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Love Among the Witches: That Nervous Moment

Before I get into the excerpt, allow me a little derby bragging:

As you know it was Bout Day, our penultimate home and season bout all rolled into one.  It was a good time and most of the people on the team were in costume.  As was I–


Yeah, that’s my attempt at a “real” mermaid, though as I said to some, I looked more like an Orion slave girl cosplaying as a mermaid.  I will point out that I remained in costume all night, through the bout and after party, and didn’t get out of the gear until I was home, where I spent about 10 minutes getting green makeup off my face.

We won against South Maryland Roller Derby 195 to 142–yay!–our second win of the season.  One jammer was responsible for about 75 of those points, and on two different jams she scored 23 and 25 points, which means she found her unicorn on that second jam.  It helped that we had two other jammers also have runs of 20 and 24 points, so in some ways it was a bit of a run away.

It wasn’t all fun, however.  On Jam 37 on of the South Maryland women went down and broke her right ankle in a way that left her screaming in pain–that’s no exaggeration.  I got it on video and as I was trying to figure out what actually happened leading up to the accident–at the bequest of one of our players who wanted to know if she did something to cause the fall–I had to listen to that screaming maybe a half dozen times.  It was pretty chilling.

But enough of that–on to Salem.

We’ve discovered Annie’s plan and we’ve learned that Kerry was quite surprised by what was about to happen.  Since Annie wants to talk about this most romantic of nights, Coraline is listening–and she’s about to get an earfull–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“I can understand that.” Coraline resisted the urge to giggle ‘cause Kerry looked so adorable as she spoke of trying not to spoil what was likely the most romantic moment of her then short life. “And how did it proceed?”

Annie continued the narrative. “I stood before Kerry for a few moments so he could see me and understand what we were going to do—that was my hope. I knew there was a possibility he might say no, but—” She looked down as she grinned. “I didn’t think it likely.

“When it became clear he understood I put my arms around his shoulders and kissed him. That was the first moment I felt my heart racing, for I was also aware I was going to go ahead with what I’d planned. After I finished kissing I took the bottom of his tee shirt and began lifting, pulling it over his head and off. I gave him a hug so I could feel him against me and then…” She paused for only a second. “I removed his jeans.”


This is the second time that Coraline has observed that Kerry’s current reaction is likely much different than the reaction that would have come about were Kerry not soaking in estrogen.  I mean, it’s likely male Kerry wouldn’t look quite as adorable as she’s looking now recollecting what happened that night.

And we get to the payoff: Annie undressed Kerry.  Because–


Coraline did one slight nod. “Didn’t waste time.”

“I didn’t any reason. Beside, I needed to remove his jeans if I was going to take off his underwear.”

Both of Coraline’s eyebrows arched upward. “Go on.”

“I gave him a kiss after removing his jeans then went right to taking off his underwear. Once that was off I folded his clothes and set them next to mind.”

Kerry looked upward, chuckling. “I was really, um…” She scrunched up her face as she searched for the right word. “Nervous.”

Coraline chuckled as well. “Among other things.”

“Yeah. I mean, Annie had seen me naked a couple of times by then—” She eyed Annie carefully. “Once for real in the hospital—”

Annie shrugged. “That was only because of your medical issues at the time. I was acting in my capacity as a triage nurse.”

“I know. Still made me a little nervous.”

“I wouldn’t have expected you to ask any other way.” Annie took Kerry’s left hand. “As I told you later, I was trembling as well.”

“I know: I felt you.”

Coraline turned to Kerry. “What did you do after that?”

“I, uh—” She nodded towards Annie. “I removed her bra.”

Annie nodded. “I figured that since Kerry wasn’t about to pass out from fear and/or excitement, I should join him. So I turned around and asked him to unhook my bra. After only a couple of fumbles he unhooked it and I pulled it off my body. I turned so he could see me, then I asked him to remove my panties, just as I’d done with him.” A warm smile appeared. “And he did.

“I picked up my undergarments and put them with my clothing, then led Kerry to the tub. I asked him to get in and sit in the middle, which he did. Once he was in place, I got in behind him, stretching out my legs around him.

“And then I started to bathe him.”


The bath is drawn, the kids are au natural, so what remains?  Bathing, what else?

You don’t think Annie’s gonna let all that hot water and those burning candles go to waste, do you?

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