Talking Into the Past

The next scene has already begun, though I didn’t manage to get far into it as practice still digs into my normal life.  Since I’m done with it for the week, however, so there’s plenty of time to rest and rebuilt as well as getting in some writing.

Oh, but in case you are curious about what I was doing yesterday, here’s a video clip of me hitting people in a line, then wiping out, getting tripped over, and having to do it all again.  Yeah, that’s how it goes.


I made a comment a couple of days ago that I knew well what happened to Annie and Kerry during their first stay at the Sea Sprite Inn because Annie and Kerry told me.  While that’s not exactly true–I mean, Annie and Kerry aren’t real people so they can’t talk to–I had the next best thing happen:

I heard from the real Annie and Kerry.

Allow me to explain.

When the story of these two were bring put together for a role play back in early 2011, the woman who created Annie and I spent a lot of time talking about what they liked, what they disliked, what they hated, and what they loved.  This last was an important point for Annie’s creator, who saw Annie as a worldly girl, intelligent and well-traveled, who always knew what she wanted and worked hard to achieve her objectives.  This is how I know that Annie was going to end up with Kerry no matter what, because as her creator would say, Annie “has her eyes on the prize, and the prize if the Ginger Hair Boy.”

Annie’s creator was also the person who ventured the opinion that Annie would not only mature faster than Kerry–something else we’ve seen–but she would become a bit more adventurous when it came to–shall we say sexual experimentation.  The Real Annie was the one who put forward the notion that Annie would consider intercourse sex and all the rest of that stuff that Coraline referred to as “sexual activities” as nothing but “fun”.

I agreed with The Real Annie, because she’d been in the girl’s head for a long time–about a year by the time we got around to discussing some of these subjects–and everything she said made a lot of sense.  The Real Annie also felt that when the time came Annie would likely do something that would see her making–shall we say “overtures” towards Kerry, and from there they’d find themselves having–


Since I’m the sort of person who does the plotting I wondered where Annie would do something like that and when.  The when was easy: I figured she’d made a move on Kerry before they departed for summer holiday.  But, she’d only do such a thing if there was a certain amount of privacy involved, because knowing Annie she’d want to be able to work up the proper amount of romance in the event.  The Real Annie agreed, as romance is high among those things she loves.  She likely wouldn’t do something at school until she knew they could get away with it and they probably wouldn’t do it in Boston while waiting to return home.

And that’s when I created the Sea Sprite Inn.

Now that we had a time and place, it was just a matter of working out the details–

And work them out we did.

The Real Annie and I spent an entire evening figuring out, in detail, what happened that night in Salem.  Who started what, what happened during, and how it ended.  The Real Annie was quite certain that Annie wouldn’t show the slightest shame in getting intimate with the boy who would one day become her husband, and I was certain Kerry would start out nervous but eventually settle down and show Annie the attention she desired.

In that night we figured out their night.  I remember it well because not only was it memorable, but we wrote it down.  I still have the dialog all saved off on my computer, so reviewing it isn’t a problem, but there’s no need to do that because, as pointed out, the event was memorable.  Like Kerry said, you don’t forget your first time.

And I can’t speak for The Real Annie, but The Real Kerry hasn’t forgotten it either.A