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The Immensity of Small Things

If you’re reading this you’re following my blog, and if you’re following me you by now know that I’ve… well, “Going through a rough patch” doesn’t really cover it all, I guess, because “Living Immersed in Hell” is more like it.  There were a lot of bad nights and on a few mornings the first thought to come to mind was “I’m not going to make it through the day.”  There were even a few thoughts worse than that upon waking, but I’ll leave them be for now.

Now, over the last few days things have gotten better, and I can even smile now and then.  Also, I was out Saturday for most of the day, hanging with teammates, and that did a lot of alleviate the funk I’ve encountered.

This was me Saturday in case you’ve forgotten:


I won’t lie, there was a bit of partying going on Saturday as well, which helped with the smile.

Today I had a few things come my way that helped put the feelings of depression behind me.  One, I had lunch with someone I’ve known online for years–and who lived within like 20 minutes of me–but we were never able to get together for one reason or another.  At lunch she gave me a little present–and if you know me (and you should), then you know it’s something I like a lot–


If you give me a mermaid, I’m happy.  If you can make me into a mermaid–well, I think that’s something only Annie and Kerry can do.

BUT!  Before leaving for lunch I checked my mail and discovered something waiting for me: a gift that I knew I hadn’t ordered and one, once open, that didn’t leave me with any indication as to who sent it to me.  I had a pretty good idea who’d sent it my way, but it wasn’t until I returned from lunch and made a call that I discovered the true source: it came from members of the crocheting group to which I belong on Facebook.

And what did they send me?  This:


Yes, a little skating charm with a few words of wisdom.  I’m certain it came my way because (1) they know I’m the skating maven of the group these days and (2), I so want to certify so I can play derby.  So why not send me some bad-ass inspiration to keep me motivated?

Since they’re really charms, I took them and placed them on a empty loop on my mermaid charm–a loop that held a disk that had “Mermama” pressed into it.  That means that whenever I’m wearing my charm–which is most of the time during the day–I have a little skating reminder as well:


Sometimes little things help you through the day.  I haven’t had many of them–

But I’m extremely thankful when they come.


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