The Next Steps: The Girl in the Mirror

First, quick skating update.  The new wheels are great.  I was getting a lot more speed on them that I did on my old wheels and, at one point, didn’t realize how fast I was going when I came off the track and did a little bit of a panic as I quickly started to slow down.  Once I get a good feel for these I think my speed is gonna improve nicely.

Second, it was pointed out to me that a certain passage in yesterday’s excerpt seemed a bit off.  It was where Annie said she’d stay and help Kerry get dressed, and my friend said that it seemed as if there was something wrong with Kerry, that she was suddenly unable to dress herself.  Knowing that I did a quick edit on the two lines in question, making it so that you know that Annie and Kerry discussed the first time he’d transition and that she might require help changing after.

This is how it looked before the edit:


Annie went over and locked the curtain before turning back to Kerry. “I hope you don’t get embarrassed by my helping you. There isn’t a need for me to be here, you know.”

“Naw, I’m not—it’s okay. Besides, I like the company.” Kerry looked down at her feet. “My toes are so small.”


This is what it looks like after the edit:


Annie went over and locked the curtain before turning back to Kerry. “I know we talked about you dressing the first time, but I hope you don’t get embarrassed by my helping you. There isn’t a need for me to be here, you know.”

“Naw, I’m not—” Kerry shook her head. “It’s okay. Besides, I like the company.” She looked down at her feet. “My toes are so small.”


There you are.

However, before Kerry can change there’s the matter of, um, “seeing” herself.  In a magical mirror.  Au natural, as they say.  With that in mind, the following passage may lead to a bit of embarrassment–though certainly not from Annie:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“It will.” Kerry stared at herself in the mirror for about five seconds before she reached down and pulled her sleep shirt off with a slight yelp. She took just a moment to see herself topless before untying her sleep pants and sliding them off along with her underwear. She swallowed once then took a step forward to get a better view of her entire body. She slowly closed her eyes and gave her head a slight shake. “Wow. I mean—”

“My love—” Annie stood at the foot of Bed #2 examining her soul mate carefully. “You’re gorgeous.”

That is a word I never thought I’d hear used to describe me.” She once again touched the tops of her breasts as if to ensure herself they existed before allowing her gaze to travel lower. “At least now all my hair is closer in color.”

Annie chuckled as she understood Kerry’s reference. “You certainly aren’t as dark as you were in that area now.”

Kerry eventually glanced over to Annie. “It’s strange, you know?”

“What is?”

“Not seeing anything—” She pointed at her groin. “Down there.”

“Yes, well—” Annie snorted. “It’s the way we’re built. I’m certain, however, that if you stay as a girl a while, or transition into this form often, you’ll want to see what you look like down there. It’s only natural, you know.”

Kerry brushed some hair from her face as she scrutinized Annie. “You’ve seen that?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“When? And how?”

“About a month before I turned ten. The how was I came out of the shower one night and before I dressed for bed, I lay down on the bed with a hand mirror.” Annie arched an eyebrow. “I suspect a lot of girls have done the same.”

“Right.” Kerry felt her cheeks grow warm at the concurrent thoughts that not only had Annie used a mirror to look at her genitals, but that one day she might do the same.

“Right now that’s not high on my list of things to do.”

“No: getting ready for bed is the order of business, my love.” Annie handed Kerry the panties from the pile of clothes on the bed. “Remember what I told you about these?”


Okay, so… in the Category of Too Much Information, we are now aware that (1) as a boy Kerry’s “carpet” doesn’t match the “curtains”, but girl Kerry’s does, and (2) Annie took the time one day to use a mirror to take a look at her genitals, because of course she did.  Oh, and Annie thinks Kerry is gorgeous as a girl.  One might think this is strange, but–this is Annie we’re talking about, someone who decided to marry a boy she met her in dreams when she was six years and nine months old.  So nothing should surprise you.

And now that we’ve had this look-see, maybe it’s time Kerry got dressed…