Where In the World Is Cassidy?

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that this last week has been light on writing.  Well, you’re not imagining things: it has been that way.  And why is that?

Simplest answer: I haven’t been writing.

In the last week I’ve hardly opened Scrivener and I haven’t once put any words into the novel.  It’s not just the novel: I’m behind on my TV recapping, and I need to write two this weekend and another two next Tuesday and Wednesday because I’m that far behind.

Now, there are reasons for this and they are easy to explain.  One, my trip to Oklahoma City ate up three days when I would normally have written about fifteen hundred words at minimum.  Is this a bad thing?  No.  As I mentioned I picked up training on how to use tools that will allow me to help plan out operations in the future.  Operations that are designed to help us and not, you know, screw people over just because they don’t have money–which today means you don’t have a voice.

Two, derby practice.  I know what you’re thinking: that shouldn’t take up that much time.  Except it does.  When I come home from work I usually need a half hour to an hour nap to recover from the night before, and I usually start getting ready for practice anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour before it begins.  Except when I’m going to York, and then I’m usually getting ready about 90 minutes before practice starts due to the 30 minute drive there.  Last week I was at the rink four nights in a row.  This week I may do the same.  Saturday I have an event I’m to actually help run for a few hours, then I’m heading down to York to watch our sister team play.

There is a lot of commitment that goes into training and Monday we were told that us freshies (the Fresh Meat who have yet certified) are going to get pushed so we can certify and be bout ready by next season, which starts March, 2018.  Ergo, I’m putting in as much rink time as possible, and this means the time I could spend writing is being taken up with other things.

And three: I think writer’s block has finally set in.  It’s not so much I don’t know what to write, but with everything else going on I’m finding it difficult to push myself and crank out five hundred to a thousand words.  The energy I once had just isn’t there right now, and trying to force it will lead to–

What will it lead to?

I’m not certain I know myself.  I was starting to feel writer’s burnout a few months ago and perhaps this is the outcome of that burnout: I’m turning my energy towards other things while I recharge.  For all I know I’ll rip off five hundred words tonight once I’m up from my nap tonight, or… maybe not.

As with everything I’ll let nature run its course and see where I’m taken.

That’s worked pretty well for me so far–