Inside the Walls: Feeling Alright

Look here!  It’s a real post!

While there was some writing today, there was partying last night.  My team had their banquet last night and I decided to get all dressed up so I’d fit in.  I haven’t really gotten dressed up in a while, but this was some next level shit if I should say so.  Instead of trying to tell you what I was like, let me show:


Yes, I’m wearing a domino mask, and I commented that if my hair was purple I’d look a little like Hit Girl from KickAss.  But I wasn’t as murderous as her: I had dinner, I had one drink, and I did some dancing–even once in my heels.  Yes, for the first time I was dancing in high heels and pulling it off.

Oh, and we had the party in a skybox at a race track:


Since I survived the evening, that means I did some writing this morning.

It’s a continuation from last week, with Annie and Kerry sitting on the wall talking.  And Annie shows concern–and it goes from there:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“And you are doing so with quite a lot of grace.” Annie slid her right arm around Kerry’s left. “How are you feeling now?”

Kerry pulled Annie tight against her. “I’m feeling pretty good right now. Getting out and walking around—once I got used to knowing we wouldn’t be seen, I began enjoying the evening. Got to spend it with people I know—” She lay her head on Annie’s shoulder. “And you.”

Annie was pleased that her soul mate felt better, but she also knew part of the reason she felt better came from Coraline giving her a mixture before they departed the hospital. Coraline told Kerry the medication would “help her relax”, while Annie was aware the medication was actually a mild antidepressant that would help Kerry deal with her current frame of mind. I’m certain she knew what that mixture was for as well: Kerry may have felt depression taking over, but she’s not so ignorant as to not know when she’s being given something to help her cope.

“I loved being with you.” Annie reached over and ran her fingers down Kerry’s cheek. “And so you know, it was nothing like being out with Alex when I was in Kiev. She’s a friend, but you’re someone—” She gave Kerry a soulful look. “Someone far closer to my heart.”

Kerry laughed as she pulled back. “Well, I would hope so.” She stared at Annie for a few seconds as if unsure what she should do next, but was saved a second later by a pop behind her. She glanced over her shoulder. “You rang?”

Isis stood some four meters away, a coat thrown around her shoulders. “Coraline wants you both back at the hospital.”

Both kids carefully swung their legs over the wall and stood, smoothing out their coat, before approaching the Chief of School Security and taking her hands. Annie squared her shoulders. “I’m ready.”

Kerry nodded once. “Let’s rock.”

Isis visualized their destination and jaunted to the first floor West Transept just outside the Security Center and the secured jaunt station. She released the student’s hands and began walking towards the walkway. Kerry held up a moment and spoke with a slight quiver in her voice. “It’s okay to go out there?”

Isis turned and smiled. “It’s almost twenty-two hours: everyone’s in their towers either chillin’ in the commons or in bed. The Great Hall is empty.” She waved the girl forward. “Trust me.”

Annie gave Kerry a slight nudge. “You know Isis wouldn’t bring us here if it wasn’t safe.”

“Yeah. I know.” She walked past the security chief and proceeded directly to the first floor walkway, stopping at the railing. “Wow.” She examined the darkened Rotunda. “It really is empty.”

“You were expecting to be greeted by all your adoring fans?” While Annie suppressed a chuckle Isis gave Kerry a smile as she waved her onward. “Come on: Coraline’s waiting for us.”


So they are off the wall and back in the Great Hall–in fact, they’re probably looking over a part of the school they walked through hand-in-hand nearly twenty-four hours earlier.  That means once they’re back in the hospital it’s likely Kerry’s going to do something–

And we all know what that is…