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The Dream Annalists: The Warning

Sometimes, a little dreamwalking is the *wrong* thing to do–

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Well, this is interesting, isn’t it?  Yesterday was the first day of NaNo, and I really came very close to actually getting a Day One total of sixteen sixty-six.  Not that I was trying for that, but I came within about seven hundred and fifty words.

Unlike the last four years, I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year.  Given that this coming Saturday I’m heading back to Indiana for a few days, and that, of late, I’ve been crazy nutty busy and left with so little energy at the end of the day that I consider eight hundred words a good finish to the evening, I thought that NaNo would be a complete fail for me.  Know your limitation, folks, and stick to what you know is possible.

However . . . last night I also did this:

You have to expand the picture if you want to see the numbers. You have to expand the picture if you want to see the numbers.

With this…

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4 thoughts on “The Dream Annalists: The Warning

  1. I reread our conversation again.. I think at that point, I was almost certain what his nightmares were all about. My comments were already to the point, weren’t they ? if there were just the two of us talking , that no one could read, I’m sure youd say, damn it, Ren, you’re invading my mind.

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