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The Las Vegas Massacre

Mike the Mad Biologist

Some thoughts on this weekend’s mass murder–and I’m trying to not repeat the obvious here:

  1. Everyone is a responsible gun owner, until he isn’t anymore. From news reports, it appears the shooter bought his guns legally, and, until the massacre, he had not broken the law. How legislation that is designed to ‘promote responsible gun use’ would have stopped this is not clear to say the least.
  2. We do not have a gun problem, but multiple gun problems. No one needs a semi-automatic rifle that can be easily converted to fully automatic. No one needs a high-capacity clip. But most gun deaths in the U.S. are a result of handguns, not long-barrel rifles:

    Overwhelmingly, in urban areas, homicides are caused by handguns–it’s not like the movies where every hardcase has a long-barrel semi-automatic. That’s what people in cities, regardless of race, worry about: someone pulling out a hidden…

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