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Out On the Town: Items and Ideas

Here it is, another day off, another lazy day, another slow afternoon.  Which means I’m getting the blog post out late as well.

But there is a difference today.

This morning there was a lot of writing–like just over eight hundred words worth of writing.  And that means I finished the first scene of Chapter Nineteen.  Which means a lot of things happened in those eight hundred words.

Like the following…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


They walked a few meters to the Witch Tees shop and stopped before one of the windows. Annie pointed to a pink tee shirt emblazoned with a logo showing four witches on brooms drinking from martini glasses while flying. “Remember when you thought I should get that top back in September?”

Kerry nodded slowly as the memory returned. “Yeah, I do.”

“Well, now we can.” She arched one of her eyebrows as she smiled at Kerry. “Both of us.”

Kerry released a huge sigh. “I can’t get away from this, can I?”

“That you’re now a girl?” Annie shrugged. “I’m not trying to embarrass you, my love, but I don’t find any harm in pointing out that we now have a lot more in common that just our love.” She finally took Kerry’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “I mean no harm—you know that, don’t you?”

Kerry was fully aware that Annie meant no harm and that she wasn’t actually teasing him. There was this feeling, however… “I know you’re not being mean, Darling. It’s just—”

She looked down as she spoke. “I feel really touchy.”

Annie nodded once. “You mean emotional, don’t you?”


“And you know why, don’t you?

“Yeah.” She finally looked up and spoke in a low voice. “It’s this goddamn estrogen. It’s pulled all my emotional filters away and is making me feel…” Kerry gave Annie’s hand a squeeze. “Vulnerable.”


The tee shirt in question does exist, though I do wonder if it existed four years ago in 2013.  For now I’ll say it does, because it is possible for me to change things if I feel like it.  This is sort of Annie getting back for Kerry suggesting she get a tee shirt that showed a flying witch with the logo, “Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go to Salem,” and we know Annie isn’t a bad girl.  Don’t be surprised if Kerry ends up with this same shirt should he remain a she for a while.  Because Annie would love that.

Now that Kerry’s been reminded for the nth time today that being a girl could be in her future, she once more opens up about how she feels.  And she has.  And that brings a response from Annie:


Annie thought it best not to mention what Coraline and she discussed before leaving the school this evening. “I don’t believe I’ve ever heard you use that word.”

“My vocabulary has adapted to my gender, I guess.” Kerry slowly led Annie back on to Essex Street. “If we ever come back here when I’m like this, we’ll get the shirts; I don’t want to show up at dinner with bags in tow.”

Annie was aware that Kerry was making an excuse but let it go, as she recognized that, in a way, she was right about not walking around with a bag for the rest of the evening.

“It’s agreed, then.”

“Yes, it is.” Kerry looked about. “When do we have to be at the restaurant?”

“Probably not for another thirty minutes or so. Coraline said she was gonna give us about forty-five minutes or so to walk around before dinner.” Annie glanced over at Kerry.

“She said she’d text when they were getting ready to leave the school, which means we’ll get a good five minutes warning.”

“Good.” Kerry glanced up at the now nearly dark sky. “I really like this. I’m surprised Coraline was able to put this together so quickly.”

“I think she’d worked on it for a while.”

“Why do you say that?”


Do we think Coraline put all this together on the fly?  I know what to think there, and Annie has some thoughts on that matter–


Annie nodded to her right. “Your clothes. They fit almost perfectly, which means Coraline probably got all your new measurements from your exams and had Jessica adjust them for you. She told me everyone who was going to show up for dinner when we spoke and also mentioned the headmistress had approved the trip.” Annie moved closer to Kerry. “I think she’d spent most of the time while we were watching movies to set up this dinner date.”

While there was a slight smile on her face, Kerry’s voice began to crack with emotion when she spoke. “Still, I have to thank her for this. She, and everyone else, could have left me up on the third floor for the entire day and… they didn’t.”

Annie silently agreed with her love. Given all the Spy Eyes on the third floor, it was likely Coraline spent part of the afternoon monitoring her patient and saw Kerry’s mood deteriorating. While the doctor in her likely wanted to keep Kerry safe, the her counselor half knew she needed to do something to improve her patient’s mood.

And getting outside the school was the answer.

They walked down Essex in near silent for nearly a minute: Annie wanted Kerry to relax and enjoy her newfound relationship with the world around them. She also didn’t want to mention that since leaving Witch Tees they’d continued walking hand-in-hand, as she worried that if mentioned, Kerry would become self-conscious and release her hand. Annie had already seen a couple of stares from people walking by but ignored each one—

She was walking with the one she loved and that was all that mattered.

Annie glanced over to her right. “Anywhere in particular you want to go?”

“Let’s go down Central and go pass Front Street Coffeehouse.” She chuckled. “I know it’s closed but I want to see what it smells like.”

Annie pulled herself against Kerry’s arm as she laughed. “Why not?” She pulled them to a stop and looked down Central Street. “As you wish, my Ginger Hair Girl…”


A walk in the cooling darkness, one that might allow Kerry to take in some different sights and smells.  Sounds like it’s going to be a good evening.

Now, while we won’t be there for dinner, you can bet we’re going to find out what happened…

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