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All That Medical Information: The Most Uncomfortable Stuff

Here I am in the light of day, a little sore but in much better shape than I was at the start of the week.  Which is a great thing considering I did blocking drills last night and took some pretty great hits that only knocked me off my skates once.

Does this mean I go to practice tonight?  You know me…

We’re getting into the details of the questions being asked of Kerry and this is where Coraline–which is to say The Foundation–is getting into detail.  Probably more detail that Kerry at first imagined:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Coraline nodded. “Yes, we do.” She read from her tablet. “A: once a year; B: once every six months; C: once a month; D: once every two to three weeks; E—”

Kerry looked to her right as she answered. “D.”

“When performing self-stimulation, do you often fantasize about other individuals?”

Kerry paused for a moment before answering. “Yes.”

Coraline glanced up from her tablet. “You almost said no, didn’t you?”

“Yeah.” Kerry understood the doctor’s question. “You’re watching my aura, aren’t you?”

“Have to make sure you’re not trying to deceive me on any of these questions. And just so you know—” She pointed up at the ceiling. “I’m recording this and one of the devices is monitoring your aura, so we’ll know if you’re lying.”

Kerry knew it made sense that their conversation was being recorded—she only felt a twinge of regret that Coraline hadn’t mentioned this before they began talking. As there wasn’t anything she could do about it now—nor would it have done any good to protest or express anger at not being told—Kerry decided to return to the questionnaire. “Yes.”

Coraline sat back with a slightly puzzled look on her face. “What?”

“The answer to the last question. It’s yes.”

“Ah, I see.” She scrolled something on the display. “Given that you indicated you are heterosexual, are your fantasies structured along that orientation?”


“Do you A: fantasize about one individual in particular always or the majority of the time, or B—”



With this part of the scene we know Coraline is not only monitoring Kerry’s aura to see if she’s telling the truth, but there’s a video recording of said aura, which will tell The Foundation if Kerry was being less than truthful so they could have Coraline go back and get the right answers on certain questions–

Like, “Do you fantasy when you’re, you know, doing that thing to yourself?” Yes, boy Kerry does and, it seems, there’s a particular girl who fills those fantasies.  Any guess as to whom that might be?  Coraline has a good idea–


Coraline cast a quick glance towards Annie, who was impassive and seemingly unperturbed, before continuing. “Next question: have you ever employed aids or devices for the purpose of self-pleasure?”

A confused look fell across Kerry’s face. “Like?”

“Um… aids like vibrators or devices like anatomically correct dolls.”

Kerry’s eyes shot from side to side. “No. I mean—” She turned to Annie. “Where the hell would I even get that stuff? It’s not like you’ll find them here.”

Annie and Coraline exchanged looks before Annie spoke. “I wouldn’t say that.”

Kerry turned a quizzical eye towards her soul mate. “You don’t—?”

“I don’t own anything like that, but—” Annie paused for just a moment, knowing that what she was about to say remain with the people in the room and would likely be edited out of the recordings. “Alex has a vibrator.”

What?” Kerry was taken aback. “Alex? How do you know?”

“Remember I stayed with Penny and Alex when you were away on your overnight flights last level year? She showed it to me while you were away on the last one.”

Kerry chuckled. “Damn. How’d she get it?”

That she didn’t say—and I didn’t ask.”


As I’ve stated before, witches mature faster than Normal kids, which means as they physically mature, they also mature sexually as well.  Alex is now fifteen, which is probably–what?  Twenty or twenty-one in Normal kid years, and she’s having feelings that sometimes need fixing when her boyfriend isn’t around.  I’m not saying that she’s having sexual relations with her boyfriend, but she at least knows how to tend to those, um, needs herself.  No word from Annie if she found out about Alex’s toy because Penny complained about the sound while trying to sleep…

Anyway… It looks like we’ve about run out of questions here:


“Okay.” Kerry shook her head as she suddenly realized he knew a secret about one of his friends that her boyfriend probably didn’t know. “I just—” She turned to Coraline. “Next question?”

Coraline tapped her tablet. “That’s the last of those questions.”

“Oh?” Kerry turned to Annie before shrugging. “That wasn’t that bad.”

“That wasn’t, no.” Coraline sat back and cupped her chin in her right hand. “The next ones coming, however—”

“What’s wrong?”

“Those questions are going to be a bit more personal.”

A strange look came over Kerry’s face. “Like how?”


If those questions just asked were personal and the ones coming are even more personal, like Kerry asks, how personal can they get?

Well, I guess that means I have to leave this excerpt with a bit of a personal cliffhanger–


Coraline looked down at her tablet. “Like the first one, for example.” She kept her eyes pinned to Kerry’s as she spoke. “Have you ever engaged in sexual activity with another person?”


Yeah, Kerry, it’s safe to say, things are gonna get way personal from here on out…

2 thoughts on “All That Medical Information: The Most Uncomfortable Stuff

    • But they knew it was coming. If you’re the first of your kind to be studied in 400 years, you can bet the questions are going to cover everything.

      Just like the nude body scans Kerry did–

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