Beginnings at Bristol

Just like me, Kerry has had some bad stretches in his short life–

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Before we get into all the writing stuff there is all the personal political things I have to do, because this will be me for like the next eighty days.  I was at the opening of our DNC headquarters in Harrisburg last night, and it was hot and crowded and pretty exciting.  I was fashionably early, sort of:  this picture of the entrance was taken about thirty minutes after I arrived–

C For Continuing Dem Office 0816201601

And it was all hot and crowded and still in the process of being set up when started doing the speech thing:

C For Continuing Dem Office 0816201602

And as I tend to do I found someone to speak with most of the evening, and her name was Amber and she’ll usually do the voter registration while I’m here doing phones.

C For Continuing Dem Office 0816201603

Speaking of phones I do that tonight, and I hope I don’t freak out or go into a crying jag at some point and need…

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Love Among the Witches: That Nervous Moment

Before I get into the excerpt, allow me a little derby bragging:

As you know it was Bout Day, our penultimate home and season bout all rolled into one.  It was a good time and most of the people on the team were in costume.  As was I–


Yeah, that’s my attempt at a “real” mermaid, though as I said to some, I looked more like an Orion slave girl cosplaying as a mermaid.  I will point out that I remained in costume all night, through the bout and after party, and didn’t get out of the gear until I was home, where I spent about 10 minutes getting green makeup off my face.

We won against South Maryland Roller Derby 195 to 142–yay!–our second win of the season.  One jammer was responsible for about 75 of those points, and on two different jams she scored 23 and 25 points, which means she found her unicorn on that second jam.  It helped that we had two other jammers also have runs of 20 and 24 points, so in some ways it was a bit of a run away.

It wasn’t all fun, however.  On Jam 37 on of the South Maryland women went down and broke her right ankle in a way that left her screaming in pain–that’s no exaggeration.  I got it on video and as I was trying to figure out what actually happened leading up to the accident–at the bequest of one of our players who wanted to know if she did something to cause the fall–I had to listen to that screaming maybe a half dozen times.  It was pretty chilling.

But enough of that–on to Salem.

We’ve discovered Annie’s plan and we’ve learned that Kerry was quite surprised by what was about to happen.  Since Annie wants to talk about this most romantic of nights, Coraline is listening–and she’s about to get an earfull–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“I can understand that.” Coraline resisted the urge to giggle ‘cause Kerry looked so adorable as she spoke of trying not to spoil what was likely the most romantic moment of her then short life. “And how did it proceed?”

Annie continued the narrative. “I stood before Kerry for a few moments so he could see me and understand what we were going to do—that was my hope. I knew there was a possibility he might say no, but—” She looked down as she grinned. “I didn’t think it likely.

“When it became clear he understood I put my arms around his shoulders and kissed him. That was the first moment I felt my heart racing, for I was also aware I was going to go ahead with what I’d planned. After I finished kissing I took the bottom of his tee shirt and began lifting, pulling it over his head and off. I gave him a hug so I could feel him against me and then…” She paused for only a second. “I removed his jeans.”


This is the second time that Coraline has observed that Kerry’s current reaction is likely much different than the reaction that would have come about were Kerry not soaking in estrogen.  I mean, it’s likely male Kerry wouldn’t look quite as adorable as she’s looking now recollecting what happened that night.

And we get to the payoff: Annie undressed Kerry.  Because–


Coraline did one slight nod. “Didn’t waste time.”

“I didn’t any reason. Beside, I needed to remove his jeans if I was going to take off his underwear.”

Both of Coraline’s eyebrows arched upward. “Go on.”

“I gave him a kiss after removing his jeans then went right to taking off his underwear. Once that was off I folded his clothes and set them next to mind.”

Kerry looked upward, chuckling. “I was really, um…” She scrunched up her face as she searched for the right word. “Nervous.”

Coraline chuckled as well. “Among other things.”

“Yeah. I mean, Annie had seen me naked a couple of times by then—” She eyed Annie carefully. “Once for real in the hospital—”

Annie shrugged. “That was only because of your medical issues at the time. I was acting in my capacity as a triage nurse.”

“I know. Still made me a little nervous.”

