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Love Among the Witches: Candlelight Clueless

Nothing new to report on the derby front–I’m still fresh meat.  But there’s plenty on the novel side…

Now that we know Annie planed some shenanigans at the inn, what remained was getting it started.  But before that happened, Annie needed some ideas…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Well…” Annie looked up as she recounted the events of that night. “The moment I saw them the idea that I could use them for something romantic began to form. I knew I wanted to be with Kerry in a special way, but at that point I had no idea how I wanted that to come together. While we were at the restaurant, however, I had time to think about what could happen, so when we returned to the inn I knew exactly what I wanted to happen.

“I told Kerry that I was going to take a bath and headed into the bathroom. While I was drawing it I set up candles around the room and lit them.” She giggled. “This was the part that worried me the most, because I was afraid if I crafted a Fire spell it would get away from me and burn down the inn, so I used Cold Fire to light them. After that I undressed down to just my underwear, folded my clothes, and set them aside, and then I called out to Kerry and ask if he’d bring my pajamas.” She turned to Kerry. “I hope you don’t mind me calling you he there.”

She shrugged. “I was a he then, so you got the pronoun right.” Kerry glanced back at Coraline. “I’d be a little confusing, I think, if Annie kept using she for this.”

Coraline knew she wouldn’t have any difficulty with Annie’s use of either pronoun, but she realized that perhaps Kerry might be the one who might be uncomfortable with referring to her past self in a feminine way. “Whatever works for you both.” She pointed at Annie. “I take it Kerry brought the pajamas?”


No, not a problem here with the pronouns.  After all, as pointed out, Kerry was a cismale at the time and identified as such, so saying “he” is correct.  Which raises the question: is “she” correct?  After all, Kerry seems to go along with that when the pronouns come out about how she is now, so it must be okay.  Actually… nah, I’ll talk about that much later.

I checked the end of the first novel last night and yes, Annie asked Kerry to please bring her pink pajamas to the bathroom.  And Kerry did.  What happened next?  Well…


“He did. I stayed behind the door and held it so he could walk in and not get a good look at me. I told him to lay them next to the sink and when he did—” Annie smiled. “I closed the door and stepped closer so he could see me.”

Coraline’s right eyebrow shot upward. “I imagine that was as surprise.”

Kerry nodded. “Just a little.” She looked down as she blushed. “Actually, quite a lot. It was the last thing I expected.”

“So you had no idea this was going to happen?”

“Nope.” She shook her head. “Captain Clueless to the end, right?”

Coraline laughed. “You’re never a disappointment, young lady.”

The broad smile on Annie’s face said everything about what she thought of the moment. “You were so cute and vulnerable in that moment. It made my heart soar.”

Coraline’s curiosity peaked when she heard this. “Why do you say that?”

“Because in that instance he knew something was going to happen, yet he did nothing to ruin the mood. It was like—” Annie glanced over at her soul mate. “It was as if you knew I wanted to live out a dream and you were ready for me to take charge. You did nothing to change that dynamic.”

Kerry gave two short nods. “When I saw the candles and then you in your panties and bra, I was like—” She chuckled. “I wasn’t about to spoil whatever was going to happen.”


Annie sets the mood, Annie gets ready for her soul mate, and Kerry enters and finds Annie waiting for him in her unmentionables.  And, as usual, he had no idea that this could occur.  Then again, who did think it would?

And who can imagine what comes next?

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