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Love Among the Witches: Remembrances of Feelings Past

Last night I stayed home and tried to edit video.  I say “tried” because my GoPro suite was being a real pain in the ass and it took me the better part of a couple of hours, perhaps three, to put together seventeen minutes of video.  Seriously, I was about to reboot the computer to see if that would help ’cause I was about to throw things around the apartment.

The seventeen minutes of video appears here.  This was one drill I did on Wednesday night, where I and others in my line ended up skating about 1.8 miles/3 kilometers during the seventeen minutes of weaving in and out and back and forth.  It really was a workout and if you watch the whole thing you’ll hear me breathing hard starting about half-way through.  The good thing is that two months ago I probably wouldn’t have finished the 43 laps we skated–yes, I counted–which means my endurance is up considerably.

So if you want to get tired just watching me and others do our drill, by all means, enjoy the video.


Now, in a world of imaginary witches…

We were promised a story, something Coraline was going to tell Annie and Kerry.  Something about when she was probably young–well, younger for sure.  So let’s get started on that story, ’cause she won’t be the only one talking in the end…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“When I was a C Level I was starting my second year with the coven Martial Team. Since you and I have the same birthday, Kerry, you know I spent nearly all my time being a thirteen year old girl fighting with people who were older than me. Even the other C Level on the team turned fourteen six days after we arrived at Salem to start the new school year, so I was always the youngest.

“Back then the teams weren’t a big deal, just like they are not. We had matches once a month on a Thursday night, five people on a team, and three people from each team went at each other in a round robin to figure out who scored the most points. Even though I was the youngest on the team I was a good fighter: I actually fought against Ramona, who attended school at the same time and was in Ceridwen. It’s how we became friends, because she saw that I was someone who took what we did seriously and I wasn’t looking to learn martial arts just so I could beat up people.

“There was a boy on our team. He was a D Level and he turned fifteen at the start of October, so technically he was two years older than me. He was a good fighter and he didn’t seem to be on the team because he was into hitting other people. But most of all, he was cute. At that time I was drawn to cute because I didn’t know any better, so you might say I was smitten by him. And I knew he noticed me because—” Coraline held up her hands and shrugged. “I wasn’t like all the other girls.”

Kerry giggled. “You were curvy.”

Coraline pointed at her as she winked. “Right in one. I was already ‘developed’ by the time I started as an A Level and if I was in street clothes I was often mistaken for an older student. Because of that I got noticed by a lot of boys—and that included one boy in particular.”

Annie gave a knowing nod. “The one on your team.”

“Exactly. By the time he turned fifteen I’d been on the team for almost a year, so he had plenty of opportunities to see me on and off the mat. It also helped that when I started on the team as a B Level, we shared the same floor, so there were more than a few times where we just bumped into each other. I didn’t say anything, but through October of that year it became obvious that he was watching me, just as I was watching him. We didn’t say much, but I could tell something was maybe going to happen.


There have been a few mentions of Coraline’s involvement in the Martial Teams, a.k.a. the Salem Fight Club, where people skilled in the arts now taught by Ramona get a chance to duke it out on Thursday nights.  We know that at some point Coraline’s involvement with her team soured her on beating people up and she turned to healing, first becoming an apprentice school nurse and then a doctor.  If face–and I and a few people know this–Coraline returned to the school in 2000 when she was pulled out of her then residency at a Normal facility to tend to those injured in the Salem Scouring because the then school doctor was among the victims of Deconstructors.  And just like that, “Nurse” Coraline went from “just helping out” to becoming the school’s Chief Medical Officer the following year–though it’d take her about a decade to ditch the nurse title.

Now we know: not only did Coraline and Ramona square off against each other–they both started and graduated at the same time–but there was a boy on Coraline’s team that she liked.  And she wanted him to like her back–

Which means there’s got to be more to this story–right?


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    • Oh, as much fun as you can skating almost two miles while trying to weave in and out of people and not fall. Watch the video from yesterday where I tripped and had people falling over me.

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