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Imagining Into the Box

What’s it like to go walking in a dream? Let’s find out.

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Yesterday was hugely busy.  I had face zapping, both with laser and electric needles, and I also had my brows plucked.  The pain wasn’t that bad, though last night and this morning my chin–where I had the electrolysis performed–is oozing like mad; I’ll likely need to redo my makeup there again and again today.  Then there was programming at work and a little bit of fasting:  I only ate breakfast about seven-thirty, and then didn’t have dinner until almost twelve hours later.  And then, slowly but surely, I got back into the story and wrote nearly another five hundred and fifty words.

It is a fact I’m not writing as much right now.  I know why:  I’m tired and coming down off some depression, and that always affects my output.  I’m also doing a lot more editing as I go, but being tired makes getting the words out all that more…

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