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Breakfast in the Afternoon

And late afternoon at that!  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Breakfast in the Afternoon

  1. I did a fanfiction of Ao Haru Ride to piss off the pro- Kyou- Futaba fans. ( I always have this second guy syndrome….. and I posted my fanfiction on the forum. Good thing the moderator allowed it. I suspect the moderators were with me .)

    I wrote a fan fiction about Annie and Kerry’s relationhip one time ( in my mind, okay. I didn’t write it down ) In it, Annie breaks up with Kerry and goes into a relationship with a much older guy, I think a very popular guy, the school’s so-called school prince, ” crush ng bayan “, meaning the whole country’s crush. Bayan means country and “ng ” means ” of “. So it’s crush of the country. I was thinking of someone like Cedric as the older guy. Emma also becomes Kerry’s girlfriend. The problem with Annie and Kerry is that the melding of their aura is inevitable. They can’t avoid it. Also, they are forced to be together in Kansas by the Guardians because of their abilities. And they still dream about each other. Take note that these two , at this point, believe they don’t have feelings for each other anymore. Kerry has learned to love Emma, or so he believes, and ditto with Annie.

    So why does Annie break up with Kerry?……due to third party…. Emma. If you recall, Kerry pissed me off when he was still too friendly with Emma, even though it was soooo obvious Emma was ignoring Annie’s presence. I did not recall either that Kerry had told Annie that he and Emma exchanged email /Skype addresses.

    So, at the end of that summer, Annie finds out that Emma and Annie have been Skyping almost everyday, and Kerry gets to know her sister and her family. And he learns they have so much in common….same favorites, same hobbies, ( nerd and geeky stuff ) and inevitably , over 3 months of daily chat, Kerry develops feelings for her , plus the fact that he’s very much aware Emma likes him, as well. Emma confesses to Kerry again…. he confesses that he’s developed feelings for her too, but , doesn’t want to hurt Annie’s feelings. What do I do, he asks. Emma convinces him to be honest and tell Annie the truth. When Annie and Kerry meet again , Annie notices Kerry’s strange behavior, and won’t even meet her eyes.

    To be continued LOL

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