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Learning the Secrets: We’re Not Bovvered

Today has been a strange day for one of many reasons.  Nothing to go into at the moment: in fact, there may be nothing at all.  In the meantime–

Things are the same at Salem, only now Kerry is getting some words of support–first from Annie and then from the only other person in the room:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“That’s because I’m not bothered by any of the things you told Coraline. What we did was done privately and involved no one else. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m still going to do those things.” Annie hugged Kerry tight. “There’s nothing you admitted to for which we should feel ashamed.”

“She’s right, you know.” Coraline returned with two full glasses, one in each hand. “I know you guys like tomato juice so I had some sent up.” She handed them over and returned to her chair. “What you both need to know is that no one here—at least the staff and administrators—are ever gonna judge you. We have far more important things to worry about than which student are engaged in sexual activities with others.

“The truth is about eighty percent of A Levels have their first sexual experience inside these walls. That experience may only be masturbation—like what happened to you both—but it’s still a sexual experience. And by the time they’ve finished their B Levels, that total rises to about ninety-nine point five percent—with about thirty percent of B Levels moving beyond self-pleasure.”

Kerry took a long sip of her tomato juice and set it aside. “I didn’t know.”


It’s been stated time and again, but let’s do it once more for the cheap seats…  Witches Mature Fast.  They age slowly due to magical energy, but that same energy forces changes to them that see some physical changes occurring earlier than might happen with Normal kids.  And being sexually aware and, yes, even active, can be one of those changes.

If what Coraline says is true, probably more than a third of Annie’s and Kerry’s level mates are about where they are sexually, or even beyond, as Kerry indicated they haven’t had intercourse.  And since most of the kids are now fourteen, they probably started kicking it into gear when they were twelve or thirteen–pretty much like Annie and Kerry.

Coraline opens up just a little more on the subject, since they are the only people in the room:


“Of course you didn’t. That’s because sexual activity here is kept private as much as possible. I mean, there’s hundreds of places student can sneak off to so they can enjoy a few shenanigans.” After everyone had a chuckle Coraline continued. “We know it’s impossible to keep late tweeners and teenagers from having sexual relationships if they want, so we don’t try to stop them. In the past The Foundation has tried both draconian measure and manipulation of hormones to keep that from happening, but both were disasters. If you monitor students day and night to make certain they aren’t getting busy, you have to be willing to go after them at all hours of the day and night to keep it from happening, and that’s a pain in the ass.

“Other times magic was used to manipulate hormones in an attempt to curtail student’s sexual urges, but that resulted in issues developing with the physical development of the students, and that’s not a good thing. In a few instances it actually led to the deaths of students, which meant The Foundation had to put a stop to that process.

“Today our focus is making certain that if people are involved in sexual activity, that’s it’s healthy and it’s consensual. If either of those rules are broken, we step in and fix things.” Coraline looked away as she snorted. “The last thing I want to see is the witches leaving school having the same degree of sexual hangups that you find among Normal kids their age.”

Given the things Annie and she had already done, Kerry didn’t see either of them leaving school with a hangup of that nature. “That’s a good thing. Can I ask a question?”

Coraline crossed her legs. “Sure.”

“You said you knew from personal experience what your first time’s like. Did that happened here?”

Coraline shifted her gaze slightly downward for a few seconds, then looked up and focused on Kerry. “Let me tell you about that…”


So we are going to hear a rather personal story from Coraline, and no surprises here, this is going to lead into a tale of first times for Annie and Kerry.  As indicated, they’re talk a little about their first night in the Sea Sprite Inn–

And I know about this because Annie and Kerry told me what happened six years ago…

2 thoughts on “Learning the Secrets: We’re Not Bovvered

  1. Oh, thank goodness, I guess this episode is over…. it’s very uncomfortable to be asked such personal, private matters. Or maybe I’m the one who’s cringing, he he.

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