The Next Steps: A Look Under the Covers

Yesterday was cold and rainy and not a good day to work an outdoor table at a flea market, but you know what?  I do what I can to help my team and I was out with others getting it done.

And yes: I look like I should have a hook in my mouth.  But that’s a tale for another day…

After my shift was over at noon another of my team mates, Jackie, and I went across the street to a new El Salvadoran restaurant and ate.

I’m not sure what we had, but not only was it great, but the entrée I had way too much food for one person.  But it was nice to sit and chat and talk about shit other than practice.  And not doing it while wearing workout gear and skates. Jackie also gave me a ride home when we finished eating as it was still raining.

I should also point out that Jackie and I came out for the 5/30/2017 recruitment and, as far as I know, we are the only two still doing it from the 10 to 12 who started.  We were told that seems to be about the right percent for those who try out and then stay.

Now it’s time for the kids:

I started the last scene of Chapter Seventeen and managed to get a little over seven hundred words written.  Things are about to get going, but that doesn’t mean the kids can’t sit and relax before the crazy starts.  And speaking of crazy, I’m still excerpting what happens after you turn into a girl and people need to take care of you…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Coraline came back to the bay and gave Kerry an approving look. “You look better. Erywin picked out some good thing.”

Kerry shrugged. “I feel better. I guess all my old stuff—” She pointed at her discarded pajamas in the middle of Bed #1. “—just didn’t suit me now.”

“I wouldn’t think so.” Coraline scooped up the Uggs and set them next to Kerry’s old pajamas on Bed #1. “Now, before I put you two to bed, I want to get a quick internal scan.”
Annie seemed more concerned about this than Kerry. “Is it necessary?”

“This close to first transition I want to see if everything is—” Coraline offered a slight smile. “It’s where it should be and nothing is hiding.” She patted Bed #2. “Lay down: this won’t take but a moment.”

Kerry slid back up on to the bed and lay down as instructed. Coraline snapped on the monitors and activated the glowing tracer in her hand so she could scan the girl’s body. Within seconds the interior of Kerry’s body appeared on two screens over her head. “Okay, let’s see what we have here—”


We know what Kerry looks like on the outside, but the real question now is: what’s she got inside? We know her genitals have changed, so what about everything else?



Coraline ran her hand slowly towards Kerry’s feet. “Skull looks good as does the spine. Heart and lungs just as they should be, as well as stomach and liver.” She grinned down at Kerry. “You now have the same rib configuration as a woman, which I expected.” She ignored Kerry’s frown as her hand hovered over Kerry’s abdomen and pelvic area.  “The hip bones are shaped as they should, and…” Coraline glanced over at Annie. “Her correct reproductive system is all there. No hint of her male system anywhere.”

Annie squinted at the screen. “I’m not as good at reading these as you. Can you point it out?”

Coraline began pointing out the images on the screen. “There’s the ovaries and the fallopian tubes. Here’s the uterus and right below we have the cervix and vagina. And this: that’s the vulva.” She stared down at Kerry. “You’re just one of the girls now, Red.”

Kerry rolled her eyes. “Great.”

“It’s not that bad, kiddo. And right now you’re probably the most important girl in all of The Foundation.” Coraline patted Kerry’s shoulder. “Which means me, and a whole lot of other people here, are gonna take good care of you.”

Annie continued staring at the display. “So, what do you think transformed to make up Kerry’s current—” She looked up at Coraline to avoid Kerry’s gaze. “System.”


Kerry is all set up like a girl, inside and out.  The big question Annie has is what started out as boy parts and are now girl parts.  Coraline has some ideas, so get ready for a whole lot of medical talk coming up:


“If I had to guess—” Coraline took a slight step back so she could keep both kids in sight. “The ovaries are probably the testes, which is what they when her body began developing after conception, and the fallopian tubes are likely the ductus deferens. The prostrate likely transformed into the uterus, maybe even the cervix.” She shrugged.  “The vulva and labia are likely the scrotum, while the clitoris is probably the remnants of the glands penis after it separated from the urethra. As for the vagina? That’s gotta be a combination of the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum.” She snapped off the monitor. “Until we can do a full capture of Kerry’s transitions from one body to another, we won’t know for sure.”

“Well—” Kerry propped herself up on one elbow. “That’s not going to happen for a few more hours at the soonest. What do we do until then?” She swung her legs around and sat up.

“That’s simple: wait here.” Coraline stepped out of the bay and returned a moment later with two small cups of a familiar liquid. “Given the time of night it’s a good idea for you both to get some sleep. Given that it’s likely you’re also both a bit keyed up—” She set the cups on the small table between the bed. “This is guarantied to give you at least six hours of uninterrupted sleep. We’ll have a monitor on you, so when you wake up we’ll know and someone will come for you.”

Annie turned her head slightly to the right. “Why?”

“Because you’re both going to be brought up to the third floor.”

“What’s up there?”


Yeah, what’s up there on the third floor?  I know you want to know–

And you’ll find out tomorrow.