Thirty Days Hath September

Which is another way of saying I have video!  Enjoy!


And the new helmet.


Yesterday was post 100, and today is post 200.

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Hey, you should have seen this coming . . . it worked for Stargate SG-1, so it’ll work for me.

Today has been crazy.  I’ve been off to get the oil changed in my car, and we’re preparing to head out to see Tintin in about an hour.  I’ve been working on the edits to Kuntilanak, and I’m about 11 pages through . . . and, damn, man.  The edit is coming along, it’s coming along nice, and I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow.  Maybe tomorrow.  But it’s going to be loaded up nice and clean (fingers crossed!) when I’m done.

Also today: last chapter of the NaNo Novel.  3,200 or so words and I put that baby to bed.  I’ve learned a lot from doing the edit, and as I read what I created through the month of November, I’m still amazed by what I created.  It…

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Believe it or not, six years ago today I wrote my 100th post.

Wide Awake But Dreaming

When I started fooling around with this blog a few months before, in the waning days of Spring (4/13/2011 was my first post, where I just had a few warnings for my dozens of readers), I never intended for it evolve into what it is today.

In fact it was almost dead on arrival: I had very little posting in April, not a bad May, and then I just died in June.  Too much personal bullshit hit me, depression set in, I didn’t feel like writing . . . yeah, it was all there.  I wanted to give up in many ways, and there are still days when I feel that way.

But I kept on, because I really, truly decided to not only write, but I was going to write about what I was writing–due in part to someone bitching at me to get my ass in gear and write!–and…

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On the Turning Back: Again and Again

The first scene of Chapter Eighteen is done.  Finished.  Over and in the bank.  There’s an interesting stat with this: it took six days to write this scene, but at no time save one did I write more than five hundred words at a sitting.  I had two other days where I hit four hundred plus, but the other three days were below that mark.  A lot of that was due to being tired when I wrote, and when I’m tired the brain doesn’t want to do its thing.

So let’s finish up this scene here.  Kerry’s about to give her transition another go, and she’s ready to rock and roll–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“No, I don’t.” Kerry rolled her shoulders as if she were about to take on a tremendous task. “Let’s do this.”

“Okay, then.” Once more she seemed to lean towards her holographic monitor. “This is Attempt Number Two. On my command use your Gift to transition back.” Coraline pointed at Kerry. “And three, two, one…” She flipper her finger at his as if to ensure she got the instruction. “Mark.”

Kerry clenched her fists as she stared off into the darkness of the third floor. After about five seconds she shook her head. “Nada. Same as before.”

Silence fell over the open space as everyone slowly began to realize that whatever Kerry was attempting at the moment wasn’t going to work. Jessica, however, had a question moments later. “Kerry, how clear is the image of your old self in your mind? Is there any ambiguity when you visualize yourself?”

Shifting her gaze off to the near-right for a moment, Kerry thought about what she was seeing during crafting. “You know…” She had a concerned look on her face. “If I think about the visualizing, it’s like I’m seeing myself through a filter. I mean, I can see the old me, but it’s not that clear.” She shrugged. “Does that make sense?”

“It does.” Jessica turned to Coraline. “Could we try one more time—” She quickly motioned to Kerry. “If you’re up for it.”

Kerry nodded. “Sure.”

“I think we need to give her a bit more time to get the image of her old self set in her mind.” Jessica faced everyone but Kerry as she explained. “It could be that is this present form is solidified in Kerry’s mind, her old male form is rendered indistinct until such a time both forms are a clear part of her being. Indistinct visualization will prevent transformation magic from working at all—”

“Just as it does with any magic.” Erywin nodded as she looked between Coraline, Deanna, and Annie. “I don’t see the harm.”


The first two times didn’t work.  So three time’s a charm, right?  Let’s see:


Kerry was eager to make this attempt. After the last couple of years in transformation class, she realized the truth of what Jessica was saying: perhaps she couldn’t transition back because she wasn’t seeing her old self clearly. “Do you want me to concentrate longer on how I did look before trying to transition?”

“That’s exactly what I want.” Jessica leaned in towards Coraline spoke in a soft voice. “Give her about fifteen seconds to get the image set in her head before you give her the command to continue.”

“Sure.” Coraline turned back to Kerry. “Did you get that?”

She gave one quick node. “Concentrate for about fifteen seconds?”


“I got it.”

“Then let’s give his a go.” Coraline drew in a quick breath. “This is Attempt Number Three. Okay, Kerry, my command use your Gift to transition back. Ready? Then three, two, one—” She let the time before giving the command to draw out, counting down fifteen seconds on the monitor before her. “And… Mark.”

Kerry let out a loud sigh as she closed her eyes and seemed to concentrate hard. Five seconds later she opened her eyes. “Didn’t work.” She turned to Jessica. “The visualization still seemed like it wasn’t that sharp.”

“And I don’t imagine that’s going to change right away.” Jessica addressed everyone present. “I think we’re going to have to give this a few hours and let Kerry rest. I suspect that as the day wears on she’ll finally reach a point where everything comes to her crystal clear and she’ll transition with ease.”

Coraline let out a soft sigh. “Yeah, that sounds good.” She looked towards Kerry. “Sabrina, records off; Kerry, you can come down.” With that she turned to the other women. “Okay, since the first demonstration was a bust, we don’t we get together again after lunch? That way I can give Kerry her exams and go over her medical history while you prepare for your meeting with the Headmistress and the others.”

While the adults spoke Annie went to Kerry to comfort her. She took her left hand as she stepped in front of her. “I’m sorry it didn’t work the first time.”

Kerry exhaled a rather pained sigh. “I hoped it would, but part of me knew it wasn’t going to happen.” She looked up into Annie’s eyes. “I couldn’t get that lucky.”

“We’ll try after lunch. Meanwhile, you might want to relax before Coraline starts her examined.”

“Yeah—” Kerry chuckled dryly. “That can’t be nearly as bad as this—right?”


So, no joy on the third floor.  And what comes next is something I’m going to start writing tonight–

Something that is gonna be a bit hard for me to get through.

On the Turning Back: And It’s A…?

Today is a special day in my fictional world.  Today is the day that Annie Kirilova turns 18.  This means that, as of today, Annie is considered by The Foundation to be an adult.  She can now buy property through them, establish contracts, and generally do whatever it is that adults do.

Oh, and she can also get married.  She could even get married to someone who was a year younger than her if they had permission from their guardians–or if they somehow managed to get The Foundation to recognize them as emancipated, giving them the same rights as an adult.

