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Learning the Secrets: Getting It Out

Yesterday we learned that Annie and Kerry have been–well, it seems they aren’t quite the chaste kids people thought they were.  We don’t know exactly what they’ve been up to–

But we’re about to find out.

That’s because The Foundation, in all their inquisitive wisdom, want the lowdown of all of Kerry’s escapades.  She doesn’t want to give it, so Coraline has to do a bit of explaining:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Because they want to know everything.” Coraline set the tablet aside. “I’ve already explained this: since you’re the first they want to gather all the information they can on you during your development. Though it doesn’t seem like it is, this is unobtrusive: they could have put visual monitoring on you 24/7, or do so for the next six months—”

“When I have to do this again.”

“When both of you do this again.”

She looked down as she shook her head. “For how long?”

“I’m no sure: eight years, maybe ten.” Coraline leaned forward. “And after that you’ll likely have an annual medical examination, though if you become a Guardian that’s going to happen anyway.”

Kerry said nothing for a few seconds, then brought a hand slowly to her chest to touch the still-glowing medical monitor. “They could figure out what we’ve done through our medical data, couldn’t they?”

It wasn’t necessary for Coraline to ask who else Kerry was speaking of when he said “we’ve”: she already knew. “They could. The Foundation has collected extensive medical data from both Annie and you for the last seven months. They’d likely put a few people—”

“You mean a team.”

“Okay, then: a team. They’d put a team together and go through your data and probably figure out with good certainty what you’ve both been up to.” She tapped the tablet. “Or, you could just answer the questions and no one will care.”

Once again Kerry glanced at Annie, only this time she was the one to squeeze Annie’s hand. “Screw it—” Kerry sat back in the love seat and folded her right leg under her left. “Ask away.”


Like it or not, Annie and Kerry have been feeding data to The Foundation ever since their medical monitors were installed, and it would be probably a simple task to go through everything and figure out just what was happening when.  It’s not quite the same as having someone Far Sight you day and night, but if The Foundation wanted to get shitty about this, they could make them wear the monitors for another six months, just to get their baseline data correct.

And that’s something I’d guess neither kid wants.

So Kerry figures she’s got nothing to lose and decides to answer questions. And what do they show?


Coraline began asking the questions concerning individual acts. She had somewhat expect Kerry to be evasive concerning what Annie and she—or, at the time, he—did together when in private, but instead she answered the first two questions—on manual and oral stimulation—straight forwardly, although she refused to make eye contact with Coraline when admitting to performing oral stimulation on another person.

There was a definite “No” when asked about doing any form of anal stimulation, which Coraline didn’t find surprising. That led to the last question— “Have you ever engaged in copulation?”

Kerry shook her head. “No.”

Coraline tapped in the answer before setting her tablet aside. “And that’s it: that’s the last question.” She got up. “I’ll be right back.”

Kerry waited until Coraline was on the other side of the privacy barrier before releasing a long, loud sigh. “Shit.”

Annie pulled her closer. “What’s wrong, my love?”

“Oh, nothing.” Kerry snuggled into Annie and held on to her right hand draped over her shoulder. “Why should I be bothered by having told Coraline every freakin’ thing we’ve done sexually for the last year and a half?”

“My love, look at me.” Kerry twisted her head and looked up into Annie’s soft, loving face. “Do I appeared bothered?”

Kerry half-closed her eyes as a slight grin appeared. “No, you don’t look bovvered.”


First off, while I know the answers to all these questions asked, I figured a while back that giving a blow-by-blow retelling of everything–no pun intended, by the way–would likely be a little too much.  Reading between the lines is enough and discerning viewers will figure out what sort of wink-wink, nudge-nudge my kids have done.

And while Kerry is a bit bothered by the admission, Annie gives zero shits about her sexual history being divulged.  Because that’s the way Annie is: from her point of view she’s done nothing wrong, so why act ashamed?  She grew up in a family of witches where admissions of love, touches of affection, and kissing were the norm, and in one instance where Annie was certain her mother heard her masturbating, Pavlina said and did nothing afterwords.  Why?  Probably because she knew it was none of her business.

This doesn’t mean her family would be completely happy to learn about these events, but just like with Coraline, Annie wouldn’t care. Her body, her pleasure, and as long as she uses good judgement why should her parents fret?

Now what is Coraline gonna say after this?  You’ll find out tomorrow.  And that conversation will lead to–

Oh, another scene?


Yeah, another.  And if the title is to be believed, we may just discover what happened at The Sea Sprite back at the end of the A Levels…

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