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It’s the End of the 2017 Year As We Know It

It’s that time of year again:  when the end is here.

So I have a video for the end times.  Enjoy!


Oh, and here I am in my mermaid dress and leggings:


And me doing 10 minutes of squats in said outfit while watching Black Mirror:


6 thoughts on “It’s the End of the 2017 Year As We Know It

  1. Hey, are you going to apply for unemployment benefit ?

    You know , I thought about that transwoman issue . Your gender woud be female, Im sure, but I worry that when you appear for a personal interview, they’d be surprised, and it’s 50 – 50 it wouldn’t be in a good way. I hope your professional experience will cross that out . So many sectors of our society are, sadly, not yet open to the idea .

    Oh, goodness, I”m so eager to read about Victor’s and Kerry’s interactions.

    Are you going to pay alimony to your soon to b ex wife ? Also , I didn’t know you had a son.

    Cup ramen has very little nutrition. I add some chopped veggies , carrots and green peas to my ramen. They really are so dirt cheap , I know , and so fiilling. Be sure to eat fresh fruits, though. And you can cook omelettes an make omelette sandwich, ha ha.. ( I love that ! ) You do need to make your meals at home, Cassie. You have to be careful now with your finances. Make coffee at home ! ! ! Everything adds up, y’know.
    Sorry, I’m acting like your mother, ha ha ha.

    Okay, I hope that when you’re home, do some home cooking. You mentioned about buying a pot. Don”t tell me, Cassie…….. (._.”) Seriously ?

    • I’ve thought about it, but I have to see how that works as I’ve paid Indiana state tax but lived in PA

      You would HOPE it would be good here in around Harrisburg, but PA is STILL a state where you can be fired for being gay. True

      Yeah, you wanna see Victor and Kerry just sweating each other out, with Victor wondering about this boy whom his daughter loves.

      You don’t pay alimony in Indiana, just child support, and I don’t think I have to pay that ’cause my daughter in is college.

      A pot. A real pot. So I can cook. 🙂

      • I assume you have a frying pan, too ?

        You need to buy a big pot, so that whatever you cook will not boil over, even if you’re cooking for just one.

        If you want, I have a few easy to cook dishes that are cheap, and not elaborate, and just right for cold winter. All you need are the basic ingredients, like ginger, garlic and onions, and chicken. ( Ginger and garlic are important ) These are hearty soup dishes and very good to eat on cold winter days. Let me know if you want the recipes.

        Oh, alright I’m giving you one recipe, whether you want it or not.

        It’s what we call ” arroz caldo”. Or ” rice soup ” You will need a cup of rice , cut up chicken ( depends on how many you want in the soup, ) about 2 tablespoons of thinly sliced ginger, minced garlic, and green onions. First, hard boil eggs ( depends on how many you want to eat …. they are added to the soup when the soup is done …. you know Asian dishes where sliced hard boiled egg is added, right ? Add a little oil to the pot, then saute ginger for 30 sec , then add the minced garlic, then the chicken. Saute the chicken, then add water ( better yet, Swanson chicken broth ) If just water, add Knorr chicken buillon ( spelling? ), about 4 cups ( depends on how much liquidy you want the soup, ) then add the rice, and cook ( lboil, then lower heat…. when it’s done, add chopped green onions, and the hard boiled egg ( or you can add the egg to the bowl of arroz caldo. ( arroz means rice and caldo means soup )

      • Or instead of rice , add macaroni pasta , then when the pasta is done, add milk…. omit the green onions.

        or omit rice and pasta, just add chicken broth, cook til chicken is done, add spinach. We call this dish ” tinola. “

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