And since getting married means she could finally get around to doing that, you know, thing that she’s waiting to do… well, maybe today is also her wedding day.  Probably not, because who wants to get married on their birthday?

Maybe she’ll wait until Samhain because it a good holiday for witches.

Speaking of that 17 year old who she’ll want to marry, let’s see what they may have to wear to the ceremony:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry released a sigh and stepped upon the slightly raised circle before her. A moment later she saw the Spy Eyes encircle her body as they prepared to capture what happened to her from every conceivable position around her body. She flashed a smile at Annie before looking at Coraline. “I’m ready.”

Coraline moved closed to the holographic display before. “Good. Now, as we discussed, do not attempt to activate your Gift until I give the word, which will be ‘mark’. I will perform a countdown from three before issuing the command; during that time you are to visualize, but do not execute the spell until the command is given. Do you understand?”

There was another soft sigh as Kerry nodded. “Got it.”

“Then let’s do this.” She seemed to lean over her display. “This is Attempt Number One. On my command, use your Gift to transition back to your prior gender. And—” Coraline focused her attention upon Kerry. “Three, two, one… Mark.”


This is it.  Is Kerry gonna wear a tux to the wedding?


Kerry closed her eyes and seemed to fall deep into thought. A few seconds later she opened in eyes and spoke in a dejected voice. “Nothing.”

Jessica took a step forward. “Describe your crafting.”

“I imagined myself as—you know—a boy.” She glanced off to the right before turning back. “Like I was.”

“And then?”

“As soon as Coraline said Mark I applied my will power to transition.” Kerry pointed to herself. “Nothing happened.”

“Don’t take this as a setback.” Jessica moved until she was just outside the sphere of Spy Eyes. “We are all aware that your first attempt may not be successful and that you may require a few more hours before you have full control of the Gift.”

“Yeah.” She looked down as she nodded. “Still—”

Annie spoke before Kerry could dwell on her failure. “Don’t be discouraged, my love. This is but a minor setback. You’ll have plenty of opportunities today to develop control of this Gift.”

“Annie’s right.” Coraline knew the key today was doing whatever necessary to keep Kerry in a positive mindset. She was fully aware the moment she started getting down on herself about any lack of success her magic would suffer. “We can’t let one failure define the day. Why don’t we try a second attempt? Maybe this time things will be different.”

Though she felt like going off to sit somewhere by herself, Kerry affixed her gaze upon Annie and slowly raised her left eyebrow. “Okay, let’s try it again.” She chucked darkly as she focused upon Coraline. “The worst that can happen is nothing happens—right?”

“That about sums it up.” Coraline kept a certain amount of levity in her voice as she encouraged Kerry to continue. “Let’s give it another try. You have nothing to lose.”


Well, at the moment it looks like both girls are gonna wear white gowns.  Nothing wrong with that: I mean, if I get married again, it’s likely we’ll both wear wedding dresses.  Or dresses.  Or maybe we’ll just married wearing nothing.

But Kerry’s gonna give it another shot, so maybe this time she’ll get it right.

Anyway, she has a while before she turns 18 to know what to wear to the wedding…


Freshie 8: Pretty Great

It’s been a week, which means it’s time to talk about the last freshie practice, which was Tuesday, 19 September, 2017.  And as you’re gonna see, we had a whole lot happening.

First off, it’s not video time without me having something to say at the start:


Now, this skate around.  About the only reason I include this here is because we had a lot of people show up last Tuesday night. This is due to old and new freshies being together for the first time since recruitment night.  So suddenly your practice goes from sparse to looking like you’re working out in the middle of a bout.


Then comes the pyramid sprints.  My partner, Sarah, and I just happened to set up where you can clearly see us while we work together.  Sarah is one of the freshest of freshies, and I’m helping keep track of laps and stuff.  I’m getting better getting up speed and keeping it, so give me a few more weeks and I should start burning up the track.


At this point we start doing backwards skating.  Let me remind everyone that four months ago I had never skated backward, so I consider it an accomplishment to be able to do this now, if only for a short time. I’m also getting to where I can skate backwards and talk to someone to give them instruction, which is a great thing.


Ida decided to run a few 27/5s that night, and Ashly was one of those picked–maybe it has something to do with Blade saying the night before she’d tell Ida to put Ashly on the track.  Jackie was picked to fill out the other side of the track, so while Ida timed Ashly, I set up behind her and timed Jackie.

Both women actually did pretty well.  I’m not sure about Ashly’s exact numbers, but Jackie managed 24 laps in just a fraction of a second over five minutes and did 27 laps in 5:38.  Take away the few stumbles they both had and 27/5s are in their sights.


The other two 27/5s were performed by the freshest of freshies, so I’m not certain of their names.  Let’s just say that the woman I’m timing on the right side of the screen did one of the ugliest skates I’ve ever witnessed, and yet she did 24 laps in 5 minutes as well.  As Ida and I told her–and you can hear it near the end of this video–when she gets her form down she’s gonna kill her 27/5.


After that we did some side-to-side work, along with people coming up and talking into the camera, because that’s what we do from time to time.


And lastly we have the Scary Monster.  I’ll just let Ida explain:


There we are: more freshies, more fun.  And more work.  We’re always working.


On the Turning Back: Get the Party Started

It’s Monday, the last of September, and things are progressing as well as one may assume.  My Sunday was restful, as in I had a long afternoon nap, watched The Big Short, and edited video for my upcoming freshie practice blog post, which may pop out tomorrow so I can write a bit more in this current scene.

Speaking of the current scene, before the party starts it’s time to leave the two soul mates along–well, kind of alone–so they can exchange a few words–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie faced Kerry and took her hands feeling how cool they were in hers. I’ve never felt this from her before—but then, she wasn’t a her until today. “Nervous?”
Kerry looked downward as her chuckle gave away her feelings. “A bit.”

“If this doesn’t work this first time, that doesn’t mean it won’t work later.” While Coraline mapped out the plan of how they would attempt the voluntary transitions every few hours, she could almost feel Kerry’s apprehension about the task. She’s worried; she’s concerned that she’s never going to change back and she’ll have to accept this new life.

“There’s no reason why it can’t work now, and if it doesn’t?” Annie smiled as she shrugged. “I’ll be with you the entire time so you don’t get lonely.”

When Kerry looked up a slight mist covered her eyes. “You don’t have to do that.”

“What sort of person would I be if I left my soul mate alone in a time like this.” She squeezed Kerry’s hands as she pressed her forehead to her, realizing that this was the first time she was the one who had to lean downward a little. “I’m not going anywhere, my love.”

