Having Those Ups and Downs–

I hate getting sick.

As I mentioned in the post last night I came down with the cold I’ve been trying to hold at bay for the last week and a half, but it finally caught me.  I had trouble getting to sleep last night and was up at four in the morning.  I went into work, however–

Looking pretty good if I may say so myself.


But I was having issues getting through the morning and decided I’d not stay.  It was best to get something to eat and then home to rest.

This is the eating part.


So I’m resting trying to get better.  I will go to practice tonight, but only to watch: I’m not going to actually get on the floor and work with my teammates.  Because even if you aren’t practicing, you should know what the team is doing.

There, update complete.  Now to get back to resting…