The Next Steps: Working Towards Bedtime

Believe it or not I’m gonna talk derby before I get into the novel.  Yeah, you knew it was coming.  And if you didn’t–you should.

Last night I receives the new wheels I ordered last Friday.  Here they are:

I can hear you saying, “Why do you need new wheels?  What’s wrong with the ones you have?” In a word, what’s wrong is me.  See, for what I do, the type of wheels I have–93a, which is a hardness rating–are great for someone who weights between 110 and 190 pounds.  Unfortunately I’m a lot more than 190 pounds, so my weight makes the wheel press down into the floor more than it should: it actually makes it work like a softer, stickier wheel.

The ones I have now are a 96a, which is a much harder wheel.  They also have an aluminum hub, which is another difference from my old wheels that had a nylon hub.  Aluminum supports my weight better and keeps me from warping the wheels when turning, which helps press the wheel into the floor more and ends up slowing me down.

The end result is that I shouldn’t feel like I’m sticking to the floor and I shouldn’t have as much friction which will allow me to go faster and maintain speed with less energy.  That’s what should happen, but with everything else, I’ll likely spend a few days getting used to these and work into them slowly.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll see more improvement in my abilities as time goes on.

Now, about that novel…

Kerry’s clothes have come and with it being about three in the morning it’s probably a good time to get ready for bed.  Which is exactly where we’re heading:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Coraline patted the stack of garments on the bed. “I imagine you want to get out of that stuff, so go ahead and change. When you’re done I want to get a quick scan before tucking you in, okay?”

Kerry slid off the bed, appearing a bit shocked that she now had a little further to fall before reaching the floor. “Okay.”

Coraline turned her attention to Annie. “I’ll be in the waiting area: take your time helping her and let me know when you’re finished.” She stepped into the corridor and waved the privacy curtain shut.

Annie went over and locked the curtain before turning back to Kerry. “I hope you don’t get embarrassed by my helping you. There isn’t a need for me to be here, you know.”

“Naw, I’m not—it’s okay. Besides, I like the company.” Kerry looked down at her feet. “My toes are so small.”

“Yes, they’re like mine.” Annie thought it amusing that Kerry would focus on such a minor detail of her new body. “Would you like to see what you look like?”

She looked up. “I already saw what I look like—”

“No. I mean, do you want to see what you look like—” Annie paused for just a moment. “All over?”

There were a few seconds of silence before Kerry understood what Annie was asking. “You mean naked?”


Yeah, Kerry:  as in naked.  And since you know Annie isn’t at all shy about nudity–remember spa days with Mom?–seeing Kerry in the buff isn’t a big deal.  Not when she’s already seen Boy Kerry in his all together a couple of times in real life, never mind that wedding night vision.  So we know what Annie’s answer is gonna be…


She nodded. “Yes.”

Kerry avoided her soul mate’s gaze for a few seconds. “Are you sure?”

“My love—” A light smile etched itself upon Annie’s face. “I’ve seen naked girls before, myself included.”

“Yeah.” Kerry gave a quick nod. “I suppose you have, Sweetie. Problem is, we don’t have a mirror.”

Annie moved to the foot of Bed #2. “I think I can fix that…” Using the privacy curtain as a backdrop she began moving her hands as if she were gathering unseen items together and placing them in the air before her.

Kerry knew what she was doing. “Did you finally work out the Air Mirror spell?” Air Mirror was an E Level spell that allowed a witch to create a reflective surface out of seemingly nothing, though both girls knew from their attempts at crafting this in Advanced Spells that one was more or less using whatever moisture was in the air to create this surface.

“I was able to refine my visualizing the other night when you were in Advanced Transformation. I think—” The air in front of Annie shimmered once and then solidified into an area about two meters high by a meter wide. “That should work well.”


This last part comes right from the book trailer:




Inside a closed-off bay Annie begins pulling air together to make a flat surface.


Remember that?  Now you know what she was doing: getting ready to show Kerry her new birthday suit.

Which you may or may not see tomorrow.

I guess it depends on your imagination.