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Dreaming Questions

You should never both Annie when she’s in the dreams of her soul mate:

Wide Awake But Dreaming

First off, Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween.  By now, in my fictional world, my kids are up and facing the day, and Kerry is probably getting ready for an exciting day of racing before preparing for an evening of costumed dancing.  What will Annie and he go as?  Hummm . . . I guess I gotta work on that, don’t I?

And speaking of Kerry–man, did I get a response yesterday!  The mystery dream ginger, aka Carrot Girl, has put in her second appearance, the first since she shook up Kerry way back in the middle of August.  Little did I know when Annie went in to her OTP’s dream and proceeded to get her ass kicked out that people would respond.  Then again, it’s a big moment in the story, and sort of sets the mood for the rest of Act Two and most of Act Three.  Like it or not…

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6 thoughts on “Dreaming Questions

  1. From my original comments on this exerpt, did you kind of think, ” Oh, shit, Ren is going there, ( re identity of Carrot Girl ) . LOL I still remember what I was speculating then. Remember I said something about Carrot Girl being his alter ego ? then on my comments here, I brought up Kerry’s issue with the Phoenix re his ” other ” gender , and Kerry was truly aggravated during that event. The truth is, I thought then I was 100 % correct.

    • You were close. I mean, I KNEW this was going to happen years before, so I couldn’t ever say one way or the other what was going down. It was always interesting to see how close you got at times–and how crazy wrong you were at other times. I remember at first you were convinced it was a dream vision of his last witch ancestor.

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