“I wouldn’t have expected you to ask any other way.” Annie took Kerry’s left hand. “As I told you later, I was trembling as well.”

“I know: I felt you.”

Coraline turned to Kerry. “What did you do after that?”

“I, uh—” She nodded towards Annie. “I removed her bra.”

Annie nodded. “I figured that since Kerry wasn’t about to pass out from fear and/or excitement, I should join him. So I turned around and asked him to unhook my bra. After only a couple of fumbles he unhooked it and I pulled it off my body. I turned so he could see me, then I asked him to remove my panties, just as I’d done with him.” A warm smile appeared. “And he did.

“I picked up my undergarments and put them with my clothing, then led Kerry to the tub. I asked him to get in and sit in the middle, which he did. Once he was in place, I got in behind him, stretching out my legs around him.

“And then I started to bathe him.”


The bath is drawn, the kids are au natural, so what remains?  Bathing, what else?

You don’t think Annie’s gonna let all that hot water and those burning candles go to waste, do you?

The Plans For the Day

Hi there again.  I’m guessing you’re expecting something witty and intelligent and all the stuff today–

Sorry, but I gotta disappoint you.

You probably noticed I didn’t do a video yesterday.  That’s because I was out of the apartment about seven in the morning and didn’t return until nearly two in the afternoon.  I had things to do and stuff for which I needed things. Put those two together and it means I didn’t have a lot of time to shoot, edit, and upload a video.

And today is Bout Day, which means while I’ve actually written some today, I still have a lot to do before 4:30, which is when I need to be at the rink, though about three in the afternoon I’m gonna start working on my makeup for my sort of cheap and easy costume I’m wearing to the bout and after party.

So, you’ll get your excerpt tomorrow as I’m about to post this, shut down, and make another run to pick up a few things I need for today and the week.  This is what happens when I have a busy weekend due to a home bout, and if there’s any consolation, this all ends in two weeks and I head into the off-season.

Here’s hoping you like my costume when I post it–

Dancers in the Dark: Away Into the Shadows

And we continue dancing…

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Chapter Twenty-Five is over and done, and the shadows had their say.  More or less.  You’ll have to continue reading to see what I mean.

Not only is the chapter done, but I’ve made some modifications to the rest of Part Eight, getting it set up for how I want to write the remaining part of Act Two.  As you can see . . .

It's always better with pictures. It’s always better with pictures.

I’ve decided to move one scene up to the next chapter, and to actually delete a scene.  Why that one?  Because, in thinking about what happens there, it breaks the flow of the story, and I can actually show what happens there through conversation in two other following scenes.  It also sets up a nice transition, because Frisco Bound has Kerry arrived in San Francisco, and his last thoughts in the scene is right about now Annie should be waking up . . . and…

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Dancers in the Dark: the Dance Begins

Sometimes you just wanna dance…

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Here we come, already, to the almost end of Chapter Twenty-Five.  There was a lot going on over the weekend, and I actually did get a lot done, and spent a lot of time on the road as well.  You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but for most of Saturday I wasn’t even online, save for those periods early in the morning when I was doing my Saturday blog post.  And not sleeping.  Hated that part.

That part is over, however:  the last two nights I’ve gotten pretty good sleep, and even this morning I don’t feel as if I’m drugged.  Though I think the walk to work is gonna be chilly, since it’s only 37 F outside–

Hey, that’s pretty much the same temperature as the outside when I wrote this scene.  I know ’cause I looked it up.  Which is why the scene starts this way…

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Love Among the Witches: Candlelight Clueless

Nothing new to report on the derby front–I’m still fresh meat.  But there’s plenty on the novel side…

Now that we know Annie planed some shenanigans at the inn, what remained was getting it started.  But before that happened, Annie needed some ideas…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Well…” Annie looked up as she recounted the events of that night. “The moment I saw them the idea that I could use them for something romantic began to form. I knew I wanted to be with Kerry in a special way, but at that point I had no idea how I wanted that to come together. While we were at the restaurant, however, I had time to think about what could happen, so when we returned to the inn I knew exactly what I wanted to happen.

