The Real Before the Dreams

When there’s a problem with witchy kids, it’s best to let the witchy adults discuss matters first.

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Today is 1 November, better known as Día de Muertos, the Day of the Dead–or as some places call it, Día de los Inocentes, the Day of Innocents.  If you know this story then you know this is a big day around the Salem School, and an even bigger day for quite a few people.  Of course we’re in the real world here–if there is such a place as the “real world”–and the events of that day happened four years ago, so my kids would be E Levels right now–Annie is sixteen and Kerry fifteen–and believe me, they got a whole lotta things to do in their penultimate school level.

But that’s some time off in the novel future.  Right now there are other problems–

Here we see the aftermath of Annie’s meeting with The Dreamgirl, and she said they were going off to the hospital, and so they did.  I know this…

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