Love Among the Witches: Closer to Romance

All my rest is coming to an end.  Tomorrow I start back on my practice schedule and likely do four in a row, which will test whether or not I really am rested up and I can continue pushing forward hard.  We’ll see where this goes.

Meanwhile there’s writing–and I did write today.  Almost eight hundred words in one shot and I didn’t even realize I’d gotten that far.  And I’ll likely get into more this afternoon–but right now it’s time to continue Coraline’s story and see where it’s going–

As if we didn’t know.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Something did. I went to the Samhain Dance with friends and about a third of the way into it he came over and asked me to dance. We ended up sharing four dances, including a slow one, and he invited me to join a group of people who were going into Salem the next day—this day, as a matter of fact. It was him and me and three other people—two girls and a boy—and I remember he bought me a chocolate shake in the afternoon before we returned to the school. I thought it was a sweet, grand gesture at the time and make me like him even more.

“I let him know I was interested in him and he agreed there was an interest there as well on his side, so through November and December we dated, going out for weekend lunched and a movie now and then. We even went on a long walk along the River Charles in Boston, holding hands the entire time—” She gave both girls a bright smile. “I’m sure that’s something you know well.

“We went home for Yule and right after Christmas I received a letter from him. He told me he’d been thinking about me and missed me and all that, and every time I read the letter my heart melted. I felt like, you know, this guy was gonna be the one for me. Which, I learned from experience, is a bad way to think—

“So when we returned from Yule I let him know I was really interested in him and that I wanted to take out relationship further. I mean, I was a thirteen year old girl who had particular ideas about how an affair should proceed, so it wasn’t that hard to get me into the right mindset…

“The Friday night of the Polar Express, about forty-five minutes before the Midnight Madness, I took him to a storage room just north of the History and Arts Building. And we—” Coraline shrugged. “We did it.”

From the start of the story Annie knew this was going to be the logical conclusion. She only had one question— “What was it like for you?”

Coraline smirked. “The most forgettable fifteen seconds of my life.” Now she laughed as the memory returned in full. “Seriously: it was just read, set—and done.” She gave another little shrugged. “But what came after—”


And what did come after?

Well, I’m certain Coraline is gonna tell us what happened after once she has the chance–