Kerry seemed to breath a sigh of relief. “At least I know this part of my life hasn’t changed.”

“Nor will it ever.”

“Good.” She stood back, still holding on to Annie’s hands. “Well, I should do this. If I can transition back now, it means we can get on with our Sunday.”

“More or less.” Coraline pointed towards the small raised dais. “If you’re ready, we can begin.”

“Sounds good.” She gave Annie’s hands a squeeze. “Wish me luck.”

Annie shook her head. “Just do what comes naturally.”

“Whatever that might be.” Kerry stood next to the dais as Annie took her place with the others. “I guess I’m ready.”


So Kerry does have that fear, that maybe he/she’s gonna be the one for whom this Gift thing doesn’t work and she’s gonna have to get used to all the stuff us girls are used to doing.  She’s not looking forward to this not working, let’s just say that.

Now that she’s ready…


Coraline nodded. “Then lets begin.” She stared off into the emptiness of the room as she spoke. “Sabrina, bring the recording media on line, please.”

The AI’s disembodied voice spoke a moment later. “Recording media is on line.”

“Thank you. Begin recording.”

“Recorders are on.”

Coraline activated a holographic terminal before her and began speaking. “Today is 27 October, 2013; the time is 10:39. I am Doctor Coraline Gallagher and I am here to document the use of the Bigender Gift, which has become active in a student at the Salem Institute of Greater Education and Learning. The student in question is Kerrigan Malibey, a thirteen year old C Level from Cernunnos Coven. Today at 2:28 Kerrigan experienced full activation of the gift which resulted in an involuntary transition from cis-male to cis-female, her current physical state. What she is going to attempt in a moment is to voluntarily transition back to cis-male, demonstrating that she has full control of the Gift.

“Witnessing this event are Jessica Kishna, Deanna Arrakis, and Erywin Sladen, all instructors, coven leaders, and counselors at SIGEL. Also witnessing this demonstration is Anelie Kirilova, a fourteen year old C Level also from Cernunnos Coven who has a special relationship with Ms. Malibey.” Coraline winked at Annie before going on. “All are vetted by myself, the headmistress of the school, and the Chief of Security of Salem, and I am assured they will keep the details of this demonstration secret.

“The demonstration we are about to witness is simple: the subject—whom I will refer to as Kerry from this point onward—will attempt to use her Bigender Gift to revert back to cis-male. This attempt will be performed under controlled conditions with full monitoring in place so every moment of this event is captured.” Coraline looked around the room. “If no one else has anything to say—” Knowing the others in the room would remain silent, she turned to her subject. “Kerry, please step up on to the dais.”


Technically Kerry isn’t cis-female, for she wasn’t born with that assigned gender, but at the same time she’s not cis-male, nor can she yet be considered transmale because Kerry hasn’t really indicated she’s identifying as a boy.  Since Kerry seems comfortable hearing “she” and “her” as pronouns, the Brain Trust and Annie will keep considering her cis-female until Kerry decides otherwise.

That’s the thing about gender: you can pretty much sense what you are early on and you stick with that, and trying to be something you’re not tends to make people overreact so they can try and fit into a particular role.  At least that’s how it was with me: every time I tried to be more of a “guy”, I usually ended up sucking at it hard, so I overcompensated by trying harder.

But Kerry isn’t trying to act like a “boy”, nor is she trying to act like a “girl”.  At the moment she’s sort of stuck knowing she has a body that would classify her as female, but a few hours before she was for sure a boy.

Or maybe… given Kerry’s already done this gender swap things–she did it in B Level Advanced Transformation–she’s sort of the mind that her gender is fluid and she’ll adopt whatever pronouns are tossed her way.  After all, Kerry knew before this day in the novel that changing genders was something the then he could do, it was something Kerry subconsciously dealt with.  Which is why when everyone is calling Kerry “she”, um, she’s not freaking out.

It’s not going to be something Kerry’s gonna discuss in this scene, but you can bet someone is gonna talk about it–

But only after a few other things are mentioned.

On the Turning Back: Let’s Get Comfortable

Well, isn’t this a welcome sight!  In that I’m actually posting an excerpt from the novel today.  Part of that reason is that I just finished up nearly five hundred words, so I have enough in the book bank to post for the next few days before heading into the next scene.  And since I’ll likely post other stuff this week as well–I have video footage from last Tuesday’s freshie practice I need to edit–there’s a pretty good chance it’ll take me most of this week to get out the first scene of Chapter Eighteen.

From where I’m sitting it looks kinda pretty.


I said I was gonna try and write yesterday, but… I lied.  I had way too much going on with getting a merch table set up for our afternoon event, then heading thirty miles down to York to watch our sister team, the York City Derby Dames, come from behind and win the bout–though one of their players, Awe Shux, suffered a pretty bad concussion and was wearing sunglasses at the after party because the light we hurting her head.  We were told she’s off skates for the week and maybe longer.

Speaking of the after party I was in sort of a good mood…


That drink in my hand is the only one I had, a gin and tonic that was cheap and easy to come by.  Given that I had thirty miles to drive to get back to Harrisburg, I didn’t want to get too boozed up before hitting I-83.  Oh, and Jackie is one of my freshie teammates.  She was at a friend’s birthday party, where she assured some of us she was gonna get hammered.

But enough about me–how about my kids?

Now we get into the testing phase of Kerry’s Day of Girl Power, because since the Gift changed her to how she is now, she’s supposed to be able to change herself back at some point–at least that’s what everyone is telling her.  I mean, it worked the other six times, it should work this time, too, right?  This means breakfast is over and it’s time to see if Kerry can get some control over her life…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


It took a bit longer than just after breakfast to set up the first transition test. Isis needed to come in with one of her people to set up the raised dais that Kerry would used not only for the test, but for the three dimensional modeling that would come later. And once the dais was in place, Isis needed Kerry to stand upon it so she could set up the Spy Eyes and adjust them so they could perform the modeling requested by The Foundation.

Due to these delays it was nearly ten-thirty before Coraline was able to proceed with the first transition test. She had Kerry go behind a three-sided privacy screen and change out of her night clothes and into a hospital gown she’d wear for both the test and medical scan/pelvic examination. When she came out with Annie at her side Mathilde had left with Isis, leaving Deanne, Jessica, and Erywin behind with Coraline to witness the test.

Kerry looked uncomfortable in the gown, which seemed to hang on her smaller frame. She frowned as she approached Coraline. “This thing is like a sack on me.”

“It has to be bigger so it’ll fit if the transition test is successful and you turn back into a boy.” She gave Kerry a slight grin. “You wouldn’t want to burst out of that if that happened, would you?”

The frown turned into a grimace. “Nope.”

“Then it has to be a little large—okay?” As soon as Kerry finished nodding Coraline turned to the transformation instructor. “Jess, you wanted to speak with her?”

“Certainly.” The Mistress of Transformation knelt next to Kerry, bringing herself down to the girl’s eye level. “You remember what we discussed as far as this voluntary transition is concerned?”

Kerry nodded slowly. “It’s just like doing any other transformation magic: visualize the effect and expend willpower to make it work.” She looked up as she sighed. “And don’t try to expend energy.”

“Correct. Just like when we worked on your Mimic Gift last year.” Jessica turn to face the other women. “Anything you’d like to add before I turn this over to the good doctor?”
Erywin glanced over to her right at Deanna. “I don’t have anything to add.”

Deanna shook her head. “Neither do I.”

Jessica stood and placed her hand on Kerry’s back. “Then I’ll turn you over to Coraline.”


Everything’s pretty simple at this point.  Kerry’s dressed for the test and people are there to make her feel comfortable and able to get through this transition test.  It makes sense that Jessica would offer a few words of wisdom before handing Kerry back to Coraline–and one other:


“Thank you.” She waved Annie and Kerry forward. “Both you, come here.” While Coraline wanted to address Kerry, she knew having Annie by her side offered her comfort and at the moment that was exactly what Kerry needed. “Okay, this is how we’re going to proceed. Kerry, I’ll have you step up on the dais while the rest of us remain over in front of you, so you can see us. I will direct you to transition, but I don’t want you to do anything until I give you the go-ahead. You can do all the visualizing you want, but I don’t want you to take any action on the activation of your Gift until I say so. Got it?”

“I got it.” Kerry offered a weak smile. “I mean, it’s pretty simple, yeah?”

Coraline smiled back. “It sure is.” She looked at Annie. “I’m sure you have a couple of things to say, so I’ll let you say them.” She joined the other women standing five meters away.


After all the advice coming her way, Coraline is smart enough to know the best thing to do is allow Annie to have the last word, because if anyone is gonna calm Kerry down and get her in the right frame of mind, it’s her.

So what does she say?

It’s a good bet you’ll find out tomorrow…

Eating the Baby While Getting a Golden Unicorn With Your Derby Wife

Since I’m running late and I just woke up from a long name, I decide to just throw something together.  And that something is a bit of slang I’ve found for derby.  Maybe you’ll understand things I’m saying in the future.

For the record I have neither a derby name of derby wife.  I hope to correct both soon.


2 More Jams
There is never a last jam in a scrimmage.  There is always one more.  This comes from a superstition that if there is ever a last jam someone will be injured. “It’s 21:29 and we have to pack up at 21:30,  2 More Jams then!”.

27 in 5
The Minimum Skill Requirement of skating 27 laps of the track in under 5 minutes.

4th Minor
If a skater picks up 4 minor penalties they are sent to the penalty box for 1 minute.

9 Month Injury

Association of Flat Track Derby Announcers.  The AFTDA is an organistion dedicated to ensuring that announcers at roller derby events the world over adhere to standard behaviours and codes of conduct.  They also provide certification as a means of testing announcers on their knowledge of the rules, hand signals and the AFTDA handbook and code of conduct.

One of the designated people allowed to speak to the Referees during a bout.

An engagement with a team mate which helps them.  This may be a whip or a push.

Skate Part. The axle holds the bearing and wheel.

B2, B3, B4
Terms for the blocker positions.  B4 is normally the big hitter that hangs about at the back to kill jammers

Any contact to the back of the torso, booty, or legs of an opponent. It is not considered blocking from behind if the Blocker is positioned behind the opponent (as demarked by the hips) but  takes contact to a legal target zone.

Banked Track
A form of Roller Derby on a track with banked sides.

Barcode Meeting
See Official Timeout

Skate Part.  The bearing fits inside the wheel and is the bit that makes it spin properly.

Bearing Press
A tool used to insert bearings into wheels. Often they can be used to remove bearings from wheels.

Beaver Cleaver
slang. A backwards chop with the hand that lands in the crotch of the skater behind.

Bench Manager
Each team is allowed to have extra personnel in the bench area during a bout.  These are normally the bench manager and the lineup manager.  The bench manager decides on tactics, shouts advice from the sidelines and also keeps an eye out on points being scored and penalties accrued in case they need to challenge a decision. See also Lineup Manager.

Bettering Your Position
Improving your position while out of bounds by passing an upright and skating player who is in bounds and re-entering the track in front of her.

Big 5
The “Big 5” tournaments are the four Regional Playoff Tournaments and the WFTDA Championship tournament held each year that determine the top teams of the WFTDA.

Big 5 Setup
This is the track layout used in the Big 5 tournament bouts.  The penalty box is located in the centre of the home straight, between the jam line and pivot line. The team benches are located either side of the penalty box.

Bleacher Creatures
The wonderful fans!

Blocking is any movement on the track designed to impede or dislocate an opponent. Blocking includes the possible counter-blocking motion initiated by the opponent to counteract the block; counter-blocking is treated as a block and held to the same standards and rules. Blocking need not include contact. Impeding the movement of an opposing skater by hitting her or positioning yourself in her path.

Blockers are the positional players that form the pack. The Pivot Blocker is one of the four Blockers per team allowed in each jam

Blocking Zone
Areas of the body that may be used to hit an opponent when performing ablock.

Booty Block
hit to an opponent using the hips or ass

A bout or game is composed of sixty (60) minutes of play divided into two periods of thirty (30) minutes played between two teams.

The uniform of the skater

Boutmas Eve
The night before a bout when all good rollergirls get excited and go to bed early so that bout day comes quicker.

Blocker moving away from the body of the pack but still remaining within proximity to be counted as part of the pack.  This extends the engagement zone from that player and so allows another blocker to chase out.

Broller Derby
See Merby

Bus Queue
A penalty box with a number of skaters sitting and standing at the same time, resembling a group of potential passengers awaiting the arrival of the Number 32.

Butt to the Gutt
See Sit Block

Cake Sale
A period of increased activity at the Sin Bin.  When lots of players are being sent to the box in the same jam.  Coined by Sven WillIBeFamous.

Call off the Jam
The lead Jammer has the option to end the jam at any point by touching her hips repeatedly.

Can Opener
block where the blocker is side by side with the target.  The Blocker drops low and throws their shoulder into the targets chest area throwing them backwards.