“I told Kerry that I was going to take a bath and headed into the bathroom. While I was drawing it I set up candles around the room and lit them.” She giggled. “This was the part that worried me the most, because I was afraid if I crafted a Fire spell it would get away from me and burn down the inn, so I used Cold Fire to light them. After that I undressed down to just my underwear, folded my clothes, and set them aside, and then I called out to Kerry and ask if he’d bring my pajamas.” She turned to Kerry. “I hope you don’t mind me calling you he there.”

She shrugged. “I was a he then, so you got the pronoun right.” Kerry glanced back at Coraline. “I’d be a little confusing, I think, if Annie kept using she for this.”

Coraline knew she wouldn’t have any difficulty with Annie’s use of either pronoun, but she realized that perhaps Kerry might be the one who might be uncomfortable with referring to her past self in a feminine way. “Whatever works for you both.” She pointed at Annie. “I take it Kerry brought the pajamas?”


No, not a problem here with the pronouns.  After all, as pointed out, Kerry was a cismale at the time and identified as such, so saying “he” is correct.  Which raises the question: is “she” correct?  After all, Kerry seems to go along with that when the pronouns come out about how she is now, so it must be okay.  Actually… nah, I’ll talk about that much later.

I checked the end of the first novel last night and yes, Annie asked Kerry to please bring her pink pajamas to the bathroom.  And Kerry did.  What happened next?  Well…


“He did. I stayed behind the door and held it so he could walk in and not get a good look at me. I told him to lay them next to the sink and when he did—” Annie smiled. “I closed the door and stepped closer so he could see me.”

Coraline’s right eyebrow shot upward. “I imagine that was as surprise.”

Kerry nodded. “Just a little.” She looked down as she blushed. “Actually, quite a lot. It was the last thing I expected.”

“So you had no idea this was going to happen?”

“Nope.” She shook her head. “Captain Clueless to the end, right?”

Coraline laughed. “You’re never a disappointment, young lady.”

The broad smile on Annie’s face said everything about what she thought of the moment. “You were so cute and vulnerable in that moment. It made my heart soar.”

Coraline’s curiosity peaked when she heard this. “Why do you say that?”

“Because in that instance he knew something was going to happen, yet he did nothing to ruin the mood. It was like—” Annie glanced over at her soul mate. “It was as if you knew I wanted to live out a dream and you were ready for me to take charge. You did nothing to change that dynamic.”

Kerry gave two short nods. “When I saw the candles and then you in your panties and bra, I was like—” She chuckled. “I wasn’t about to spoil whatever was going to happen.”


Annie sets the mood, Annie gets ready for her soul mate, and Kerry enters and finds Annie waiting for him in her unmentionables.  And, as usual, he had no idea that this could occur.  Then again, who did think it would?

And who can imagine what comes next?

Love Among the Witches: The Making Up of Minds

Yesterday was a nice, relaxing after-work experience.  I had a short, refreshing nap before going out to get something nice to eat as well as have an adult type drink:


After that experience I headed back to the apartment and ripped off a little over five hundred words.  What about, you ask?

The lead up to the experience a couple of kids had their first time starting at a magical bed and breakfast in Salem, MA.

Now that we’ve gotten past the point where Coraline and the other who set this getaway up have explained it was meant as something of a “reward”–and the fact they knew these kids wouldn’t stay apart in Boston–it’s time to get to where Annie and Kerry start talking about that little adventure.  Though they don’t start out that way…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“I’m glad that mystery is solved.” A loud chortle escaped from Annie. “I would never have expected Helena to be the one to convince the headmistress to allow us time together.”

“I admit I was a bit surprised as well.” Coraline eyed Annie hard. “You must have done some great work for the Guardians when you were away that weekend.”

“Who said anything about the Guardians?” Even when it came to speaking to friends—and that organization. “We were busy helping The Foundation. Just as Helena says.”

Coraline chuckled. “Right.” There was a nearly five second silence before the doctor asked her next question in a soft tone. “Can I ask you something about that night?”

Annie shrugged. “Of course.”

“When did you decide you were going—” Coraline searched for the right word. “Experiment.”

“You mean do something of a sexual nature.”



