The Next Steps: Bed Prep

Even though I was off to practice last night, that doesn’t mean I didn’t write.  And I did: a little over seven hundred words were needed to finish the current scene and allow me to get my kids to bed so I can move on to the morning.

The chapter’s growing by the day, oh yeah.

One more scene to do and I can move on to the middle of the day.  But first, there’s the matter of the night that’s still ongoing, and the need to get ready for bed by starting with panties…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“The big part goes in the back over your butt.” Kerry stepped into the one-size-adjusts-to-all panties and pulled them into place. She shook her hips a bit to get them set. “That feels a lot better than those briefs I was wearing.”

“As they should.” Annie picked the cami next. “This one is cut a little lower in front so it’s easy to figure out which side is which. When they look the same, always check for the tag in the back.”

Kerry hesitated with the garment in her hand. “Don’t I need a bra?”

Annie pointed at herself. “Do I have one on?”


“Then you don’t need one, either. Remember, at our age our breasts are self-supporting.”

“Right.” Kerry slipped the cami on. As it settled into place she smiled. “This feels nice.”

“It’s silk, so it should feel great.” Annie’s voice softened slightly. “When you took off your night shirt I saw that your nipples were erect. I know how irritating that must have felt.”

Kerry nodded. “Yeah. It was starting to drive me a little crazy.”

“Well, at our age, our breasts and nipples are exceptionally sensitive, so wearing something that will make them less irritated is always the best.” Annie finally picked up the black leggings. “You may find these a little strange at first. Not only are they form fitting, but they’re capris as well.” She handed them to her soul mate. “I’m certain you’ll love the feel.”

As with the other garments Kerry slipped on the leggings and paused once they were in place to take in the fit. “I, um—”

Annie raised an eyebrow in a quizzical manner. “Yes?”

“I like these. They feel nice.” She turned a little to the left and right as Kerry looked down at herself. “It’s sort of like having a second skin on.”

“Good.” Annie was relieved that Kerry didn’t find the leggings too distracting. “You don’t mind having part of your calves exposed like that.”

“I don’t even notice it.”

“You may notice something else, however.” Annie picked up the socks laying next to the Uggs. “You’ll want these on so your feet don’t get cold while you sleep.”

Kerry nodded as she took the pink socks. “That’s why you wear them, yeah?”

“Of course. Your feet are going to get cold—”

“Because a girl’s skin is thinner and the blood vessels are closer to the surface, allowing for a greater loss of heat.” She sat back against the bed and slipped on the socks. “I know all this stuff: I just haven’t experienced it yet.”

“You will, don’t worry.” Annie cracked open the curtain. “We’re done.”


Kerry’s now dress and, well, feeling pretty comfortable in the outfit Erywin picked up before everyone arrived in Berlin a few months earlier.  Good thing she had Annie there to help her out.

And now that Coraline’s coming back… it’s time for bed.