Throwing a Team mate into the path of an opposing player. See “Punish the Bullet, Not the Gun”

block where the blocker is side by side with the target and then laterals quickly across the front of the target impacting with her front.  The c-block name comes from the skates almost carving a c shaped path on the track.

Cherry Popper
A Skate in their first bout.

Contact Zone
Areas of the body that may be used to give or receive a hit

Alternate name for Poodling. From “Trying to pick up a minor”.

Counter-blocking is any motion/movement towards an oncoming block by the receiving skater which is designed to counteract an opponent’s block. Counterblocking is treated as a block and held to the same standards and rules. Standing up, turning away, ducking, etc is not considered counter-blocking.

An abrasion caused by the velcro of another players pad rubbing against skin.  From Velcro Kiss.

A Stride in skating where the skater steps across with one foot while pushing with the trailing foot.

Cutting the Track
Penalty. Cutting the track is a penalty when you pass players whilst out of bounds.  The penalty applies when the player

Derby Deeds

Derby Name
See Skate Name

Derby Owned
This is normally attached to businesses which are run by skaters to cater for skaters.

Derby Virgin
A First time spectator

Derby Wife
A derby wife is another skater who has your back.  They are the person who sticks up for you on and off track, and will support you throughout your derby career.

Clothing company specialising in apparel for Roller Derby

Counter-clockwise.  The normal direction of Gameplay in Roller Derby

Designated Alternate
The Captain selects an additional person to act in their stead; this person is the Designated Alternate. The Designated Alternate may be another skater, coach or manager. The Designated Alternate must be one of the sixteen individuals described in Section 2.1.4. A team shall only have one Designated Alternate.

Diamond Unicorn
8 Grand Slams in a row (or a 40 – 44 point jam). See Unicorn

A form of transition.

Skaters are considered down if they have fallen, been knocked to the ground or have taken a knee. Skaters on one knee are considered down. After downing herself or falling, a skater is considered down until she is standing, stepping, and/or skating. Stationary standing players are not considered down.

Duck Walk
A method of accelerating on skates.  The feet are placed at 45 degree angles to the body (making a v shape in front of the skater) and then the skater starts stepping forward.

A rating for wheels or bushings.  Relates to the Shore Hardness scale.  As a general rule the lower the number the softer and therefore grippier the wheel.  Derby wheels generally sit in the range of 80A – 105A.  For more in depth info see

Eat The Baby
When the pack catches up with and swallows the jammer after she has left the engagement zone.

Any sort of interaction with another skater on the track during a jam. (See also Assist and Block)

Engagement Zone
The zone in which skaters may legally engage. The legal Engagement Zone extends from twenty (20) feet behind the rearmost pack member to twenty (20) feet in front of the foremost pack member, between the inside and outside track boundaries. Jammers may engage each other outside of the Engagement Zone.

To remove a skater from the remainder of the game for serious physical violence or any action deemed by the officials to cause an extraordinary physical threat to others.

Falling Small
Falling with the arms and legs controlled, tucked in to the body, and not flailing

False Start
Jammers have to start the jam behind the jam line and blockers have to be between the pivot line and the jam line.  If a player is out of position on track when the whistle is blown then they will pick up a false start penalty.  The level of the penalty depends on whether they yield the advantage they have gained.

Fat Controller
A wall where one player skates backwards in front of the wall and physically directs the rest of the wall with pushes and pulls.

The roller derby equivalent of a cheerleader in other sports. Same deal – Team colours, Pom poms but way more attitude.

Fireman Line
A line of Blockers skating one behind the other and all holding onto the blocker in front resembling a line of firemen holding a hose.

Fishnet Burns
A variety of Rink Rash involving fishnet stockings which leaves criss cross pattern on the affected area

Roller Derby Magazine

Flat Track
Roller Derby variant played on a completely flat surface.  The most popular form of Roller Derby mainly because specialist tracks are not needed and tracks can be laid out on any flat floor using tape.

Fouling Out
To remove a skater for the remainder of the game for excessive turns served in the penalty box.

Fresh Meat
A new skater that has not completed minimum skills.

Fruit Boots
See Inlines

See Bout

Game Roster
The skaters that are actually suited up and eligible to play on game day

Extra padding usually worn beneath the knee or elbow pads.

Ghost Points
Points that a jammer can accrue without having to pass the player.  Examples of ghost points include players not on the track, players in the penalty box and players outside of the engagement zone.

Giner Shiner
A bruise of the crotch caused by falling on a skate.  See Skate Rape

A goat is a player held behind a wall with the effect of controlling the packspeed.  Often referred to as Getting a Goat or Grabbing a Goat.

Golden Unicorn
6 Grand Slams in a row (or a 30 – 34 point jam). See Unicorn

Gotham Web
A wall where the blockers reach out and touch either the hips or shoulders of the other blockers in the wall creating a web of legs and arms

Grand Slam
Picking up the full complement of 5 points for passing the pack and lapping the opposing Jammer, See Jammer Lap Point

Gross Misconduct
An indiscretion so serious that it justifies the instant expulsion of a skater, even on the first occurrence.

Helmet Cover
A stretchy fabric cover to be worn over the helmet by the Jammer and Pivot.  The Jammers Helmet Cover has a Star on each side. The Pivot helmet cover has a Stripe running from front to back down the middle of the cover.

Helmet Tapper
A jam where one jammer is continually lapping the other. From the tapping of the wrist guard against the helmet of the Jam Ref whenever his jammer is being lapped. “This jam is turning into a real helmet tapper marty…”

Hip Check
hit to an opponent using the hips

Hip Whip
whip taken from a teammate by grabbing their hips and pulling yourself forward.

Any form of check or contact blocking manoeuvre

Hit it and Quit It
Scoring 1 pass and then calling the jam off before  the opposing jammer can get through the pack.

Skate Part. Wheels.  Hybrids are wheels which are designed to be the best of both worlds.  They provide good amounts of roll and grip. Examples of Hybrids are Atom Poisons and Reidell Shadows.

Illegal Procedures
Technical infractions that give the offending team an advantage but do not directly impact a specific opponent.

A foul has an impact on safety or game play when a measurable physical force or effect can be observed.

In Bounds
A skater is in bounds as long as all parts of the skater’s body and equipment that are in contact with the ground are within or on the track boundary. If a skater jumps, and ceases all contact with the ground her prior in bounds/out of bounds status is maintained until contact with the ground re-establishes in bounds/out of bounds status. In bounds skaters are not necessarily in play.

