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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

It’s video time again.  Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

  1. Cassie , what made you change your mind re Kerry staying over at Salem ? It’s a good thing you did. Accepting Annie’s and her Mom’s invitation is the best option…. in fact, the only option, and the only option that would make a lot of sense. It is a place where he is loved and most welcome.

    • The more I considered the option of Kerry staying at Salem, the more I understood that it the only reason he would stay there was to punish himself and that would have simply pissed Annie off to no end. She would have been furious with him for doing such a stupid thing–and if you remember, she nearly was. There are too many people around him who wouldn’t let him do such a thing: not only Annie and her parents, but Erywin, Helena, Coraline, probably a few others as well. In the end he couldn’t have stayed at Salem without trying to look like a self-aggrandizing martyr, so I figured it would take some “adult reasoning” to get him to see the light–and Pavlena was perfect for that.

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