The Next Steps: Time of Change

Now we come to the part of the program where we get back to the novel–

But after a word about my practice last night.

If you read yesterday’s post–and you should–you’ll know I had a bad night because of a personal failure on my 27/5.  Well, last night practice starts and–we’re told to skate as many laps as we can in five minutes, and if possible improve on our last times.  Knowing that, I struck out and set what I thought was a good pace.  I didn’t do as many crossovers as I’d have liked–maybe a quarter of my corners saw them–but I kept pushing.  And when the whistle blew at the end of five minutes–

I’d done about 20 1/3 laps.

The goal I’d set out for last week was to hit at least twenty laps in five minutes, or do a lap every fifteen seconds.  I did a lap in just less than fifteen seconds, and if I’d managed better crossovers I’d have cut that time considerably, because I was losing a lot of speed coasting through the turns.  And my next goal is 24 laps in five minutes, which works out to a lap every twelve and a half seconds.  Doing that puts me in position to shave off another second and a half per lap, which takes me to eleven second a lap, which is what’s needed to do 27 laps in 5 minutes.

See?  I got it all worked out.

It’s still not easy, however.  We skated a lot of laps and my back was locking up so bad at the end I could barely move my legs.  I collapsed on the inside of the track right before the whistle blew to end all our cardio and I lay on my stomach for about two minutes crying from the pain.

I’m going back tomorrow for more.

Okay, skating’s out of the way.  Novel Time is here–

Annie and Kerry are in the ICU and Coraline is there.  And she wants Kerry to get into some nicer clothing–at least something that will fit her better than the clothes she wore to bed as a boy–and all we need for that to happen is for Kerry to tell us where her other outfit is located…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


She placed her hands on her thighs and leaned forward slightly. “Still in my luggage. The roll-on bag to the right side of the wardrobe as you face it.”

Coraline turned to Gretchen. “Go to her room, get her things, and bring them back here.” She glanced towards the children sitting on Bed #2. “Is your robe in there as well?”

Kerry nodded. “Yeah.”

Coraline patted Gretchen on the shoulder. “Go. I’ve got things until you get back.” Nurse Gretchen jaunted away and Coraline finally had the ability to take in her newest patient. She sat on the bed across from Annie and Kerry as started at the transitioned girl for a few seconds before speaking. “Well, look at you.”

Kerry almost rolled her eyes. “Yeah, look at me.” She touched Annie’s hand. “That’s the first thing Annie said as well.”

“I can see why. How are you feeling?”

She shrugged. “As well as anyone can after waking up and discovering they now have a vagina.”

“I can imagine.” Coraline chuckled. “At least you’re retaining your sense of dark humor.”

Kerry sighed. “About all I can do right now.”


Good to see Kerry’s keeping her strange sense of humor.  I mean, what do you do when you wait up in another body?  You make the best of the situation.  Which is what Kerry is doing.  And Coraline and Annie are helping.

Coraline has something to share as well–


“Well, keep it up: you may need that sense of humor today.” Coraline caught her breath and shifted her gaze between Annie and Kerry. “I didn’t get here right away because as soon as Gretchen told me what happened I looked at the data from your monitors.”

“And what did you find?” Annie reached over and took Kerry’s hand.

“There was a massive spike of estrogens at 2:28 followed thirty seconds later by your renal and endocrine systems going into overdrive.”

“Why?” Kerry furrowed her brow trying to figure out the answer on her own.

“My guess is your body was flushing out the testosterone in your system. Getting it out through your urine would be the fastest way.” Coraline focused on Kerry again. “It looks like you got up about a minute after that.”

“Yeah, I did.” Kerry squared her shoulders as she took in a slow breath. “I had to go to the bathroom really bad.”

“Did you use the bathroom before going to bed?”


Coraline raised her hand as if to confirm her earlier speculation. “Then it makes sense. Your body creates a lot of urine while at the same time your bladder shrinks, so anything that was already in there would trigger your need to relieve yourself.”

Kerry nodded. “Which it did.”

“And you used the girl’s bathroom?”

There was a slight reddening of Kerry’s cheeks. “Yeah. Didn’t have a choice.”

“Hey, Red—” Coraline gave the slightly startled girl a warm, comforting smile. “The enchantments on the bathrooms and the dorm room are working just as they’re supposed to work. Now that you’re a girl, the only bathroom you could enter is the girl’s, so don’t feel ashamed. Okay?”

Before Kerry could respond Nurse Gretchen stepped into view carrying Kerry’s female night clothes, including her robe and Ugg boots. She set them on the end of Bed #2. “Here they are, Doctor. I included socks and a pair of panties as well.”

“Thank you, Gretchen.” Coraline stood and approached her night nurse. “Go back down to the office. I’ve a few things to do here before I get these two off to bed.” Gretchen nodded and walked off without as word.


Now you know:  when the last scene started Kerry had transitioned only a minute or so before: that’s why the alarms didn’t go out in Brain Trust Central.  It also explains why Kerry had such an urgency to use the bathroom: lots of urine and a suddenly smaller bladder make for one having to get up and pee.

With her night clothes there I guess this means Annie and Kerry are getting ready for bed…