The Days of the Missed

Hey, is this really me?  Yes, yes it is.

What have I been up to this week?  Well, when I’m not relaxing–which isn’t much of the time–I’m either working or–here it comes–at practice.  And while work has been the same day in and out, a lot has happened at practice.  Monday was all cardio, all the time.  Tuesday was just Ida, Shannon, and me, and I had a bit of a meltdown due to having a shitty night, but I managed to do one lap from a standing start in 12.53 seconds, which means I checked off my 1/13, leaving only my 27/5 standing between me and a derby name.

Wednesday night was a lot of blocking drills with two and three people in a group, and for a large part of the evening there were four of us–Ashly, Sam, Unchanged Merrily, and me–doing tripod drills with a jammer, which meant a lot of circling around and shoving people at the jammer.

Oh, and getting kissed, too:


Yeah, those bruises…

And last night I finished up my fourth consecutive night of practice with a trip to York.  I ended up bailing on a 40/10 drill because I was having issues with my left knee which left me frustrated and feeling down on myself, but I ended the night getting into the other drills and doing my share of pace lines, blocking, and hitting.

Which is leading up to an interesting weekend as Philly is hosting the WFTDA Division 1 Championships, with bouts happening all weekend and the final bout for the championship starting about 6 PM Sunday night–which, I should point out, will be broadcast live on ESPN 2 for the first time.  I should point out that if you watch you’ll hear the woman who announces our bouts announcing that bout, because yeah.

That brings me to Monday night.  One of the team competing in CHAMPS–the name of the series–this weekend is Victoria Roller Derby League, a team from Melbourne, Australia, that is currently ranked #1 in the world and favored to win it all.  One of the members of that team, Lorrae Evans, is coming to Harrisburg to guest coach a three-hour clinic, and my coach told me that since I’m nearly certified I would be among those in attendance geared up and skating.  For which I feel lucky.  Now, to be able to live up to what my coach thinks I can do and get through the evening withing issues.

Because of all this “Tryin’ to Certify” work going on, I only have about two or three days a week to write, and this was the first year I’ve missed commenting on Samhain and Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, both of which are important events around my special school out on Cape Ann.  With all happening in my life at the moment it’s hard to find time to write and I do miss it–but it’s an unfortunate fact of life that it tends to get in the way.  Once I have this certifying thing out of the way I can begin easing up a little–I’ll be able to drop one day of practice, for example–and get back into the writing thing.

For the tales are still there and my kids have plenty to say.  They just realize the one person telling their tales is a little busy–

And being too busy for others is something they do understand.