Walking the Vision: On Familiar Ground

What is this?  Another excerpt!  Damn right it is, kids.  And not just any excerpt–

We saw yesterday the Annie and Kerry were, indeed, falling into Visionland and it was going to be a participation event for the whole class.  However… as we’ve seen in the past, the only people who actually see what’s happening in those visions are Annie and Kerry–

And whomever the author wants to bring along on that trip.

This is the first part of the vision, all six hundred and twenty-eight words of it.  It should be easy to tell whose point of view we are seeing this vision from, but if you don’t know, you can always ask questions later.  Oh, and you will notice:  there are a few things about the kids that seem different…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017, 2018 by Cassidy Frazee)


You glance over the body of water on your left before returning your gaze to the street before you. There isn’t a lot of traffic and with the tourist season is winding down, there aren’t as many people on the street as one might expect.

You roll your shoulders, adjusting your backpack. You smile because you remember the backpack you wore the last time you were here: that was far larger than the little bag you have now, and it carried far more than the purse, phone, and tablet you now have. You’re also aware that it was Kerry who got you into the habit of using a backpack when the need arose to travel—something you now love with all your heart.

You give the waist of your jeans a little tug, as if to make certain they’re still fitting perfectly upon your hips. You wore tennis shoes because it wasn’t necessary to walk far, and even though the temperature feels around 13 C, you’re comfortable with an open flannel shirt over your tank top—though a bit of transformation magic helps maintain that comfort—

You glance to your right: Kerry is there as always when you’re both together. He’s dressed pretty much the same as always: sneakers, jeans, a tee shirt under a light jacket. His backpack is the same one he carried at Salem, and while it’s showing the wear and tear of years, he’s managed to keep it together using a few spells. You resolve that this Yule may be the time to convince him to retire his old friend and accept a new one.

You return you attention to the road ahead. “It would appear not much has changed since we were here last.”

He looks at the town to his and your right. “Yeah, kinda seems that way.” He turns to you as he chuckles. “Isn’t that the charm of this place?” Kerry brushes his shoulder-length hair back from his face. “That stuff has stayed pretty much the same way for the last hundred years?”

“That would be one.” You point to something up ahead. “There it is.”

“Hum, yeah.” This time his chuckle is somewhat dark. “Café Bistrot.” He shakes his head as he glaces at you. “Can’t be a coincidence that she picked this place to meet.”

You nod. “I don’t believe it is, either.”

Kerry adjusts his pack. “You think she knew we were here before.”


“We were in a lot of places before and after this place.”

You shrug. “A lot of them weren’t as remote: there were far more people around.” You flash a quick grin in his direction. “Be glad she didn’t ask to meet at the most remote place we visited when we were here last.”

“No kidding.” He grunts. “No way would I have wanted to go back there now.”

You entered the cafe together and you’re immediately greeted by the maitre d’. He takes you to the roof and as you emerge into the open space—which is only about a third filled with people at this time—Kerry asks if you could have the table for four in the far corner overlooking the street. “We have a guest who will join us; she should be here momentarily.” The maitre d’ agrees and you’re seated seconds later.

You remove your backpack before you sit and address the maitre d’ before he leaves. “Do you still have those amazing limeaids?” He says they do. “Could we have two, please?” He takes your order and departs while you both sit. You tug at the helix piercing in your left ear. “How long before you think she arrives?”

Kerry sets his backpack on the ground next to yours. “I’m surprised she isn’t here already.”


They’re getting ready to meet a woman–somewhere.  At a location they’ve visited before–but one we haven’t seen.  Kerry has long hair and Annie an ear piercing.

What comes next?

Find out tomorrow.