On the Turning Back: And It’s A…?

Today is a special day in my fictional world.  Today is the day that Annie Kirilova turns 18.  This means that, as of today, Annie is considered by The Foundation to be an adult.  She can now buy property through them, establish contracts, and generally do whatever it is that adults do.

Oh, and she can also get married.  She could even get married to someone who was a year younger than her if they had permission from their guardians–or if they somehow managed to get The Foundation to recognize them as emancipated, giving them the same rights as an adult.

And since getting married means she could finally get around to doing that, you know, thing that she’s waiting to do… well, maybe today is also her wedding day.  Probably not, because who wants to get married on their birthday?

Maybe she’ll wait until Samhain because it a good holiday for witches.

Speaking of that 17 year old who she’ll want to marry, let’s see what they may have to wear to the ceremony:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry released a sigh and stepped upon the slightly raised circle before her. A moment later she saw the Spy Eyes encircle her body as they prepared to capture what happened to her from every conceivable position around her body. She flashed a smile at Annie before looking at Coraline. “I’m ready.”

Coraline moved closed to the holographic display before. “Good. Now, as we discussed, do not attempt to activate your Gift until I give the word, which will be ‘mark’. I will perform a countdown from three before issuing the command; during that time you are to visualize, but do not execute the spell until the command is given. Do you understand?”

There was another soft sigh as Kerry nodded. “Got it.”

“Then let’s do this.” She seemed to lean over her display. “This is Attempt Number One. On my command, use your Gift to transition back to your prior gender. And—” Coraline focused her attention upon Kerry. “Three, two, one… Mark.”


This is it.  Is Kerry gonna wear a tux to the wedding?


Kerry closed her eyes and seemed to fall deep into thought. A few seconds later she opened in eyes and spoke in a dejected voice. “Nothing.”

Jessica took a step forward. “Describe your crafting.”

“I imagined myself as—you know—a boy.” She glanced off to the right before turning back. “Like I was.”

“And then?”

“As soon as Coraline said Mark I applied my will power to transition.” Kerry pointed to herself. “Nothing happened.”

“Don’t take this as a setback.” Jessica moved until she was just outside the sphere of Spy Eyes. “We are all aware that your first attempt may not be successful and that you may require a few more hours before you have full control of the Gift.”

“Yeah.” She looked down as she nodded. “Still—”

Annie spoke before Kerry could dwell on her failure. “Don’t be discouraged, my love. This is but a minor setback. You’ll have plenty of opportunities today to develop control of this Gift.”

“Annie’s right.” Coraline knew the key today was doing whatever necessary to keep Kerry in a positive mindset. She was fully aware the moment she started getting down on herself about any lack of success her magic would suffer. “We can’t let one failure define the day. Why don’t we try a second attempt? Maybe this time things will be different.”

Though she felt like going off to sit somewhere by herself, Kerry affixed her gaze upon Annie and slowly raised her left eyebrow. “Okay, let’s try it again.” She chucked darkly as she focused upon Coraline. “The worst that can happen is nothing happens—right?”

“That about sums it up.” Coraline kept a certain amount of levity in her voice as she encouraged Kerry to continue. “Let’s give it another try. You have nothing to lose.”


Well, at the moment it looks like both girls are gonna wear white gowns.  Nothing wrong with that: I mean, if I get married again, it’s likely we’ll both wear wedding dresses.  Or dresses.  Or maybe we’ll just married wearing nothing.

But Kerry’s gonna give it another shot, so maybe this time she’ll get it right.

Anyway, she has a while before she turns 18 to know what to wear to the wedding…