Love Among the Witches: The Making Up of Minds

Yesterday was a nice, relaxing after-work experience.  I had a short, refreshing nap before going out to get something nice to eat as well as have an adult type drink:


After that experience I headed back to the apartment and ripped off a little over five hundred words.  What about, you ask?

The lead up to the experience a couple of kids had their first time starting at a magical bed and breakfast in Salem, MA.

Now that we’ve gotten past the point where Coraline and the other who set this getaway up have explained it was meant as something of a “reward”–and the fact they knew these kids wouldn’t stay apart in Boston–it’s time to get to where Annie and Kerry start talking about that little adventure.  Though they don’t start out that way…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“I’m glad that mystery is solved.” A loud chortle escaped from Annie. “I would never have expected Helena to be the one to convince the headmistress to allow us time together.”

“I admit I was a bit surprised as well.” Coraline eyed Annie hard. “You must have done some great work for the Guardians when you were away that weekend.”

“Who said anything about the Guardians?” Even when it came to speaking to friends—and that organization. “We were busy helping The Foundation. Just as Helena says.”

Coraline chuckled. “Right.” There was a nearly five second silence before the doctor asked her next question in a soft tone. “Can I ask you something about that night?”

Annie shrugged. “Of course.”

“When did you decide you were going—” Coraline searched for the right word. “Experiment.”

“You mean do something of a sexual nature.”



If there’s one thing both kids have gotten used to doing, it’s denying they’ve done anything with or for the Guardians.  There’s going to be a moment in a future chapter where one of the kids is all about, “Don’t know what you’re talking about, that’s all kinds of nope,” when it comes to admitting to whether or not they are doing things for the Guardians.  They have the plausible deniability thing down pat.

Now the question has been asked:  when did the kids know they were gonna “do something”.  Or, really, it’s Annie being asked.  And she has an answer:


“Almost as soon as we walked into the room.” Annie turned to Kerry and smiled. “Certainly the moment I saw all those candles in the bathroom.”

“Oh, yeah.” A wistful smile slowly formed on the ginger girl’s face. “The candles.” She sighed. “That was nice.”

Annie took her hand. “It was, wasn’t it?”

“If I may…” Coraline didn’t want to interrupter the moment—after all, watching this version of Kerry become somewhat overcome with happiness when she thought back on a particular event that happened that evening—but her curiosity was piqued. “What did happen that night?” She quickly held up a hand. “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t—”

“But I do.” Annie seemed to almost come off the love seat with excitement. “I’ve wanted to speak with someone about this for so long, but—” She looked down for a moment. “I’ve been hesitant to speak with Mama for fear she may not understand, that she’ll say I was too young—or that I still am.” She smiled at Coraline. “And I didn’t know if I could approach you or Deanna or Erywin and talk.”

“Oh, Annie, that’s ridiculous.” Coraline sat back, crossing her legs. “By now you should know you could come to any of us and discuss anything. Even a sexual event you had in the past. Like I said, it wasn’t as if we didn’t believe you two wouldn’t do anything.”


Come to find out Annie’s wanted to talk about this night for a while, but she was unsure if talking about it over morning tea with Mama was such a good thing.  But she could have went to any of the consolers, who’ve heard this sort of talk many times from others.  But Annie and Kerry, they’re so good at keeping things to themselves–


Kerry nodded. “Still—” She pulled her shoulders together as she gazed at Annie. “We were content to keep it secret—”

“And yet there were times when I wanted to sit with someone and tell them how wonderful that night was.” Annie snuggled against Kerry. “Sometimes a girl just wants to talk about those things that touch her to the fullest. And you, my love—” She lay her hand over Kerry’s chest, moving it upward slightly when she realizes her hand was resting against Kerry’s breasts. “You touched me so much that night.”

“More like I made a huge mess.” They both chuckled as Kerry blushed.

“Well, if I can guess—” Coraline thought a little nudging would help both girls open up and relax. “As a twelve year old boy I don’t believe you had a huge amount of control over some things that evening.”

Kerry shook her head. “No, not a lot.”

Coraline looked at Annie. “Feel like talking about it?”

Annie nodded. “Yes.”

“So, you decided something would happen when you looked in the bathroom and saw a bunch of candles. Then what?”


What we learn is that (1) the night was wonderful, (2) Kerry sighed when she thought about the candles, (3) Annie was touched, and (4) Kerry made “a huge mess” which I will leave up to your imaginations for now.

Does Annie still want to talk about that night.

You betcha.