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Learning the Secrets: Opening Up

I’m going to start out by saying this excerpt is going to make people uncomfortable.  I should know: I was uncomfortable writing it even though I’ve known for a long time it needed writing.  Because if you remember the last question Coraline asked a few days ago, you know where this is headed–

Like I’ve said time and again I know my kids inside and out–not only do I know them, but someone else has as well and when the time comes I’ll explain what that means.  Needless to say this is going to answer one or two questions, while likely opening up a few more.

Let’s not drag it out any more: let’s return to where we were a few days ago…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Coraline looked down at her tablet. “Like the first one, for example.” She kept her eyes pinned to Kerry’s as she spoke. “Have you ever engaged in sexual activity with another person?”

Immediately Kerry cast her gaze downward, refusing to meet either Coraline’s or Annie’s scrutiny. Her breathing went shallow as she let out a couple of soft sighs—


Her head snapped up and she refocused on Coraline. “Yeah?”

“Do you understand the question?”

She gave a short, quick nod. “Yeah.”

Coraline waited a few seconds for a reply and only spoke again when it became obvious one wasn’t forthcoming. “I’ll ask again so there isn’t any ambiguity: have you ever engaged in sexual activity with another person? Yes or no?”

Kerry glanced quickly at Annie before looking Coraline in the eyes as she answered in a soft voice. “Yes.”


For anyone who’s followed the exploits of these two for the last four years–yeah, that long–there has to be a few of you who’ve thought, “Well, I’ll bet there’s some kind of shenanigans going on between those two.”  And you were right: there were.  I mean, look at some of the evidence…

Annie stated in the B Level novel that she only considered intercourse sex and those other acts were just, you know, “fun”.  Annie has always been pretty mature for her age, but even her thirteen year old self sort of shocked Deanna when she said that.  She was also the one who found the little “hidey hole” in the tunnel so Kerry and she could “be alone”–and maybe have some “fun”?

In the B and C Level books Annie has spoken about conceiving children, once doing so while sitting on Kerry’s bed at his house in Cardiff.  If Annie doesn’t have any problem bringing up baby making, do you thing she’s gonna have a problem talking about those “other things”?  Nope, not a chance.

Oh, and she was about five weeks beyond her twelfth birthday when she saw Kerry naked–which while it was her first time for that to happen in person, it certainly wasn’t her first time, considering her first full day at school she had a vision where she say Kerry in his altogether on their wedding night.  Which means when that happens to you in the waning weeks of your eleventh year alive, the mystery is gone.

But what about Kerry?  From the first book to the present he’s matured quite nicely.  He’s far from the neebish kid who wore glasses and seemed unsure of himself at times around this girl and who spent a lot of time floating about in a clueless haze.  He’s even gone as far at to admit to his family that there’s an attraction between him and this Dark Witch from Bulgaria, though it seems as if he’s not told his parent everything–even if his mother does suspect because, well, that’s how Louise’s mind works…

Now that we have the first answer, what are some of the others?


Coraline marked off the question on her tablet and moved to the next. “Given that you’ve indicated your sexual orientation is heterosexual, is the person or persons with whom you’ve engaged in sexual activity a girl?”

There was another low sigh. “Yes.”

“Do you remember the approximate date of your first sexu—”

“1 June, 2012.”

Coraline looked up from her tablet and spent a moment examining the downcast, blushing face of the girl with ginger hair sitting across from her. “You were quick with that date.”

Kerry didn’t look up as she answered Coraline. “You don’t forget your first time with someone you love.”

“No, Kerry—” She leaned forward in her chair and waited for Kerry to look at her. “You don’t. I know this from experience.” After eliciting a slight smile from her patient Coraline nodded towards the tablet. “Would you like to go on or take a break?”


1 June, 2012, is a date that is highly important to these two, and one that occupied a full chapter in a book–



Yeah… remember this blast from the past?


That was their first night together in the Sea Sprite Inn at the end of their A Levels.  Though in the next chapter of that novel Deanna assured Erywin that the kids were “still virgins”, she didn’t elaborate–though we are certain that she saw something. And now Kerry confirms what a few people felt at the time the excerpts on the Sea Sprite were published: something did happen there.  Probably some of that “fun” Annie has mentioned.

We’re going to eventually return to the Sea Sprite, but not yet: there are more questions–


“Let’s just—” Kerry turned her head slightly to the left as Annie took her hand. “Let’s get done with this and then take a break.”

“Sounds good.” Coraline brought up the next question. “Between the time of your first sexual encounter with another person and today, how many partners have you had? A: One. B—”


Coraline gave a slight nod. “Between the time of your first sexual encounter with another person and today, how often do you engage in sexual activity with other people? A: only that first time; B: once a year; C: once every six months; D: once every three months; E: once a month; F: once every two to three weeks; G—”


Coraline spent a moment studying her tablet before continuing. “Given that in a prior answer you indicated you have had only one sexual partner, is it safe to say you are in a monogamous sexual relationship?”

Annie gave Kerry’s hand a squeeze as the later answered. “Yes.”

“All right.” Coraline saved the information and brought up another page. “Now, to get some detail on individual acts—”

What?” Kerry almost came out of her seat. “Why does The Foundation need to know that?”


Not only have the kids done something, but they’re still doing it.  So every time someone’s went, “Those two should get a room,” damn, they must have heard you because they did.

And as far as it is concerned, The Foundation is gonna get a little nosy about that–

We’ll see how much of that Kerry wants to give up, too.

8 thoughts on “Learning the Secrets: Opening Up

  1. The question , ” with another person ” threw me for a loop. As one who has assumed there’s just one girl for Kerry, to be asked if he has been intimate with ANOTHER person knocked me off, and I stopped reading for a while. The question should have been “have you EVER had a sexual activity with a person? ”

    I was surprised Kerry chose F , once every two to 3 weeks. I expected something more frequent than that.

    Reminds me of my favorite guy’s ” I did not have sex with that woman .” I guess Annie and Bill have the same standard. ” sweat “

  2. If Deanna was so sure they were still virgins, how come Kerry said 1June 2012 was his first sexual encounter. What’s Kerry’s standard ? I am sure both he and Annie have had heavy make-out sessions before Sprite Inn.

    What will happen to the 3 rules ? Has he just admitted they have violated it ?

    • The Three Bindings require fulfillment with intercourse, as has been pointed out more than a few times. They haven’t indicated if they’ve had intercourse, though they say they haven’t. Remember, as I pointed out, Annie doesn’t consider anything other than intercourse “sex”. And if they didn’t have intercourse, by most definitions they’re still virgins.

      • Apparently, Kerry considers what happened at Sprite Inn his FIRST TIME, which would confuse a reader if you weren’t here to clarify it, ante mano, because I myself was surprised by his response. Like, oh, no, what will happen to the 3 Binding Rules? I guess Kerry’s bar is much lower than Annie’s.

        • He considers it his first time being intimate with another person. No one has asked Annie yet if it was her first time being intimate, so we don’t know–

          Though we are going to find out.

  3. By the way, wanting to get a blow by blow account of Annie’s and kerrys shenanigans is a bit…… * sigh * I hope that’s not what Coraline wants to know.. maybe she wants to know if they’ve done IT, answer yes or no, and that’s it. Interview over.

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