All That Medical Information: The Uncomfortable Stuff

Believe it or not, I finally ended up writing about a thousand words yesterday.  I’m surprised by this total because I wasn’t certain I was ever going to get there, but I did.  I wanted to go further but it was getting late and spending another hour at the computer was pretty much out of the question.

When we left off Kerry had just had a scan of the inside of her body, and a three-dimensional map of her totally unclothed outer body made, but now things are getting a little more–let’s just say it’s time for Doctor Gallagher to really get up close and personal…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


She was back in her gown after that and they proceeded to a nearby bed—also behind the privacy screen—where the pelvic examination was going to take place. After slipping on a pair of socks so her feet wouldn’t get cold in the stirrups, Kerry lay back on the bed and held on to Annie’s hand while Coraline examined her genitalia before doing the pap smear.

It was only moments into the examination that Annie sensed the discomfort Kerry felt from being dilated. She held on to her hand tightly. “My love, look at me.”

Kerry turned her head and offered her best smile. “I can always count on you to take my mind off the bad stuff, Sweetie.”

“That’s what soul mates do.”

There was a slight clenching of Kerry’s jaw before she slowly breathed a sigh. “So you’ve never had this done?”

Annie shook her head. “No. I won’t need one until I’m at least sixteen.” She offered a warm smile. “You’ve gotten here before me.”

“I didn’t know we were in a competition for this.” Kerry suddenly looked up towards the ceiling and giggled.

Annie found this surprising. “What is it?”

Kerry glanced her way. “I just wondered what Mom would say if she knew I was getting a pap smear.”

“I don’t imagine she’d be as accepting of the event as I.” Annie chuckled. “I imagine my mother would have a similar reaction as your mother, though likely not quite as extreme.”

With all the worries she’d developed about her own family, Kerry hadn’t considered how Annie’s parents would react to her newest active Gift. “Guess we have to keep this secret for a while from them, too.”

“That’s up to you, Kerry.” Coraline’s voice rose up from somewhere near the foot of the bed. “When you’re ready to come out and tell people you can do this, you will. Until then—” She looked up over the hem of Kerry’s gown as she set the speculum on the tray to her left. “It’s your secret to hold as long as you like.”


Now that her Gift is active, Kerry is being told that once this day of getting poked and prodded and tested is over, she/he can come out and let people know they’ve got the gender fluid thing down pretty pat.  Of course it debatable as to whether Kerry will come out and tell everyone at school about the new Gift–and even less likely Kerry will mention this to his/her parents.

Of course holding on to a secret can be something of a bitch in of itself…

Given what Kerry went through, what’s the news?


The rest of the pelvic exam passed quickly with Annie keeping Kerry’s mind of her discomfort while her uterus was being examined. Kerry was in good enough spirits to even joke with Coraline when the exam was over. “So, everything check out?”

“Won’t know on the pap smear for a few days—” She stripped off her latex gloves and tossed them into a recycling bin. “But your uterus appears to be of a normal size and in the proper place.”

“Everything else look good down there?”

“Oh, yeah.” Coraline slowly lowered the stirrups. “You’re just another one of the girls now.”


“You’re just another one of the girls now.”  That’s the second time she’s heard this, and now that Coraline’s had a chance to personally check out her plumbing, that statement carries even more weight.

Now that we’ve seen the uncomfortable stuff–

Are you ready to get into the really uncomfortable stuff?