If there’s one thing both kids have gotten used to doing, it’s denying they’ve done anything with or for the Guardians.  There’s going to be a moment in a future chapter where one of the kids is all about, “Don’t know what you’re talking about, that’s all kinds of nope,” when it comes to admitting to whether or not they are doing things for the Guardians.  They have the plausible deniability thing down pat.

Now the question has been asked:  when did the kids know they were gonna “do something”.  Or, really, it’s Annie being asked.  And she has an answer:


“Almost as soon as we walked into the room.” Annie turned to Kerry and smiled. “Certainly the moment I saw all those candles in the bathroom.”

“Oh, yeah.” A wistful smile slowly formed on the ginger girl’s face. “The candles.” She sighed. “That was nice.”

Annie took her hand. “It was, wasn’t it?”

“If I may…” Coraline didn’t want to interrupter the moment—after all, watching this version of Kerry become somewhat overcome with happiness when she thought back on a particular event that happened that evening—but her curiosity was piqued. “What did happen that night?” She quickly held up a hand. “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t—”

“But I do.” Annie seemed to almost come off the love seat with excitement. “I’ve wanted to speak with someone about this for so long, but—” She looked down for a moment. “I’ve been hesitant to speak with Mama for fear she may not understand, that she’ll say I was too young—or that I still am.” She smiled at Coraline. “And I didn’t know if I could approach you or Deanna or Erywin and talk.”

“Oh, Annie, that’s ridiculous.” Coraline sat back, crossing her legs. “By now you should know you could come to any of us and discuss anything. Even a sexual event you had in the past. Like I said, it wasn’t as if we didn’t believe you two wouldn’t do anything.”


Come to find out Annie’s wanted to talk about this night for a while, but she was unsure if talking about it over morning tea with Mama was such a good thing.  But she could have went to any of the consolers, who’ve heard this sort of talk many times from others.  But Annie and Kerry, they’re so good at keeping things to themselves–


Kerry nodded. “Still—” She pulled her shoulders together as she gazed at Annie. “We were content to keep it secret—”

“And yet there were times when I wanted to sit with someone and tell them how wonderful that night was.” Annie snuggled against Kerry. “Sometimes a girl just wants to talk about those things that touch her to the fullest. And you, my love—” She lay her hand over Kerry’s chest, moving it upward slightly when she realizes her hand was resting against Kerry’s breasts. “You touched me so much that night.”

“More like I made a huge mess.” They both chuckled as Kerry blushed.

“Well, if I can guess—” Coraline thought a little nudging would help both girls open up and relax. “As a twelve year old boy I don’t believe you had a huge amount of control over some things that evening.”

Kerry shook her head. “No, not a lot.”

Coraline looked at Annie. “Feel like talking about it?”

Annie nodded. “Yes.”

“So, you decided something would happen when you looked in the bathroom and saw a bunch of candles. Then what?”


What we learn is that (1) the night was wonderful, (2) Kerry sighed when she thought about the candles, (3) Annie was touched, and (4) Kerry made “a huge mess” which I will leave up to your imaginations for now.

Does Annie still want to talk about that night.

You betcha.

Leveling Up the Minimums

Let’s talk about my test:

Last night it was time to get down to business and find out if I knew my rules as well as I thought I might.  I found out about two hours before I was supposed to leave for the rink that there wasn’t any point in arriving early as the person who was going to give the test couldn’t make it, so we were told to show up at the normal time.  As it was I still showed up early, at the same time as my coach, and since she had copies of the test I put on my knee pads and went off to a quiet room–one of the rink’s party rooms–and sat down to start answering.

Since I have found a copy of the test online, I can show you some of the questions I had to answer.  These three I gave right answers to:

7. If a Jam is called off for a Skater’s injury
(other than a suspected concussion) for the
first time in a game, how long before that
Skater may return to play?

A. As soon as the Skater feels well enough
B. A minimum of three Jams
C. The beginning of the next period
D. After the medics have cleared the Skater to play

The answer is B.


22. Red Jammer legally passes four opposing
White Blockers in a scoring pass, but is
then absorbed back into the pack. Red
Jammer fights their way back past two
White Blockers and a third White Blocker
has gone to the Penalty Box. How many
points will Red Jammer receive for this
scoring pass?

