All That Medical Information: Let’s Start the Exam

Lookie here, I have a real blog post today!

Yeah, after a few days of reblogs and video I’m actually sitting down and writing stuff.  I mean, it’s time to get to it, and given I’ll likely be washing clothes today, I’ll have a lot of time to write this afternoon.  I keep saying I’m going to do a recap and today is a great time to do that.

But you know what?  Someone else is making a big deal about me!  Today I am in the Skater Spotlight on my team’s Facebook page.  Since I know some of you don’t have this Facebook thing, I’ll reprint it for you:

Look at me! I’m a star!

In case you’re wondering, I wrote the copy.  And we’re in radioactive green because, well, it’s Harrisburg and Three Mile Island is still downstream from us doing that radiating thing nucwear weactors do when they are, um, reacting.

Oh, and this morning I discovered that my GoPro headband works even better with my new hockey helmet, so I guess I’ll break it out this week.

Enough of that shit.  Time for excerpting…

We know Kerry didn’t transition back.  Three times she tried; three times she failed.  Doesn’t mean it won’t happen later, it just means it’s not happening now. Since it’s not going down right now, that means we can get into all that medical stuff that Coraline said was going to happen, Gift control or not.  And that’s what’s going on in this scene–

And right away we answer Kerry’s last question…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


The medical examination that came later wasn’t as bad as the transition attempts that preceded—as Kerry discovered they were somewhat worse…

First up was the medical scan, which Kerry didn’t find all that bad. Given the many times she’d been scanned before she didn’t find it all that troublesome to lay on a bed and have glowing magical energy glide over her body.

Only this time Coraline set up a semi-circle of energy around her body that took nearly five minutes to moved from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, and Kerry was instructed to lay as still as possible the entire time so the scan would turn out as precise as possible. As Coraline explained afterwords, the machines were gathering information all the way down to the genetic level in order to develop a complete view of her internal structure.

And now that The Foundation had a good look at her insides, it was time to get a precise look of her outside.

Even though the third floor was sealed off, Coraline set up a privacy screen between the lift vestibule and the raised dais upon which Kerry would stand while as three dimensional map of her entire body was created. She wasn’t bothered when she disrobed: it was only once she was up on the dais and Coraline stood about five meters away getting the Spy Eyes into position around her body and adjusted that she began painfully aware of her nakedness.

After a minute of standing still while Coraline prepared everything Kerry finally spoke up. “Where’s Annie?”

Coraline nodded towards her left and the privacy curtain. “On the other side. Do you want her here?”

“Yeah.” Kerry tossed her head to one side. “I mean, she’s already seen me naked, once more isn’t gonna matter.”

“No problem.” She waved Annie and had her stand just to her left and behind her the entire time Kerry stood quietly for her external scan.


Short excerpt today because there’s stuff we’re getting into tomorrow that’s going to build on what I’m doing today.  And it’s gonna keep building–

Just you wait.