Visions Most Possible: The Start of the Inevitable

Hey, I bet you never thought you were going to see this post!

Yeah, this is the end of the scene with Divination Class, and while I didn’t think it was going to take almost five hundred words to finish, well, I’ve been known to be wrong quite often.  So without a lot of fanfare–’cause I’ve already gone through all of that–here’s what you’re waited for:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Five minutes later Kalindi and Usha failed to achieve a vision state, much as Deanna expected. Those were among the two she expected to have no Sight ability at all and if these crystal balls couldn’t activate anything latent within them, nothing would.

It was the same for the following six couples: they spent anywhere from five to seven minutes trying to reach a trance state, only to see their efforts dashed. Again, Deanna wasn’t surprised in the least: none of these students were within the group she expected to find their Sight activated through this exercise.

For the next couple, however…

Though she’d used a random number generator to determine the order for couples to attempt a vision, Annie and Kerry came out near the middle of the groups. Though she was inclined to put them at the end, she knew that doing so would lead others in the class to accuse her of showing favoritism, which was something she would avoid completely.

Given their position and the likelihood these two would have a vision, it would be impossible to hide it from the rest of their level. By now Deanna understood that she couldn’t fight against forces over which she had no control, so the only thing that remained was to allow what was meant to happen go forward.

She faced them and smiled. “Since you’ve seen the others in action—”

“We should know what to do.” Annie gave Deanna a quick nod before looking at Kerry, who sat across from her with the sphere between them. “Are you ready, my love?”
Kerry gave a quick smirk at a chuckle from somewhere behind him before looking at Annie. “Ready, Sweetie.” He placed his fingertips on the crystal ball at the same time as Annie.

While everyone else in the room watched the couple, Deanna slipped over into Astral Sight so she could watch their auras. Having already seen them have three visions before her she knew what to look for, and should they begin slipping into a trance that would lead to another vision—

She didn’t need to wait long: less than thirty seconds after they placed their hands upon the sphere Deanna witnessed Annie’s and Kerry’s aura turn a bright orange and merge. There. She dropped the spell and reverted to normal vision. It’s happening.

Annie and Kerry stared into the crystal ball, appearing deep in thought. After a few seconds Annie slowly raised her head and seemed to look though Kerry with a blank stare; a moment later Kerry did the same. After nearly ten seconds of silently staring at each other Annie spoke in a low monotone. “It would appear not much has changed since we were here last.”

Kerry slowly turned his head to the right as if he were looking at something. “Yeah, kinda seems that way.”

Deanna stood a few meters away, taking it all in. So this is how it begins.


And since we see them going into a vision, you know how the next scene is going to begin, with Annie making a statement that Kerry answers.  While they arrive somewhere it seems as if they’ve already been.

You know, that’s the problem with visions: people are always popping into places they may or may not have visited already…