The Next Steps: Go to Sleep

Happy Labor Day, all of those who are celebrating, and while I’m not, I’m busy doing things.  And stuff.  Like right now I’m washing clothes, but earlier I was out for breakfast, having eggs and sausage and pancakes with my coffee.  I left my server a $6 tip on an $11 bill because, shit, he’s working today.  So be a bit generous with those who have to labor on this day.

I haven’t gotten around to writing yet, but that’s going to happen once I make this post and put my clothes in the dryer–which has just happened.  Boom.  That’s how it works.  That means tomorrow we start off on Annie’s and Kerry’s adventures on the Third Floor–

Oh, what is the Third Floor?

Let’s find out.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“What’s up there?”

“It’s the hospital’s secure floor: no one can get up there without proper authorization. It’s the one place in the hospital where we don’t have to worry about someone who isn’t supposed to be there wandering in without warning.” Coraline looked at Kerry. “We’re not only going to see if you can transition back there, but you’ll get a full medical examination as well. But all of that comes after breakfast, which will arrive not long after you.

“Until then—” She touched each child on the shoulder as if to give them assurance. “I want you both to get a good night’s sleep. Do you have any questions?”

Both Annie and Kerry shook their heads, with Kerry answering. “No.”

“Then I’ll see you both in the morning.” She backed out of the bay. “Sleep well.”

Annie smiled. “Good night, Coraline.”

Kerry waved. “Night, Coraline.”

“Night, kids.” She pulled the privacy curtain closed.

Kerry slipped off the bed and pulled back the comforter. “I don’t imagine you’re sleeping in the other bed.”

“What gave you that idea?” Annie handed Kerry her cup with a smile. “Our sleeping arrangements remain the same regardless of your body.”

Kerry held her cup about mid-chest. “You ever have a sleepover with another girl?”

“With my mother, yes, but otherwise no. This will be my first time.”

“Sorta the same for me.” Kerry raised her cup as Annie lifted hers. “The sooner we get to sleep, the sooner this is over.”

“So true.” Annie drank her mixture at the same time as Kerry and set her empty cut next to hers. “The worst is over, though, my love. By this time tomorrow you’ll be back to how you were—”

“When the night started.” She chuckled as she climbed into bed. “Let’s hope that’s true.” She held the comforter up as Annie got into bed and pulled it up to their necks as they lay facing each other. Kerry glanced to her right. “This hair.”

“One of the problems girls with long hair have: it tends to get in the way.” Annie brushed the red locks back from Kerry’s face. “You’ll get used to it in time.”

Kerry yawned. “I hope not.” She yawned once more, longer and deeper this time. “Good night, Annie. I love you.”

“Leka nosht, Kerry. Obicham te.” Annie closed her eyes and quickly drifted off, thinking there was something she missed but not certain what…


There you have it:  the early morning awake time is over and the kids are off to bed, with Annie experiencing sleeping in the same bed with a girl not her mother for the first time.  And Kerry’s having to deal with long hair to bring to bed.  I guess we know how she’s going to look in the morning…