In Play
When a skater is positioned within the Engagement Zone and is in bounds, she is in play and may legally block and assist. Downed players are not in play. Jammers may engage each other anywhere inside the track boundaries for the duration of the jam, but must be within the Engagement Zone in order to legally initiate engagement with Blockers

The area in the centre of the track.  The is where the Inside Pack Refs and Jam refs skate and also where NSOs and NSO equipment is placed.

Initial Pass
The first pass a Jammer makes through the pack. No score is awarded on this pass; it is only used to establish the Lead Jammer.

Initiator of the Block
The skater who makes contact with a target zone of an opponent is the initiator of the block. The initiator of a block is always responsible for the legality of the contact.

These are skates with all the wheels mounted in a straight line down centre of the boot.

Willfully failing to comply with a referee’s orders.

Jams are two (2) minute races between teams to score points.

Jam Line
The Jam line is the line on the track where the jammers start. The Jammers must be on or behind this line when the jam starts or they will pick up a false start penalty.  The jam line is situated 30 feet behind the pivot line.

Jammers are the point scorers for their teams. Each team is permitted one Jammer per jam. The Jammers are identified by stars on their helmet cover.

Jammer Lap Point
If one Jammer completely laps the opposing Jammer, she will score an additional point each time she fully laps her. Exceptions occur when the opposing Jammer is not on the track

Jammerless Jam
A jam in which there is a period of time with no jammer on the track as both are in the penalty box.  This is outlined in section 7.4.1. of the WFTDA Rules

See Can Opener

See Fearleader

Juking is the act of feinting and dodging to try and send a blocker in one direction while you go the other.

Jump the Apex
A move where the skater cuts the inside of the track by jumping over it.  A move which is legal as long as the skater jumps from in-bounds, lands in-bounds and does not make contact with any other skaters in the process.

Imaginary lanes on a derby track. Used by some coaches/blockers in training and drills.

A complete pass through the pack; this may require more than one trip around the track.

Lap of Dishonour
The route an expelled skater takes when heading for the locker room.

Lead Jammer
The Lead Jammer is the first Jammer to pass the foremost in-play Blockerlegally and in bounds, having already passed all other Blockers legally and in bounds.

Lineup Manager
The lineup manager is in charge of sending the right players out onto track at the right time in the right positions.  See also Bench Manager

Loss of Relative Position
When a skater’s position in relation to other skaters on the track is lost for  sustained period of time due to the actions of an opponent, such as a legal block or an illegal block. Being forced out of bounds is always to be considered a loss of relative position.

Low Block
A Trip or Low Block is any contact which lands on an opponent’s feet or legs, below the legal target zone, that causes the skater to stumble or fall.

Major Penalty
A foul that has a measurable physical force or effect which causes harm or adversely affects the game. Assessed if the infraction has extensive impact on safety or game play.

Mens Derby Coalition
the original name of the mens derby governing body. It was officially changed in 2011 to Mens Roller Derby Association.

Mens Roller Derby

The Men’s European Roller Derby Championships. First held at the Futsal Arena, Birmingham, England on the weekend on 28th/29th July 2012.  The first winners were Southern Discomfort Roller Derby.

Minor Penalty
A foul that has a measurable physical force or effect but does not cause harm or adversely affect the game. Assessed if the infraction has limited impact on safety or game play.

Wrongful or improper behaviour motivated by intentional purpose or obstinate indifference to the rules.

Mr Wilson
Falling onto your back/ass with your feet and legs straight out in front of you.  This is the way the Mr Wilson always falls when he steps on Dennis’ skateboard. Taken from Skateboarding slang

Mens Roller Derby Association.  Formerly MDC or Mens Derby Coalition. Often pronounced ‘Murder’.

Multi-player Block
Blocking with multiple players via a grabbing, holding, linking or joining fashion that impedes an opponents’ movement

Common pronunciation of MRDA

Natural Grand Slam
A Grand Slam where the jammer lap point is gained by lapping the jammer on track and not from a NOTT point/Ghost Point. See Grand Slam.

See Fresh Meat

A grand slam of 5 points. “And Team Scotlands Clinically Wasted picks up another nickel” See Jammer Lap Point, Grand Slam

Nickel and Diming
The style of play of picking up 4 or 5 points and then calling the jam off.

No Douchebag Rules
Rule employed when scrimmaging with newer players. This basically means that the more experienced players rein in the big hits and sneaky tactics.

No Pack
There is no pack when there is not a group of Blockers (from both teams) skating within proximity to each other or when there are two or more equally numbered groups of Blockers not skating within proximity to each other.

No-ller Derby
Ajam where neither team moves at all at the start and so the clock ticks down with the jammers never being released.  This happened most recently several times in a row during the 2011 Westerns Rocky Mountain vs Oly bout.

Non-scoring Pass
The initial pass that the jammers make in the jam is the non scoring pass

Not Lead
A Jammer without Lead Jammer Status

Non Skating Official.  NSOs assist the referees by recording the score, recording and timing the penalties, timing the jams and updating the scoreboards.

Off To The Races
Expression normally employed when a jammer or jammers breaks out of the pack and takes off at full speed.

Official Timeout
Referees timeout which can be taken for a number of reasons including score/rule queries, safety issues or biscuit discussion

Shortened form of Oly Rollers, a WFTDA team from Olympia, WA. WFTDA champions in 2009.

Original Dust Devil
WFTDA’s first event, held February 24-26, 2006 at Bladeworld in Tucson, AZ. It served as the first National Championship, crowning the Texacutioners the sport’s first national champs who defeated the hosting Tucson Saddletramps. It was also the first public use of standardized rules, WFTDA 1.0. It was played by 20 teams:

AZRD – Arizona Roller Derby

Assassination City Derby – Dallas

Atlanta Rollergirls

Bay Area Derby Girls

Carolina Rollergirls – Raleigh

Dallas Derby Devils

Duke City Derby – Albecerque (Sp?) NM

Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Houston Roller Derby

Kansas City Roller Warriors

Mad Rollin’ Dolls (Madison, WI)

Minnesota Roller Girls (St. Paul, MN)

Providence Roller Derby – RI

Rat City Rollergirls – Seattle, WA

Rocky Mountain Rollergirls – Denver

Rose City Rollers – Portland

Sin City Rollergirls – Las Vegas

Texas Rollergirls – Austin, TX

Tucson Roller Derby – Tucson, AZ (host)

Windy City Rollers (Chicago)

Your finish in this tournament served as the initial rankings, upon which we’ve voted on and assigned based on playoff tournaments ever since.

