The New Day: The New Inquiries

Before I get into the excerpt, I have to say this is not a good day for me.  I didn’t write last night and I had a pretty crap practice because I didn’t have much in the way of energy due to another episode of depression.  And today isn’t much better.  I’m just hoping I get through the day in one piece so I can go home and do planks that my coach has told us to do for the next two weeks.

Which means I’m getting into this excerpt without much fanfare.  Which is good because that’s how certain instructors roll…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“It most certainly is.” Jessica approached slowly and didn’t get too close to Kerry: she was aware that her height could make the new girl feel as if her Transformation instructor were towering over her. “Coraline told us a bit of what she discovered last night. Your reproductive system is completely transformed.”

Kerry wasn’t certain if Jessica was asking a question or making a statement. “Yep, that’s true.”

“Are you feeling any—” Jessica seemed to search for the correct words. “Moodiness?”

While Kerry seemed a bit puzzled by the inquiry, Annie picked up on the actual meaning of the question right away. “She’s not having her period, Jessica.”

Kerry glanced at Annie then turned back to her instructor. “Really?”


“Morning, Kerry?  How’s the new body?  You bleeding from your vagina yet?”  Yeah, no one ever accused Jessica of being subtle about shit.  And being the Mistress of Transformation, she wants to know if Kerry has had all the transformations.

However, she’s not being well received–not even by her fellow instructors–


“It’s always possible that if it hadn’t arrived yet, it could be imminent.” Jessica looked at the other women in the room. “We’ve discussed this possibility, haven’t we?”

“We have.” Deanna stepped up next to the Mistress of Transformation and placed a hand upon her arm. “I believe, however, we should be a little less forceful with our questions this morning: after all, of all of us in this room dealing with this experience, there’s only one of us for whom it’s personal.”

Jessica looked at Deanna for a few seconds before speaking in a softer tone. “You’re right: that question could have been phrased differently.” She turned to Kerry. “I apologize if I came off sounding insensitive.”

Kerry shrugged and offered a slight smile. “It’s okay, Jessica. I’m sure everyone wants to know everything about me right now.”

“Which is true.” Deanna approached slowly and closed until she was almost touching both Annie and Kerry. “What I would like to know is how are you feeling mentally and emotionally?” She knelt down just a little. “How are you adjusting to the new you?”

“Well…” She placed her hands in the pockets of her robe as scrunched her shoulders together and looked downward just a bit. “I mean, I think I’m handling this as well as anyone might expect. I knew it was gonna happen and now that it is, I’m glad I won’t need to deal with the wait any more.” Kerry looked up at Deanna and smiled. “I guess I’m trying to do what I did my first day at school.”

Deanna turned her head slightly to the right. “What’s that?”

“Keep an open mind.” Kerry took Annie’s hand. “A witch I know told me to do that on our way to meet you.”

“That’s excellent advice.” Deanna winked at a smiling Annie. “At least you remembered that advice when it was needed the most.”


Kerry is at least taking things in stride and she probably loved calling Jessica by her given name in front of everyone, including the Headmistress.  I can imagine she’ll have something to say during the next Advanced Transformation class:  “Really?  You had to ask me if I was having my period? (eye roll)”  Yeah, easy on that stuff, Jessica.

And speaking of advice–well, none tomorrow, for there’s gonna be a bit of a history lesson…