The New Day: Getting Up

I hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday.  My weekend was busy, as you know, and last night I went to derby practice in York because I want to be a better skater and that’s how you do it.

Oh, and I have over fourteen hundred words in the last scene of Chapter Seventeen.

When I say it’s moving right along…

It actually won’t take long to get through this scene, which is a lead up to the next chapter.  And in that one–oh, if you were embarrassed by anything that happened in this chapter, there is gonna be some stuff in the next one that’s likely to induce a bit of cringing.  It’s the way life is for my kids: I can’t help that.

Before we get to that stuff, why don’t we get Kerry’s Day As a Girl started?  Like this:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


It was just a little after nine when Annie and Kerry awoke almost simultaneously, with Annie opening her eyes a few seconds early, allowing her to see Kerry’s face cover with hair before she discovered this fact as well. Annie grinned as she watched Kerry, still somewhat asleep, calmly brush it back from her face and greet her bedmate with a soft “Good morning.”

They were awake only a minute before, as promised, Nurse Thebe arrived to greet them. After having the kids use the bathroom, she escorted them to the lift and brought them to the third floor.


Kerry has had to put up with a lot in his life time, but never before has bed hair been one of those thing.  That’s all changed now, Missy, since you’re now a ginger with long, curly hair.  And that hair is gonna get in the way for sure while you’re sleeping–

Actual picture of Kerry sleeping. (Maybe)


Maybe next time Annie will have her phone close by and get pictures.

It’s a special morning, however, in that Annie and Kerry won’t be spending the day alone.  Or, at least we know they’ll have company for now–


Being the first time to the hospital’s third floor, Annie and Kerry were both surprised by the fact that once you moved beyond the bathrooms and waiting area by the lift it was nothing more than a huge, empty space where beds and equipment normally resided. Only it wasn’t completely empty: in the middle of the room, about six meters past the bathrooms, was a long table which had five of seven chairs occupied. At ether long end sat Headmistress Laventure—on the left as the children entered the room—and Coraline on the right, while seated in three chairs on the far long side sat, left to right, Deanna, Jessica, and Erywin.

As they entered the space all five women stood with Coraline speaking for the group. “Morning. I hope you both slept well.”

Annie glanced to her right as it was obvious the question was actually directed to Kerry, who wrapped her robe around her as she nodded. “I slept well.”

As soon as Kerry glanced at her Annie set her hands within the pockets of her robe. “I’m rested as well.”

Coraline offered a bright smile to both students. “I’m glad to hear.”

Erywin was out of her chair a moment later and around the table headed directly for Kerry. She stopped about a meter short of the girl. “How are you feeling, my dear?”

Kerry smiled back after shooting a glance at Annie. “I bit strange. I’m not as wide awake as I usually am when I wake up.”

“You can blame the estrogens in your body for that; they don’t give you quite the same energy as testosterone, so until you learn to adapt you’re going to spend the day feeling tired.”

“Yeah, great.” She looked down for a moment then raised her head, grinning. “Like I told Annie last night, I know these things, but it’s a completely different matter to experience them.”


That’s going to be a common mantra:  I know these things, but I haven’t experienced them.  It’s the difference between book learin’ and street learnin’, girl, and you’re getting a first hand look at this.

Don’t worry, though:  Kerry’s gonna have plenty of chances to find out about this dichotomy.