The tournament name has been used by Tucson, however, the original Dust Devil was the only time it served as the National Championship Tournament. There were no Regional Tournaments. Teams qualified if they had two public bouts

The Old School Derby Association was formed in 2007 and combines the modern rules of roller derby with the old school banked tracked rules.  OSDA is open to women, men, co-ed, flat and banked leagues

Out Of Bounds
A skater is out of bounds when any part of the skater’s body or equipment is touching the ground beyond the track boundary. If a skater jumps, and ceases all contact with the ground her prior in bounds/out of bounds status is maintained until contact with the ground re-establishes in bounds/out of bounds status. Out of Bounds skaters are not in play.

Out Of Pack
A skater is out of pack when she is more than ten (10) feet from the nearest pack skater but within twenty (20) feet of the nearest pack skater.

Out Of Play
Blocker that is positioned more than twenty (20) feet outside the pack, out of bounds, or down is out of play. A Jammer that is out of bounds is out of play.

Pace line
a Line of skaters approximately arm’s length apart keeping the same speed.  Often used in drills.

The pack is defined by the largest group of Blockers, skating in proximity, containing members from both teams. The Jammers are independent of this definition.

Pack Is Here Jesus
website/meme.  Facebook group which started collecting non derby pictures which resembled people showing the “Pack Is Here” referee hand signal. Named after a statue of Jesus in this pose.

Pad Stink
The bad smell that seems to cling to roller derby safety equipment no matter how much you wash it. Most Derbygirls seem to become immune to the effects.  Some actively encourage it.

Skaters are required to wear Knee and Elbow pads along with Wrist Guards, a gumshield and a Helmet as the minimum safety equipment.

See Helmet Cover

Panty Pass
See Star Pass

Panty Slide
see Baseball Slide

To pass is to move in front of an opposing skater by positioning your hips in front of hers. A pass begins with the Jammer behind the pack and ends when the Jammer has cleared the pack by twenty feet. To begin the next pass, the Jammer must fully lap the pack and catch up to the back of the pack.

An Assist where one player stands on their toe stops and whips a teammate around themselves over out of bounds area of the track.

The punishment meted out for infringement of the game rules.

Penalty Box
The area where skaters must serve time for committing fouls.  The Penalty box comprises of 6 chairs (3 per team) and is demarcated by a Point of No Return 10 foot from the edge of the chairs. Skaters must enter the penalty box in a counter-clockwise direction.

Penalty Killing
The act of trying to stop points scored by the opposition when they have a powerjam.

Philly Wall
A wall made of blockers facing each other, across the track, touching palm to palm

Blocker with a front to back stripe on the helmet

Pivot Line
The pivot line is the line that all blockers must start behind. The pivot line is situated 30 feet in front of the jam line and at the top of the straight before turn 1.

Platinum Unicorn
7 Grand Slams in a row (or a 35 -39 point jam). See Unicorn

Plow Stop
A method of Slowing down and/or stopping which involved spreading your feet wide and pointing the toes inwards much like a skier.

Point of No Return
A line demarcating where the penalty box ends.  If a skater passes the point of no return they must skate round the track in the ref lane again to enter the penalty box from a counter-clockwise direction.

The act of standing out of position before thejam starts so that a 4th minor is picked up as soon as the jam starts.  Usually employed on jammers to clear their minor penalties down before they next go on trackas a jammer.

Positional Blocking
A.K.A. Body Blocking, Frontal Blocking, Passive Blocking. Passive blocking is blocking without contact, positioning yourself in front of an opposing skater to impede her movement on the track. It may also be done unintentionally, if the blocking skater is not aware of the skater’s position behind her.

When the opposing jammer is not on track the team with the jammer is referred to as having a powerjam.  It is named so as their jammer has the opportunity to score points without the opposing team also scoring.

A measure of distance for in play skaters that is defined as skating not more than ten feet in front of or behind the nearest pack skater.

Punish the Bullet, Not the Gun
Phrase used by refs to explain who picks up a penalty if a CannonBalled player commits a foul as a result of being thrown/assisted.

Skate Part. Wheels.  Pushers are grippy wheels which are used in combination with Tuners.  Pushers are the wheels which are used when cornering and when accelerating.

Quad skates.  These are skates which have 4 wheels, one mounted in each corner of the skate.  These are the only style of skate allowed to be worn by players.  Refs are allowed to wear inlines.

Queen of the Track
Drill/Game.  There are many variations of this game however the main theme is that players attempt to put each other down or out of bounds.  Once a player is down or out they are out of the game.  The last skater left in is declared queen of the track.

Rainbow Unicorn
10 Grand Slams in a Row (or any jam scoring over 50 points). See Unicorn

Roller Derby Association of Canada

See Waterfall

A skater positioning herself in front of an opponent who has already passed her.


Ref Lane
The 10 foot safety zone around the outside of the track.  This is where the Outside Pack Refs skate their normal line.  Skaters also use the ref lane to skate to the penalty box.

Relative Position
The position a skater holds in relation to other skaters on the track.

The act of passing an opponent who has already been passed during the current lap. If the Jammer drops back behind an opponent that she passed illegally, by being reengaged or repositioning herself, she may attempt to pass her again legally.

Rink Rash
Grazing or friction burns caused by sliding on the track

Roller Derby Saved My Soul
Song.  Uncle Leon and the Alibis song about our favourite sport.  Almost an unofficial theme song.

Annual Roller Derby Convention

Generic name for a skater in Roller Derby.

Having multiple derby wives

Rugby Start
A start where there is a rugby style scrum around the pivot line with the jammers trying to find a way through the tussle.

See Goat

School Chair Skittles
The act of scattering the penalty box chairs in an overzealous attempt at getting into the box quickly.

Scoring Pass
Any pass a Jammer makes through the pack after the completed initial pass. Points may only be earned on scoring passes. A Jammer Lap Point is independent of this definition.

A practice of gameplay.  Normally abbreviated to Scrim

A rugby style scrum of players.  Usually seen during the jam line start tactic where all the blockers are huddled together with the jammers fighting to get through.

Seal Clubbing
A shoulder check from behind to the outside of the shoulder made with the upper arm/shoulder of the initiator. Normally a movement with only the upper body designed to throw a hit at the opposing player when close up.

Self Assist
a blocker or jammer usually hip whipping themselves off a teammate to pass opponents.

Sheriff Block
Another name for the Can Opener –  It’s a move made famous by Helen Wheels, one of the sport’s early skaters who played with AZRD. AZRD’s travel team is the Tent City Terrors, a band of prisoner’s on the lam. AZRD often skated under different names for inter-league than league play. Helen was dressed as the Sheriff on the lam with the prisoners and their go to jammer. Her skate name on the Terrors was “Sheriff Shutyopieo,” sounding like Sheriff Shut Your Pie Hole. She was the first to use the move in inter-league play and the name “Sheriff” stuck. (Thanks to Bobby Nox for this explanation!)