A. 5
B. 4
C. 7
D. 6

The answer is again B.


40. What must a Pivot do to legally become the
Jammer after picking up the Star from the

A. Return it to the Jammer, who in turn passes it back to the Pivot.
B. Put it on their hemet
C. Hold the Star in their hand
D. Throw it to the Jammer

The answer is A.


Now you know as much as me.  Aren’t you happy?

By indicating I got three right, that means I must have gotten some wrong, and you’re right to believe that.  Here was one that I got wrong:


11. When both Jammers sit in the Penalty Box
simultaneously, how much penalty time
must be served before they return to the

A. 10 seconds
B. 20 seconds
C. 30 seconds
D. 0 seconds

I answered A, but the correct answer is D, zero seconds pass: the jammers are ordered to return to the track immediately because the rules for how to penalize jammers are strange as hell.

You are now aware that I didn’t get a 100% on my test because I did miss questions.  But out of the 50 on the test, how many did I miss?

Only 5.

Yeah, I had 45 correct, which means I finished with a score of 90%.  In order to pass you need a minimum of 80%, so I passed with room to breathe.  My friend and teammate Mary, who also took the test, got everything right–I’m assuming she did as she said she “aced it”–which means she certified and that she is now the proud owner of a jersey number and derby name.  So, as a team, we were able to spend a few moments welcoming #246, Unchained Merrily, to the HARD team.

With the test out of the way I have but two things remaining before I become a certified player and I hope I get past them quickly.  When I started this at the end of May I stated that, at the earliest, November would likely be the soonest I would certify, and little did I know how true that look into the future would become.

Here’s hoping the next 30 pass with a change of name before it’s all over.

Testing the Pressure

Today has been all kinds of crazy.  Actually, the entire weekend was like that, but today is peak crazy.

And it’s of my own doing.

Saturday and Sunday–when I wasn’t shooting video and editing video and, oh, writing a bit and meeting with friends–I was studying for the test I need to pass in order to become WFTDA certified.  (WFTDA means Woman’s Flat Track Derby Association, in case you were wondering.)  I thought it was going to be easy to get through, seeing as how it’s possible to generate fake tests with sample questions that will show you how you did at the end.  You can even look at a sample test of 50 questions as well as the answer key if you want to see if you’re really going to do well.

About Friday night I was telling my coach and another derby player that I thought I was being pretty chill about the whole test thing and that there was nothing to worry about–

You know, I seem to spend a lot of time lying to myself.

I went to bed last night a bit concerned that I might not be as up on the rules as I thought, as I was always missing the pass line on the fake tests I was taking, and by this morning I was feeling the stress that, yeah, I might struggle tonight during the test.  I told someone at work about how I hadn’t thought I was gonna get stressed out over my test, and she was like, “Given how you stress out on everything in derby, why did you believe this test would be any different?”

And the answer to that is I like lying to myself.

As of right now I’m not a nervous and strung out as I was, but there’s still a little trepidation.  I’ll get through tonight, though, and if I don’t pass the test, I’ll take it again next week.  Or this Wednesday.  Or this Sunday before the bout.  Whatever I’m allowed.

I’m so close.  Really, it’s just now starting to hit me that in another few weeks–maybe even this week–I could end up certified and have a derby name and start working towards playing for real next season.  It wasn’t hitting me much last week even though I was aware.  Now, I’m feeling it.  I’m feeling the bit of pressure that comes with this sort of thing and it’s a bit uncomfortable.

But it’s not unbearable.

I take the test in about four hours.

One way or another, I got this.

Love Among the Witches: Setting Up the Getaway

Believe it or not I have an excerpt!  Yep, after a busy day yesterday I have a busy day today–well, at least a busy afternoon as I have to edit video and put together a play list of the bout I filmed yesterday.  And while I was busy in York, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have time to catch a selfie with one of our newest freshies, Shannon:



Or that I’d take a great picture of one of our bout refs, French Thwarter:


Just another day in the derby life for me.  Oh, and speaking of that, I had lots of people wishing me well on tomorrow’s test.  Which means I got some studying this afternoon as well.

