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Reflections Unseen Under Normal Conditions

Sometimes, all you need is a walk in the cold…

Wide Awake But Dreaming

I know I say this more and more these days, but life does sometimes get in the way.  I should really be finding a way so dinosaurs can enjoy life in our world, but nothing ever works out that way.

I fully expected to get in a lot of writing last night–that was the plan, you know?  But tired, stressed, and a few other past tensed adjectives thrown in as well kept that at a minimum.  And lets not forget the distractions, which I had coming a little last night.  There were, however, a few interesting moments . . .

For one, I was in a discussion concerning the school in Illinois that has to allow a transgender girl use the same locker room as the csigirls, and naturally I was taking the side of the transgirl.  There wasn’t a lot of discussion, actually, but the one who did the most comments…

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