The New Day: About the Excluded

The week is almost over and it’s one I want to get behind me.  It’s been mentally, emotionally, and physically trying, and when it comes to dealing with it all I haven’t always done my best.  I’m hoping I can get some of this behind me this weekend, so I’m doing a massage tomorrow before I do the Out of the Darkness Walk tomorrow night, my first.

I also get my shot tonight, which I hope does help a bit.

You know who doesn’t need a shot for their girly hormones?  Kerry.  I know, I shouldn’t joke about that.  But someone else has the jokes going–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Nurse Thebe entered the floor with a large, floating tray full of drinks and plates of food and stopped just behind Coraline. As everyone—the headmistress include—left their chairs to retrieve their breakfast, Nurse Thebe placed dishes in front of the two students. “I hope you don’t mind I ordered this.” Coraline pointed at the food before them as Thebe retrieved their drinks. “I knew you both likes these Printesses—”

“Printsessi.” Annie grinned madly at Coraline’s mispronunciation of the Bulgarian dish.

“Right; sorry.” Coraline collected her plate and continued speaking after re-taking her seat. “I knew you both liked tomato juice as well, so I went with that.”

“It’s quite all right.” Kerry gave a slight smile before picking up one of the baked bread slices and taking a tiny bite. “Um, so good.” She turned to Annie. “I was getting pretty hungry.”

“Well, you are a growing girl.” Annie looked down at her own food so she could hide her wide smile.

Kerry rolled her eyes. “I walked into that, didn’t I?”

“A little, my love.”

“Yeah, well: you’d know about this sort of thing.”

“It’s good you’re keeping your sense of humor about you.” Erywin set down her cup of tea. “It shows a healthy attitude.”

“What else am I gonna do? Jokes are gonna happen.” Kerry shrugged. “I’m likely to be stuck this way for another few hours, so getting upset about it won’t do me any good, right?”

Erywin looked down for a moment. “Yes, of course.”

Kerry looked up and down the table before turning to Mathilde. “May I ask a question?”

Mathilde was a bit surprised Kerry decided to address her. “You may.”

“Why isn’t Professor Semplen here? Or for that matter, Professor Palmescoff?” She looked up and down the table. “I get it that all of you figured this out and that the Headmistress is here because she runs the school—” Kerry looked down for a moment. “Who else besides Helena knows outside of us?”


So Annie is joking about Kerry being a growing girl.  Everyone is asking Kerry how he feels, but so far no one has asked, “Annie, how are you dealing with the fact your boyfriend now has a vagina?” I guess they assume she’s gonna deal with it since, well, she’s also known this was going to happen since the beginning.  And there’s nothing she can do as she knows her husband is also her wife.  And–

Well, maybe what happens below is an indication Annie is thinking ahead…


Mathilde lay her hands upon the table, her right over her left. “Isis knows. She had to know so she could make adjustments to the security system.”

“Because this morning it would have seen we were missing a male student but had suddenly gained a female student.” Kerry figured out the reason before being told. “Is that right?”

“It is.”

Kerry looked down. “Professor Semplen needs to know because—” She drew in a breath as she’d already considered the reasons why. “If I decided to—stay this way for a while, I’d need a place to stay in the coven tower. And he’d be responsible for me.” She turned to Coraline. “I wouldn’t be able to stay in the hospital the whole time: that doesn’t make sense.”

“No, it doesn’t.” Erywin leaned forward and turned to Mathilde. “If, for whatever reason, Kerry decided to stay in a female form for an extended period of time, she’d need a room in her tower.” She smiled the moment she saw how Annie’s face lit up at the thought of what her significant other might stay. “As senior coven leader, I think Holoč should be made aware of what’s happened—”

“And if we are bringing Holoč into the fold—” Jessica looked from Erywin to Mathilde. “We need to tell Maddie as well, as she’d end up being the only coven leader not to know.”


After months of keeping this among the Brain Trust, Kerry is asking that not only should her coven leader know about the, um, Change of Life, but they may as well bring Maddie into the fold as she’s a coven leaders, too, and they should all know.

So, it’s agreed they’ll bring in these two.  Is that all that will happen?