Short Forward
Plate mounting style.  A plate shorter than the boot is mounted forward on the boot so that the rear wheels are under the arch of the foot.

Shorted Skater
The skater serving a penalty in the penalty box

Sin Bin
The Penalty Box

Sit Block
A booty block where the blocker in front sits back into the lap of the player(normally a jammer) behind them in order to slow them down and stop them getting past. Once slowing down the opposing jammer, the blocker squats down farther, protruding her booty into the jammer behind her. This “butt in the gut” allows the blocker to literally stall and move the jammer at will.

Skate Fast, Turn Left
Common slogan outlining the basics of being a Roller Derby Player.

Skate Name
Most skaters opt to take a pseudonym for their on track alter ego.  Often these are puns or parodies of celebrity names mixed with a violent or ghoulish nature.  Examples of skate names are Suzy Hotrod, Bonnie Thunders, Juicy Lucy.

The introduction of the teams to the crowd.  Some skateouts are simple with the team skating in a pack and as their name is called by the announcer they give a wave.  Some are super elaborate and involve glow sticks, flags, custom costumes and laser light shows.  Normally accompanied by the teams chosen theme song.

Skate Rape
Falling on a skate in a sensitive area and feeling slightly violated afterwards.

Skater Tot
See Fresh Meat

To move side to side by altering the angle of the skates like a slalom skier.

Slow-ller Derby
Derby played at a crawl speed with both teams jostling almost on the spot to try and slow the game down.

Snow Plow
See Plow Stop

Soul Crush
The Soul Crush refers to a move where a blocker knocks an opposing jammer or blocker (depending on the situation) out of bounds and then the blocker skates backwards on the track forcing the opposing player to either skate back to re-enter behind him or take the track cut penalty.  When it is the opposing jammer that is knocked out of play, a smart pack will all start to skate backwards in the hopes that a less-experienced pack will also skate backwards.  This happens quite a bit and is amazing to see executed well.  The name refers to the fact that you are crushing the soul of your opponent.

Leading into a block helmet first

See Pad Stink

Star Pass
Tactical Manoeuvre where the jammer gives the helmet cover to the pivot and the pivot becomes the jammer for the remainder of the jam.

A non-skating person, either a crowd member, NSO or injured skater

Straddling Skater
Skaters are straddling the track boundary line when they are simultaneously touching both inside and outside the track boundary line.

Straight Back Up!
Mantra of some Rollergirls when a teammate falls

Replacing a skater on the track or in the penalty box with another skater.

Suicide Seats
The section of seats closest to the track.  Normally on the floor these are the best place to see the action but also the most likely place to end up with a ref or rollergirl in your lap.

To remove a skater from more than one game.

Pulling yourself through a pack of players using a swimming motion.  Often a Newbie thing that leads to many a forearms penalty.

Taking a Knee
Most commonly seen as a tactic to start the jammers straight away taking a knee is where all blockers on one team kneel down before the jam start forcing an immediate no pack situation.  Taking a Knee also refers to the courtesy that is afforded whenever a skaters goes down injured and stays down.  While they are being seen to on track it is etiquette for all skaters to kneel.

Target Zone
Areas of the body on an opponent that a skater may hit when performing a block

Team Zebra Fan Club
Appreciation society for all fans of roller derby officials

The Flying Squirrel
An egregious foul where one skater takes down an opponent by leaving her feet and generally tackling the opponent. This foul, if seen, leads to expulsion.

The Star
The Jammer’s Helmet Cover

Things in Real Life That Remind You Of Roller Derby
website/meme. Facebook page started at around the same time as Pack is Here Jesus this website collects non derby photos of Things in Real Life That Remind you of Roller Derby

This is How I Roll
Film.  2012 film detailing the rise of Mens Roller Derby, and following New York Shock Exchange (NYSE)

Toe Guard
Skate Part. A strip of leather which wraps the front of the skate to prevent damage to the boot beneath when sliding on the knees.

Toe Stop
Skate Part. The hardware on the skate designed to act as a brake.

Toe Stop Start
A method of accelerating by running on the toe stops of the skates.

The oval shaped course that the skaters try to stay on.

Training Wheeler
See Fresh Meat

Turning to face the opposite direction when skating.

See Low Block

Truck and Trailer
when two teammates skate, one directly in front of the other, with the front (truck) pulling the back (trailer). Can be an effective method of getting a jammer through a pack.

Skate Part.  The truck connects to the plate and holds the axles in place.  These can be adjusted to change the amount of flex in the skate changing the way skate turns.

A method of slowing down and/or stopping which involves placing the one foot behind the other to form a T shape.  The rear skates wheels are dragged along acting as a brake.

Skate Part. Wheels.  Tuners are slippy, hard wheels which are used for maximum speed.  Often combined with Pushers to make a custom setup for grip and speed.

Turn Stop
A stop where the skater transitions and then rises onto the toe stops or drags a toestop while transitioning.

Turns 1,2,3,4
Naming convention for the corners on the track.  Turn 1 is the first corner after the pivot line and then they follow on in a counter clockwise direction from there with turn 4 being the last corner before the Jam line

5 Grand Slams in a row (or a 25 – 29 point jam).  Named after the mythical creature of legend.

USARS is an acronym that stands for USA Roller Sports. It’s a form of insurance that is required for skaters by most roller derby leagues in the United States

2 or more players skating shoulder to shoulder to impede opposing skaters.

A formal verbal indication from the referee that play is improper and that a skater must take corrective action.

We’re Number 2!
Chant popularised from the film Whip It.  Chanted by the losing team at the end of a bout.

The Womens Flat Track Derby Association. Often Pronounced ‘Woof-tuh-duh’.

An Assist. Whips can be given or taken.  To give a whip 1 player grabs another and propels them forward.  To take a whip 1 player grabs another and pulls themselves forward.

Whip It
Film. 2009 indie film starring Ellen Paige, Juliette Lewis and Drew Barrymore. Even though it is based around Banked Track this film brought a lot of popularity to the sport(both banked track and flat track) worldwide.

Winning the After Party
Out dancing or out drinking the opposing team at the afterparty

Common pronunciation of WFTDA

Yoga Starts
Term given to a line of kneeling blockers trying to cover the entire width of the track at the jam line.

A referee.  Named from the distinctive black and white stripes and the need to travel in herds for safety

Zebra Huddle
See Official Timeout

See Zebra