When we left off last week, Coraline told the girls–yeah, I get to say that now, hehe–about how she lost her virginity and how it taught her to strive for the romantic instead of the infatuation.  And now we come to the big question: why did they want the kids to stay at a private inn?  Well…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie nodded. “Yes, we do.” With Coraline’s story out of the way she had another question pertaining to something that came up during her questioning of Kerry’s sexual history. “When you booked us into the Sea Sprite Inn, did you believe something would happen between Kerry and me?”

Coraline chuckled. “I did; so did everyone else.” She took a moment before going on. “Erywin figured there was something like an eighty-five percent chance you’d ‘experiment’, as she called it, but she didn’t think you’d go all the way: she put the chance of that happening at ten percent.

“I figured you’d do something: I gave it like a ninety percent chance. But I figured the odds of you moving on to intercourse to be nearly impossible: I knew you both pretty well—at least I figured I did—and understood the feelings both of you had at the time about having intercourse.” She shrugged. “By the time Beltane rolled around I half-expected that you’d both already done something.”

Kerry’s eyes widened. “You did?”

“Sure. I mean, you both loved each other, you’d both proved you’d known each other all your lives, and you had that shared vision of your wedding night. I felt the odds were excellent that you’d had least, you know—” Coraline gave a slight smile. “Touched a few of each other’s erogenous zones.”

Annie realized there was one opinion missing. “What did Deanna believe?”

“Oh, you know Deanna: she said that while something would happen, there wasn’t any possibility of you engaging in intercourse. Which means the only way she could be so certain is that she saw something—which is what we believe.” A slight grimace crossed Coraline’s face. “That’s really something I’d rather not think about.”


Yeah, just the image you want in your head: you Divination instructor may have seen you having “sexual relations” during a vision.  And now you’re having class with this person–

Not too creepy, I know.

But still, how did they sell this idea to the headmistress?


Annie and Kerry exchanged looks as they imagined the possibility that their instructor and friend may have actually see everything they did that night in the Sea Sprite Inn and found it a bit disturbing. Kerry turned to Coraline. “You had to get approval from the headmistress for this to stay there, didn’t you?”

Coraline nodded. “Yep.”

“How did you do that?”

“First off, it was Erywin who came up with the idea. She wouldn’t go into details, but she said given your personal relations and the things that you’d done for both the the school and The Foundation, she saw it as a bit of a reward. But it was really Helena who tipped Mathilde’s decision to allow you to have a private room at the inn.”
Annie’s right eyebrow arched upward. “How did that happen?”

“The three of us—Erywin, Deanna, and myself—were in Mathilde’s office giving our reasons for wanting you to stay at the Sea Sprite. Helena was there as well, since she’d stay with Erywin, and she pointed out to Mathilde that while she couldn’t go into detail, your ‘actions over a particular weekend in April’ were more than sufficient to allow you something of a ‘reward’ for your ‘service to The Foundation’.” Coraline smiled. “She also pointed out that if we let you room with the other students in Boston, it was a given that one of you would end up in the bedroom of the other, so why not just put them together somewhere private and avoid what could end up being a lot of tweener drama. In the end Mathilde agreed and—” She motioned towards the girls. “That’s how it happened.”


And there you have it: put the kids together ’cause, well, they’ll do it anyway.

Since we now know who we got them there, is there any chance you’ll see what happened.

You’ll be surprised…

Got Some Explain’ to Do

Yeah, there’s a lot to talk about and now’s as good a time as any to start.  Enjoy!


The Morning Pickup: The Darkness Pushed Aside

It’s time to travel…

Wide Awake But Dreaming

I didn’t need a lot to finish up the first scene of Chapter Four because I was near the end the other night, only I was too tired to finish then.  Last night, however:  it was a combination of naps, looking at software, picking out songs, and writing the final paragraphs that got me to where I am today.

All this took hours.  Believe it. All this took hours. Believe it.

It’s interesting that the first scene of the first chapter of Part One is the shortest scene in the book, and now, the first scene of the first chapter of Part Two, is the second shortest in the novel.  Though I have to say this scene is far more painful than that other scene, but at least it ends better than it started–

(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry took a few deep…

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