California wildfires… Please help.

For anyone interested in helping out with the situation in California–

renxkyoko's space


I’m currently having a GoFundMe campaign as my birthday gift . Donations ( aka birthday gift to me ) go directly to American Red Cross, specifically for California Wildfires victims. The air here in my city is bad. I now see so many people wearing masks. We can even smell smoke in our house, especially at night and early morning. ( not to mention the smog ! ! )The affected area here is now as big as Iowa.  My target is at least $ 500…. funding ends on my birthday ( coming up very , very soon ) . To date,  I already have more than half  of my target.

Burnt out vehicles litter the roads of Paradise, CA.

I’ll continue with my mission, next time as Christmas gift to me.

I guess they don’t need blood for the victims ( also for  the LA mass shootings ). The last time I donated blood was for the Las Vegas…

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The Left Is Still Misunderstanding How (Some) Racists Vote

We need to *really* understand what’s going on…

Mike the Mad Biologist

At this point, I realize I’m having as much effect as shouting at clouds, but until the left, construed broadly, begins to understand that Democrats win 25% – 35% of the white racist vote, we’re going to continue to get maudlin pieces about how Americans didn’t reject racism in the 2018 election. The problem is not said maudlinitude, but that the inability to realize that some white racists vote Democratic in spite of and in opposition to their racism means we fail to comprehend why some people, racist or not, vote Democratic.

By the way, if you don’t believe what I wrote in the first sentence, take a gander at this figure from around May 2016 (for those keeping score at home, Sanders supporters inexplicably weren’t included, but they clocked in slightly lower than Clinton supporters). And remember–this is all supporters, not just white ones (so Clinton’s numbers are probably…

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Some Post-Election Thoughts

Mike the Mad Biologist

Bit of a late night, and since the professional pundits are all geared up for instant analysis, here are some thoughts about tonight’s election:

  1. Democrats did better in the House than I thought, and were (possibly) true to form in the Senate.
  2. While Republicans are going to spin this, this was a repudiation–12 million more Senate votes for Democrats and they lost the House in an economy that isn’t much different from 2016. WOMP WOMP.
  3. The popular vote margin for Democrats was incredibly bigly. Gerrymandering is the only reason Republicans stood a chance in the House. The good news is that, last night, Florida voted to reenfranchise convicted felons. That means there will be an additional 1.4 million potential voters in Florida, and thanks to the inequities of our judicial system, they will be likely Democrats. This is good, and groundshaking, news for 2020.
  4. The Republicans were unable to…

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Welcome to November

And not only do I have video, but pictures, too!


Pictures from practice:


Our good group photo:


And me after practice in my skirt and fishnets:



And here’s our skate around warm-up to Thriller: