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All That Medical Information: The Really Uncomfortable Stuff

Well, well, it’s back to the novel, but only after a side of derby, ‘kay?

I’m better today–not so sore–but that’s mostly due to not doing a lot last night.  Except I did a 27/5.  Now, because my legs felt a little like rubber I didn’t expect to do well, and–well, I did pretty good considering I fell on the third lap, got up, and finished my 27 laps in 6:18, which works out to about 21 1/2 laps.  Speaking with my coach afterwords we both agreed if I don’t fall I probably shave 30 or 40 seconds off that time and get close to 24 or 25 laps.

So I’m not upset about what happened.  I’m getting better: that’s what’s important.

Now, let’s get back to a certain hidden school near Salem…

The Foundation is getting kinda nosy, or at least I’ve been told in so many words.  Hey, they have someone manifesting a Gift that’s only been seen six times before, so you know they’re gonna suck up as much info as they can on the matter.  That also means they’re gonna learn as much as they can about the person with the gift, which means they are gonna set some benchmarks on the kid and study how they develop all the while they’re in school.

And that means getting personal about private matters.

Now that we know Coraline is gonna ask a few questions about, um, that sex stuff, Kerry is preparing for the fact there’s no way to avoid them–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry released a long sigh. “If I say no I’m going to get asked these questions anyway, aren’t I?”

Coraline saw no reason to lie. “Yes. The Foundation is being insistent that they know this information.” She glanced down at her tablet. “If it’s of any consolation, all the questions asked today will concern your history as a boy; we don’t have to worry about any history about your, um, current gender.”

Kerry looked at Annie and rolled her eyes. “In six months, though…”

Annie cast a side glance at Coraline. “In six months, during the next exam, you’ll have to ask questions concerning the development of each gender, won’t you?”

“Yes.” Coraline gave a quick nod. “Kerry could do something as a girl between now and then.”


Though I think I know Kerry well enough that in the next couple of month he won’t be laying in bed wondering about what things feel like as a girl and do a quick transition to find out.  Yes, he can do that in his own dorm–the enchantments prevent someone of on the other end of the binary from looking into or entering the room of a person on this end of the binary, which is why Kerry didn’t explode or catch on fire or something like that when she transitioned in the middle of the night.

Still, Kerry wouldn’t do that.  At least I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t.  And I’m usually not wrong about that sort of thing.

Anyway, let’s get to the questions!


Kerry patted Annie’s hand. “It’s okay. I mean, I am helping them out.” She turned and pushed herself back into the love seat. “Right?”

“You are: absolutely. Really, Kerry, you have no idea how much you’re helping out here.” Coraline readied her tablet. “So—are you ready?”

Kerry relaxed slightly, aware that there wasn’t any way she was getting out of not being questioned. “Sure.”

“Good. First question is an easy one: are you sexually active?” Coraline held up a hand to keep Kerry from going off on her. “The Foundation’s definition for sexually active is ‘And an all activities that involve stimulation of an individual’s erogenous zones, leading up to, but not always concluding with, an orgasm.” She decided to make the first question an easy one for Kerry. “For example, you’ve admitted to masturbating, so by the definition set down by The Foundation, you’re considered sexually active.” She finished with a slight shrug. “You see?”

Kerry furrowed her brow. “That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“Oh.” She looked over at Annie who looked back with a slight smile on her face. “That’s not hard.”

Annie crossed her right leg under her left. “No, that isn’t.”

“Okay.” Kerry turned back to Coraline. “Then the answer is yes.”


See?  Easy Peasy!  The rest of the questions should be a breeze…


“As we knew it would be.” Coraline checked her display. “When considering your gender identity—and remember, we’re talking about your male self—do you consider yourself A: cismale; B: transfemale; C: gender fluid; D: gender queer; E: polygender.”

Kerry didn’t need time to think about the answer. “A.”

“As I expected. When considering your sexual orientation, do you consider yourself A: heterosexual; B: homosexual, C: bisexual; D: asexual; E: pansexual.” She glanced up at Kerry. “Do you need an explanation of any of those terms?”

She shook her head. “No, I got this one. A.”

Coraline marked this off. “Now, on to the first of the individual acts. Question: do you engage in self-stimulation—I.E., do you masturbate? Yes or no?”

Kerry shrugged. “You already know the answer to that.”

“Yes, but I need your response.”


“Good.” Another check of the tablet— “How frequently do you masturbate? A—”

“Wait, wait.” Kerry held up her hand. “Do you really need to know that?”


…Or maybe they won’t.  And yes, Kerry: The Foundation wants to know how often you pay a visit to Mr. Happy.

And if you come back tomorrow you’ll find out if Kerry answers that question.

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